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Two button blazer


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Two button blazer

  1. 1. Two button BlazerHow to select 2 Button blazers or 3 Button blazers? When you come to buy blazer, there are many selections are available whether it is singlebreasted blazer or double breasted blazer, two button blazer, three button blazer, colors ofblazer and many more elements for perfect blazer.Men’s Two Button blazer Men’s single breasted Two button blazer is become dominant choice of blazer from last few decades. Like 3 button blazer, 2 button blazers are popular choice for the fashion people. There are various styles and material of 2 buttons blazer like navy blazer, charcoal blazer, pinstripes blazer etc. Two button blazers are also referred to as the 2 button single breasted blazer as it is considered the basic model of the single breasted blazer design. Select Two Buttons Men blazer when you want to show shirt and tie. Nowadays fashion becomes change moving top button higher bringing thesilhouette closer to that of a three-button model.Men’s three button blazerMen’s 3 buttons blazer are popular since 1990 and also popular today. Select three buttonblazers if you like to wear a vest with blazer. When you wear a three button blazer do up thetop two buttons of blazer and leave the last one button undone. This gives styles with comfortwhile sitting and standing.How long man can wear 2 Button blazers?For any blazer it is not advisable to wear for more than five to six years asits fashion may be outdated and not look fresh. Even single-breasted blazercannot be worn forever.Other Things to be consider for 2 Button blazerStyles and designs are also important for men’s 2 button blazer such aswhether you want to keep side vent, center vent, no vent, pleating oftrouser like one pleat, two pleat, three or more pleat, flat pleat, and plain front pleat. Thereforepick a blazer you like to wear and love to wear with style and comfort.Generally there is no major difference between two button blazer and three buttons blazer. Itis believed that 2 buttons blazer is popular among gentleman while younger man prefers threebutton blazers. But one has to judge oneself that which blazer matches most perfectly.
  2. 2. • In men’s blazer navy blue two button blazer and 2 buttons blazer gray blazer is popular color as it more blazers able with personality of any man. Navy is the dominate power color. • Black blazer is preferable for evening functions and for social events such as funerals. It is not advisable to wear a black blazer for a job interview. • It is unwise to wear tie with short sleeve shirt. Short sleeve shirts are appealing as lower class. It is consider as uniform or as sales man and do not project your professional image. • Keep length of trouser such that it covers your socks and when you cross legs socks should cover your shins. Pants are long enough if they have a slight break in the front. • Pleats and cuffs are traditional and functional. It should be comfortable enough while you sit or stand and cuffs add weight to the bottoms allowing for proper drape. • Ties should reach your belt line. Knot tie properly. Short tie make your poor impression on other. • Solid, strips and small patterns tie are the best choice and burgundy is the excellent color. Try to avoid light color like pink or yellow in Tie. • Pattern of tie should not be of more than three colors. Small patterns in a tie are associated with the upper middle class and more advisable to wear at the time of interview. • Stripes ties are popular choice with Two Buttons blazer and acceptable to everyone. • Never wear a belt and braces both together. • Wear belts that match your shoes. • Shoes should be clean, shined and appropriate for the occasion. In men’s wardrobes shoes are also important element. • If you’re Two Button blazer is Gray color, wear black color or sophisticated dark brown shoes with it. • For navy blue Two Buttons blazer shoes can be black, dark brown or cordovan (reddish brown). • All shades of brown can match with Tan and Olive color Two Button blazer. • With Black blazer shoes can be black or cordovan. • Cordovan can be worn with most blazer colors. • Wear socks that match your trousers. • Blazer and Sports jackets should fit properly which includes showing 1/4" to 1/2" of "linen" or shirt sleeve at the jacket sleeve.Appropriate dressing according to occasion will make your good image as well as perfectdressing enhance you’re confident and personality.