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Rmoov webinar-november-13th-2012


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Understanding Disavow Reports, Summary Reports and Reconsideration Requests with is our second Webinar for those undertaking link removal campaigns.

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Rmoov webinar-november-13th-2012

  1. 1. Presenter: Sha Menz Brought to you by: Rmoov & Web Based Innovations #rmoovinar @ShahMenz @rmoov
  2. 2. Today we’ll talk about some of our favorite things ....Twitter: #rmoovinar @ShahMenz @rmoov
  3. 3. What happened at Pubcon? Matt Cutts announced the arrival of Google’s Disavow Links Tool, but... Use with CAUTION Make every effort to physically remove links before using Remember that your submission is treated as a “suggestion” Understand that the effectiveness of disavowing links is tied to crawl won’t happen by midnight!!!! Twitter: #rmoovinar @ShahMenz @rmoov
  4. 4. Get the full story from Matt Watch the video on Youtube Read the official blog post Twitter: #rmoovinar @ShahMenz @rmoov
  5. 5. How Do I Create A Disavow List?Just run your rmoov campaign as normal! rmoov auto-generates a Disavow Report for every closed campaign When your campaign is finished: • Click Show Archived Campaigns • Click the icon to download the report • CHECK, CHECK, CHECK!!! • Upload to Google Twitter: #rmoovinar @ShahMenz @rmoov
  6. 6. What about Bing’s Disavow Tool? Bing was first to introduce a Disavow Links Tool The Bing tool works differently We asked Duane Forrester if Bing would provide an upload facility similar to the Google format in the future Duane could not confirm anything that constitutes forward work, but he did say it was an interesting idea!! If you would like Bing to accept the rmoov Disavow Report as an upload for its tool, tweet @DuaneForrester  Twitter: #rmoovinar @ShahMenz @rmoov
  7. 7. What happened in my Campaign?rmoov Summary Reports provide complete Campaign overview You can download the Summary Report by clicking the iconAbout the Report: Contains 4 Worksheets is ready for upload to Google Drive includes clickable links to mail sent & domain notes Sheet 2 provides the complete summary by Domain Twitter: #rmoovinar @ShahMenz @rmoov
  8. 8. You have everything required to lodge a Reconsideration RequestTwitter: #rmoovinar @ShahMenz @rmoov
  9. 9. The Reconsideration RequestWhat you should include... Describe your situation Be honest about what has happened in the past Describe the manipulation issues that you are aware of Describe the steps you have taken to rectify issues Include the link to the Summary Report Google doc Include the link to a Google doc version of the Disavow Report if you have disavowed links with the Google tool Include the date that you uploaded the Disavow list Ask politely for the Webspam Team to reconsider the way your site is indexed Twitter: #rmoovinar @ShahMenz @rmoov
  10. 10. We added a few more little things to help you keep on top of your campaignsTwitter: #rmoovinar @ShahMenz @rmoov
  11. 11. What’s new in Rmoov... The link checker now follows & checks through redirects  Color coded Domain list New Search and Download segmentation One-click access to Contact forms etc from domain list Domain level view of Notes and History and last, but by no means least.... Twitter: #rmoovinar @ShahMenz @rmoov
  12. 12. We added Knowledgebase! Twitter: #rmoovinar @ShahMenz @rmoov
  13. 13. Presenter: Sha Menz Brought to you by: Rmoov & Web Based Innovations #rmoovinar @ShahMenz @rmoov