Rmoov Webinar October 4th 2012


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Launch Your Link Removal Campaign with rmoov.com. Sha Menz talks about backlink analysis, setting up and running link removal campaigns with the rmoov.com Software

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Rmoov Webinar October 4th 2012

  1. 1. Presenter: Sha Menz Brought to you by: Rmoov & Web Based Innovations DBA BF Design StudioTwitter: #rmoovinar @ShahMenz @rmoov http://www.rmoov.com
  2. 2. Perhaps there’s a Penguin lurking nearby...Twitter: #rmoovinar @ShahMenz @rmoov http://www.rmoov.com
  3. 3. Getting Started...Understanding your Link Removal ProblemWhere to find out who is Linking to your SiteWhich Links do you need to Remove?Analyzing your Backlink ProfileTools and Tips for Link Analysis Twitter: #rmoovinar @ShahMenz @rmoov
  4. 4. Understanding your ProblemAre you facing Penguin or a Penalty?Penguin is an Algorithmic “filter”.It’s aimed at punishing tactics which are intended to manipulate Search Engine results.Penguin changes will occur when the filter is updated .What should I do? Clean up the problems Monitor future updates Don’t forget On-Site Manipulation issues! Twitter: #rmoovinar @ShahMenz @rmoov
  5. 5. Understanding your ProblemCould it be a Penalty?A Manual Penalty, or “manual Spam action” is applied by the Webspam Team, independent of Penguin. It is entirely normal to feel crushed!What should I do? Be Honest, first with yourself, and ultimately with Google! Don’t be overcome by feelings of powerlessness! You must keep your eye on the ball! Learn how to identify a Link Penalty Make a good faith effort to Remove offending links Document every step of the process Clean up On-Site Manipulation issues Lodge a Reconsideration request http://www.seomoz.org/blog/identifying-link-penalties-in-2012 Twitter: #rmoovinar @ShahMenz @rmoov
  6. 6. How do I Find Links to My Site? Twitter: #rmoovinar @ShahMenz @rmoov
  7. 7. Which Links to Remove?Read the Google Webmaster Quality Guidelines CAREFULLYThe guidelines have been updated in the last week, and now provide a little more information about the issues that Google is on the lookout for.Read about them here: http://support.google.com/webmasters/bin/answer.py? hl=en&answer=35769Be on the lookout for these: Sitewide footer & Blogroll Links Over-use of exact match anchor text Cloaking Being seen in Bad Neighborhoods Twitter: #rmoovinar @ShahMenz @rmoov
  8. 8. Analyzing Your Backlink ProfileLink analysis should bedone by humans, witheyes on sites.There are lots ofhelpful resources available.This one from bruceclay.comis good for beginners.http://www.bruceclay.com/blog/2012/06/link-removal-flowchart / Twitter: #rmoovinar @ShahMenz @rmoov
  9. 9. Presenter: Sha Menz Brought to you by: Rmoov & Web Based Innovations DBA BF Design StudioTwitter: #rmoovinar @ShahMenz @rmoov http://www.rmoov.com
  10. 10. Your First Campaign...What you need to Get StartedCreating your first CampaignSecurity, verification and activationGetting your Mail settings rightAdding a Google docAuto ICANN Pulls, Auto Link Checking, Custom Letters, Webmaster Links & FlipFlop MailProblem contacts – Protected domains, Missing Information Twitter: #rmoovinar @ShahMenz @rmoov
  11. 11. Using Rmoov...Pulling & Editing Domain Contact informationManaging Contact methods - tools.seogadget.co.ukStarting your CampaignWorking with emailed ResponsesChoosing the level of automation you wantAdding Notes to DomainsDealing with “moving links” on heavily paginated sites Twitter: #rmoovinar @ShahMenz @rmoov
  12. 12. Presenter: Sha Menz Brought to you by: Rmoov & Web Based Innovations DBA BF Design StudioTwitter: #rmoovinar @ShahMenz @rmoov http://www.rmoov.com