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Brand as a System: The Local meets the Global


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Prof. Fang Wan - V SGBED International Research Symposium

Published in: Marketing
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Brand as a System: The Local meets the Global

  1. 1. Brand as a System: The Local meets the Global Fang Wan, Ph.D. Professor of Marketing Ross Johnson Research Fellow Asper School of Business University of Manitoba, Canada The 5th International Research Symposium on Branding in Emergent Markets, Dec 10, Nanjing
  2. 2. FangWan,Ph.D. 万方博士,,博士导师 品牌中国规划院理事(国家级智库),品牌思为俱乐部联合创始人 Directorof InternationalExecutive Program, 国际高管培训项目总监 Professorof Marketing市场营销教授 RossJohnsonResearchFellow 罗斯约翰逊研究员 AsperSchoolof Business艾斯伯商学院 Universityof Manitoba,Canada 加拿大曼尼托巴大学 希伯来大学,泰国UTCC,中欧商学院,新加坡国立,南洋理工,清华,香港中文, 香港理工,河北理工,陕西理工,西南财大,讲座,客座海外教授; HebrewUniversity,.UTCCThailand,CEIBS, NationalUniversityof Singapore, Nanyang TechnologicalUniversity,HongKongPolytechUniversity, Qinghua, ChineseUof HongKong, HebeiTechnologicalUniversity, ShannxiTechnologicalUniversity,SWUFE, 万方
  3. 3. Managerial Hat  Brand China Planning and Strategy Institute 品牌中国规划院理事,海外部长,中国  Executive Committee Member of Einstein Legacy Project 爱因斯坦品 牌执行董事, 以色列  Founder, Book Club of Chinese Chamber of Commerce, 加拿大 华商会读书会创始人  Co-founder, Fella Club, 成都FELLA学社联合创始人  Co-founder, Branding Thought and Action, 品牌思为俱乐部联合 创始人,清华大数据协会
  4. 4. 我的穿梭 My Journey 品牌实战 Brand Practice 品牌理论 Brand Theory 品牌实战家 Coach 品牌学者 Researcher 西方 West 中国 China 世界 Global
  5. 5. Interbrand: Top 100 Global Brands 2015 5
  6. 6. 6
  7. 7. 7
  8. 8. 8
  9. 9. 9 Part of My job during the past few years: Decoding/coaching Learning/imitation/emulation/Innovation
  10. 10. 洞见 insight 真相 truth 新的视角 new 多元视角 diverse perspectives 整合,运用, 落地 Integrate, landing 开脑洞 open up mind 执行,跟踪, 反思 Execute, track, reflect My Intentions: 我的框架
  11. 11. Three Anecdotes 11 Emulation Imitation Learning of what?
  12. 12. Functional Beginning Defining Beauty Debunking Myths Self Acceptance Evolution of Evolution Dove Real Beauty Models
  13. 13. 14 Ideal Me: Mainstream 99% Authentic Happy Me: Dove
  14. 14. 15 What branding is NOT?
  15. 15. 16 Visible and Invisible Facets of Branding Visible Brand artifacts: e.g., logos, graphics, Marketing tactics Customers Choice/purchase Invisible Drivers Internal brand processes: corporate culture Employees: their endorsement Mindset of leaders: long vs. short-term focus; vision; values Brand Soul: Synchronization
  16. 16. The Invisible is the secret and fatal weapon Truth: The how; The whys
  17. 17. 18 Brand Synchronization Industry, Institution, Market conditions Socio-Cultural-Political environment Brand Adaptation Future/Brand T2 Brand Audit Brand Soul Brand Triangle (Wan2010)
  18. 18. Great Companies: Blend Strong Culture with Structure, Iconic, Impactful, Soulful Good Companies: Differentiation, Efficiency Mediocre Companies: Undifferentiated, market nice What kind of brands sustain to the future? Sustainable Future
  19. 19. 20 Case 1: Culture Brand: Apple
  20. 20. Apple Brand 21
  21. 21. What is Apple selling? 22 We make beautiful computers. They are beautifully designed. Simple to use and user friendly. Wanna buy me? Everything we do we believe in changing the status quo. We believe in thinking thoroughly. The way we challenge status quo is by making our products beautifully designed, simple to use. We happen to make great computers VS
  22. 22. iMac Apple Store iPod/ iTune iPhone iPad Lifestyle Brand Game Shaker
  23. 23. Apple: Winner of Identity Brand
  24. 24. Visionary (Leadership) Community (Consumers) Team (Employees) Visionary-driven brand (Apple)
  25. 25. Circular Structure 26
  26. 26. Decode Apple Cultural DNA  Strong Visionary: Jobs  Zen/Minimalism  Authoritarian  Perfectionist  Art/Design-driven  Innovation=Aethestic+Constraints (No) +Integrative+Control 27
  27. 27. 28
  28. 28. Apple on the Inside Apple's really efficient and very impersonal when it comes to making decisions [about killing a product]. There is never any illusion about what the company's focus is and that comes from the top, that came from people like Steve and Scott [Forstall, head of iPhone software], formerly [software chief] Bertrand [Serlet], Tim Cook, everybody, they know what Apple is supposed to be doing and the other side of that is they know what Apple is doing, they actually know what's going on in their back yards.” - Former employee commenting to the Guardian Newspaper
  29. 29. Apple on the Inside “[Jobs] was hands-on in a way I've never seen anywhere else, and it must have been exhausting and time-consuming for him. These were nail-biting occasions for us. We'd wait in our office to hear the verdict while the designer presented behind closed doors. Several times he never even got as far as showing off the features we'd been slaving over because Steve would immediately focus on a bad visual element in the interface. Whether it was an ugly button, a miss-aligned font, or a control panel with too many buttons, we'd never recover. All our work under the hood meant nothing, he had seen enough and we'd took me time to realise how effective his method was. Because we knew any surface sloppiness would negate everything else we did, the user experience became the true top priority.” -Former employee comment to the Guardian Newspaper
  30. 30. Apple on the Inside “Steve Jobs has been described as "brilliant" and "mean" in the same breath. Brilliant because of his insight and vision, mean because he would let you know if your ideas weren't insightful or visionary.” - Former employee comment to the Guardian Newspaper “After looking at many different materials [for Apple’s new retail store], Jobs finally decided on a type of limestone called Pietra Serena that comes from a region of Italy near Florence. Although they could only find 5,000 square feet of the color Jobs liked, he insisted that 1,000 square feet of it be flown to Cupertino for his personal inspection.” – Employee comment in Business Week
  31. 31. Jobs=Karl Lagerfeld
  32. 32. What is the driver Of Apple System? Talents/geniuses cannot be imitated and replicated
  33. 33. 天才的Jobs, 才有卓越的苹果 没有Jobs? 谁的苹果怎样的苹果? If no Jobs, whose and what APPLE are we talking about?
  34. 34. 35 Case 2 Culture Brand: Google
  35. 35. Google Founders: Larry Page and Sergey Brin
  36. 36. Senior Management Team (Employees) Community (Consumers) Team -Driven Brand (Google)
  37. 37. 439 Millions 1.4 Billions $3.19 Billions 6.13 Billions 10 Billions $16 Billions $0 $2,000,000 $4,000,000 $6,000,000 $8,000,000 $10,000,000 $12,000,000 $14,000,000 $16,000,000 $18,000,000 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 Google Revenue
  38. 38. Brand Core Values (e.g. Google) 1. Focus on the user and all else will follow. 2. It’s best to do one thing really, really well. 3. Fast is better than slow. 4. Democracy on the web works. 5. You don’t need to be at your desk to need an answer. 6. You can make money without doing evil. 7. There’s always more information out there. 8. The need for information crosses all borders. 9. You can be serious without a suit. 10. Great just isn’t good enough. Dr Wan_PA Brand Exercise
  39. 39. Google Jacuzzi
  40. 40. Google Campus
  41. 41. Google Campus
  42. 42. Google Campus
  43. 43. Google Campus: Happiness Design (visual)
  44. 44. Google Campus: Happiness Design (social)
  45. 45. [Nexus S] [Galaxy Nexus] [Google Search Appliance] [Takeout] 6. Development Resources [Google Chrome OS] [Google profile] 2. Advertising Services [TV Ads] [Google Website Optimizer] [DoubleClick for Publishers by Google] [Google AdWords] [Accessible Search] 1. Search Tools Web-based products [Google Scholar] [Google Custom Search] [Experimental Search] [Google Finance] [Life Search] [Google News] [Google News archive] [Google Patent Search] [Product Search] [Suggest] [Google Video] [Web History] [Voice Local Search] [Google Checkout] [Google Image Search] Product List TM Mobile Applications 5. Operating Systems 3. Communication and Publishing Tools 7. Map-Related Products 8. Statistical Tools 9. Desktop Applications 1. Mobile Web Applications 2. Mobile Standalone Applications 5. Scheduled to be Discontinued 3. Hardware 6. Discontinued Products and Service 4. Services [Google search] [Google Alerts] [Blog search] [Dashboard] [Google Books] [Google Groups][Hotpot] [Language Tools] [SMS] [AdMob] [Google AdSense] [Google Certification Program] [DoubleClick][Google Grants] [FeedBurner] [Google 3D Warehouse] [Adwords Express] [Google Apps] [Blogger] [Google Bookmarks] [Boutiques] [Google Business Solutions] [Google Calendar] [Google Docs] [Google Friend Connect] [Gmail] [Google URL Shortener] [Google+] [iGoogle] [Marratech e-Meeting] [Orkut] [Panoramio][Picasa Web Albums] [Picnik][Questions and Answers] [Google Reader][Google Sites][SMS Channels] [Speak To Tweet] [Google Voice] [Web Fonts] [YouTube] [Google TV][Android] 4. Account Management Products [Google App Engine][Google Closure Tools][Google Code] [Dart] [Google Go][OpenSocial][Page Speed] [Google Swiffy] [Google Web Toolkit] [Webmaster Tools] [Google Body] [Google Building Maker] [Google Map Maker] [Google Maps] [Google Mars] [Google Moon] [Google Sky] [Google Transit] [Google Analytics][Correlate] [Google Fusion Tables] [Google Insights for Search] [Google Refine] [Trendalyzer] [Google Trends] [Zeitgeist] [AdWords Editor] [Google Chrome][Google Earth] [Gmail Notifier] [input method editor] [Google Japanese Input] [Picasa] [Picasa Web Albums Uploader] [Google Pinyin][Quick Search Box] [Wireless access] [SketchUp] [Google Toolbar] [Visigami] [Blogger Mobile][Google Calendar] [Gmail] [iGoogle] [Google Latitude] [Maps Navigation] [Mobilizer][Google News] [Google Offers][Orkut] [Picasa Web Albums] [Google Product Search] [Google Reader] [Google Wallet] [Google Currents] [Books] [Google Goggles][Maps][Google Music] [Reader] [Google Sync] [Talk] [Google Voice app] [Yinyue] [YouTube Remote] [Google Mini] [Nexus One] [Google Notebook][Google Wave] [Knol][Picnik] [Google Public DNS][Google Crisis Response] [Aardvark] [Google Answers] [Audio Ads][Google Base] [Blogger Web Comments] [Google Browser Sync] [Google Buzz] [Catalogs] [City Tours][AdWords#Google Click-to-Call] [Google Code Search][Dashboard Widgets for Mac] [Desktop] [Google Dictionary][Directory][Directory Project] [Dodgeball] [Google Fast Flip][Free Search] [Google Desktop] [Google Health] [Gears] [GOOG-411][Hello][Google Image Labeler] [Google Labs] [Jaiku][Joga Bonito][Google Lively][Mashup Editor][MK-14] [Google Trends#Google Music Trends][Notebook] [Google Pack][Google Page Creator] [Personalized Search] [Photos Screensaver] [Google PowerMeter] [Public Service Search] [Real Estate] [Rebang] [Related Links] [Google_Maps#Google_Ride_Finder] [SearchMash] [Google SearchWiki] [Send to Phone] [Shared Stuff] [Google Sidewiki] [] [Spreadsheets] [Squared] [University Search] [U.S. Government Search] [Video Player] [Google Video Marketplace][Voice Search] [Web Accelerator] [Writely] [Google X]
  46. 46. Senior Management Middle Management Engineers/Employees Traditional Organization Structure
  47. 47. Google’s Organization Structure 谷歌公司结构 Senior Management Middle Management Engineers/Employees Peer to peer vs. manager to minion 自我管理 Inspirational and caring vs. managing 启发激励vs.管理
  48. 48. Transforming Geniuses into Happy Teams Soul Well-being Money Body Competence Motivation people Culture: Processes Policies Structure Culture is scientifically designed and executed to ensure growth of talents
  49. 49. Google Innovation DNA: 基因  集体天才:集体主义文化+个性创新文化 Collective genius: True asset of Google is its talent pool and the culture to nurture and motivate the talents.  创新=工程师主导+自由+民主(好的)+即兴  Innovation= engineer-driven+freedom+democracy (YES) +ad-hoc 54
  50. 50. Case 2 Culture Brand: Google
  51. 51. 56 Elements of Branding: Differentiation Focus/Niche Tight system
  52. 52. 57 Brand Synchronization Industry, Institution, Market conditions Socio-Cultural-Political environment Brand Adaptation Future/Brand T2 Brand Sustainability Brand Soul Brand System Theory (Wan2012)
  53. 53. 58 Part 2 Manifestation of Brand Triangle in SMEs: Five Prototypes
  54. 54. 1. The Infant 59 K7687Z Brand Mantra: “Brand starts as a hobby and stays as a hobby.”
  55. 55. 2. The Rock 60 Mantra: “We are good. Come and find us.”
  56. 56. The Rock 61 “Brand promotion is a virtue, not a vice!”
  57. 57. The Rock Reasons  Confined by industry/regional norm  Bias against external branding  Lacks the will, skills, or mindset  Lack of understanding of the importance of external branding as part of holistic branding process  Lack of explicit awareness that internal values can be a strong tie to external stakeholders 62
  58. 58. 3. The Shell 63 Brand Mantra “Chasing the wind”
  59. 59. The Shell 64 “Pause, reflect and Then ACT!”
  60. 60. 4. Old Man 65 Brand Mantra: “Why fix it if it is not broken?”
  61. 61. Reasons  A strong internal culture can impede change  Family control  Homogeneity in internal members  Content with status quo (but market share will eventually shrink)  Lack of competition at Time 1  Lack of Motivation 66 Old Man
  62. 62. Recommendations  Long term sustainability in a changing market involves adopting an “adaptive” mind set  Implement brand tracking  Activate incremental change  Diversity in work place to enact change  Brand extensions to attract younger segments  Brand can be rejuvenated by extension to new segments 67 Old Man
  63. 63. 4. Old Man 68 “Wake up, Dude. You are stale!”
  64. 64. 5. The Star 69 Brand Mantra: “Aware, Active, Adaptive”
  65. 65. Characteristics  Synchronization 1—  external branding activities are driven by core brand value internally and brand soul.  Internal analysis precedes brand expression.  Synchronization 2—  holistic understanding of brand identity.  Situating brand in the market place with long term focus.  Adaptation to market change at T2 is coordinated with the core brand value at T1. 70 The Star
  66. 66. Reasons  Resources, expertise, and culture are in place  A combination of organic growth and corporate “hand-downs”  Self-reflective with long-term goal orientation  Value system is gluing various constituencies 71 The Star
  67. 67. Overview of 5 Prototypes 72
  68. 68. 73 Brand Soul Internal branding Obtuse Brand Growth of Private Sector: (guided by rationality and performance) Flat Branding of NGOs Strong foundation of brand soul Less conscious pursuit of Internal and external branding internal branding external branding Solid, strong brand soul, guided by pubic engagement & community orientation
  69. 69. Brand Triangle 74
  70. 70. Unique Brand Challenges in Public Management  Silos Trap  Prevents alignment, coordination, interconnectedness of brand components  Confidence/complacency Trap  Myopia (ego-centric view of external world)  Fear of Change  Lack of brand adaptation and brand valuation
  71. 71. Soul Dis- synchronized Silo Trap
  72. 72. Soul Silo Trap; Overconfidence Trap
  73. 73. Soul Brand Adaption Complacency trap Brand Tracking Complacency trap Sisyphus Trap Silo Trap Fear of Change
  74. 74. 79 Glocal: Global meets the local MNCs vs EMNs
  75. 75. Decoding Canadian Brands 80 Is there a Canadian brand? --Good country brand; poor corporate brands Diversity is a double-edged sword --lack of shared identity Integration is Necessary --no culture glue; no concerted efforts Scaling is necessary --entrepreneurial, regional
  76. 76. Decoding Global Brands (Wan 2012) 解构全球品牌(万方 2012) Winning Brands 王者 Culture (文化) Synergy (System) (系 统) •Integration 整合 •Consistency连 贯 Age传承 •Heritage传统 •Experience经验 •History历史 Value 价值观 •Reputation美誉 •Image形象 •Meaning意义 Innovation 创新 •Newness新 •Usefulness可用性
  77. 77. Proven Success 取得的成功 Promise 承诺 Vision (identity) 远略,身份
  78. 78. Decoding Chinese Global Brands (Wan 2012) 解读中国国际化品牌 Chinese Brands 中国国际 品牌 Speedy Imitation 快速模仿 R&D Focus 聚焦研发 Flexible Adaptive 灵活适应 Ambition Passion 野心激情 Village to City 农村包 围城市
  79. 79. The Heart of the Continent to China: My journey 90
  80. 80. 我的关怀 My Heart and My Dream No one can escape from her home It does not matter how far we travel We always remember the road to home When a person is growing older When her body is more and more distant from home Her heart and soul will grow closer to home The complex of home starts from childhood And it affects us for a life time
  81. 81. Wechat: fangwan_aydan