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Seymourpowell Newsletter Autumn 2010

  1. 1. NEWSLETTER AUTUMN 2010 OUR NEWS Seymourpowell helps Science Museum bring human genome to life
  2. 2. OUR NEWS Dick Powell is appointedINTRODUCTIONWhilst the Autumn of 2010 is nowupon us, the past months haveseen us busy designing, speaking Chairman of the D&ADand collaborating at a fantasticrange of global events. You mayhave seen the announcementof Dick Powell’s appointment asChairman of D&AD back in Juneand Rich Seymour’s invitation In June 2010, Dick Powell was from his mentorship - as will weto create part of the ‘Who Am appointed Chairman of the all”. Dick comments, “Like them,I’ exhibition at London’s worldfamous Science Museum. We’ve D&AD. He succeeds Anthony I’ve always been passionatealso particularly enjoyed our latest Simonds-Gooding CBE, who about D&AD’s mission forcollaboration with V&A Museum is stepping down from the creative excellence, and itswhich has been created to provideinspiration and innovative learning role following 17 years in the education remit helping youngthrough real-life insights into the position. “Anyone who’s ever (and not so young) people increative industries. met the man will tell you that the creative industries. MyRead on for more information on Anthony Simonds-Gooding role as Chairman is, I think, toall of these, and our recent designs is a one-off, and we’ve been ensure good governance, toincluding our innovative new extremely lucky to have him embed a long term strategicspinning chair rail seating system,which has the potential to radically for all these years,’ said D&AD vision, and to mentor andimprove an all too commonly Chief Executive Tim O’Kennedy. advise the Management teampainful rail travel experience. “He steered D&AD toward and the Exec along the road toIf you have any questions or success and through significant its delivery.”comments about anything in the challenges over the years. Nonewsletter please contact: For more information go to: doubt about it, he’ll be missed”. Rinks for New Business “But if there’s anyone who index.php/press plausibly step into Anthony’s+44 (0) 20 7381 6433Tim Duncan for PR shoes, it’s Dick Powell,” he continues. “Dick has a rare If there’s anyone who (0) 20 7381 6433 combination of world-renowned creative credentials and great plausibly step into Anthony’s business acumen. He’s as smart as hell, I’ll certainly benefit shoes, it’s Dick Powell. In July 2010, Seymourpowell you be the first person to live for Seymour comments “We used created part of the latest 1000 years?’ Seymourpowell rapid prototyping technology to exhibition to open at London’s created a model of a double DNA a create a model which is closerSeymourpowell helps world famous Science Museum. The ‘Who am I?’ gallery presents helix. Placed between two sheets of reflective glass, the model to a real representation of human DNA.Science Museum the latest brain science and illustrates the enormous varietybring human genome genetics research through a mix and complexity of the human For further details go to: of fascinating objects and hands genetic sequence to help visitors life. on multimedia exhibits. As part understand its impact on human of the exhibit item entitled ‘Will health and longevity. Richard
  3. 3. OUR NEWSA New Rail Seat Layout System...that will make your head spin. The new design has been club seating system where The system allows for quick developed with a particular people can share the space in a conversions of sequences of focus on the business and convivial manner.” the core layout, allowing great premium travel segment of the flexibility for the orientation of theSeymourpowell high-speed and long distance From this arrangement of shared space, by rotating seating within the environment rail market. and the overall layout of andesigns new Whilst omni directional and fold seats, the layout changes to two sets of facing seats interior layout over seats have existed for years, the increasing need to with an immediate level of privacy between the pairs, like Talbot adds, “In the case of rail vehicles, we envision passengerssystem. - offer travellers the flexibility and choice of sitting with others in cocoons. and the public would pre-book a specific layout to suit theirPrivacy or a spirit of conviviality, or in the privacy of a separate zone has For those travelling alone, from the original bay arrangement needs – travelling in groups, pairs or the privacy of travellingconviviality, not been implemented in the of two (or more) sets of facing seats, a single seat can be solo...this means being able mass market yet. to offer customers increasedgiving your Nick Talbot, design director rotated to face away from the seat in front, providing convenience and/or privacycustomers the at Seymourpowell explains, “The core of the idea allows privacy for a single occupant whilst allowing conviviality for according to personal choice.” The design also potentially allowschoice two (or more) sets of seats to face another two sets of seats the remaining set of three occupants. for the conversion from a meeting or dining space to a set of creating a so called ‘bay’ or sleeping spaces.
  4. 4. OUR NEWSNappies (that) could Tesco Baby...improve on today’s Seymourpowell shares vision The ‘Nappy of the Future’disposable nappies for the future of nappies with will contain a special wetness innovative design concept for indicator, visible above the Tesco Baby. clothes and symbolised byin three main areas; Seymourpowell recently unveiled a visionary concept design for a three droplets, designed to inform parents how full the nappy is. In order to controlcomfort, performance ‘Nappy of the Future’, a special project carried out for Tesco odour, microcapsules bonded Baby to mark the relaunch of to the nappy fabric will lock inand environmental their Super Fit nappies. smell when the nappy is made dirty and release fragrance to Michael Webster, associate signal this to the parents. Thefootprint. director at Seymourpowell, nappy is also designed to inform outlines the background to parents when a baby has a the project: “The future will be fever or an infection through the a different place 10-15 years use of chromatic technologies. from now where many of the technological advances we see Jenna Bannerman, Tesco today, such as nanotechnology Baby spokeswoman comments: and adaptive materials, will “Whilst we don’t know what have become widespread. the future holds, given how Furthermore, issues of the technology is evolving, the environmental sustainability will ‘Nappy of the Future’ concept become increasingly apparent could become a reality sooner in our everyday lives. In our view, rather than later, which would nappies of the future could be great news for all parents.” improve on today’s disposable nappies in three main areas - comfort, performance and environmental footprint.” Taking these factors into account, the resulting Seymourpowell concept design for a ‘Nappy of the Future’ is a hybrid system, with a washable undergarment worn by the baby all day, andFor further information contact Estelle Douine on removable, biodegradable020 7842 3226 or nappy liners.
  5. 5. OUR NEWSIconic brand identity and packaging Seymourpowell designs awarddesign for new SHAPE SMART™ winning machine for Coffee Nationrange from Goldshield Seymourpowell is pleased to announce its design for the new Express machine for Coffee Nation, the UK’s fastest growing coffee company and leader in gourmet self-Before After service coffee. Coffee Nation Express is the fourth machine designed by Seymourpowell for Coffee Nation. This model is a chip and pin, self- service gourmet coffee bar that has been developed for hospitals, universities and corporate offices, with a branded coffee offer. Matthew Tidnam, associate director at Seymourpowell commented, “Seymourpowell has a long-standing relationship with Coffee Nation. The Express machine was a natural evolution from previous models, and reflects the expanded range of consumer environments in which Coffee Nation now has a presence. Seymourpowell has created related family of products with The new machine recently won ‘Best the name, brand identity and their own distinct identity and Self-Service Project’ at this year’s prestigious European Association for packaging design for the on-shelf standout. David Towse, Self-Service (EAFS) Awards 2010 in new SHAPE.SMART range Marketing Manager at Goldshield Essen, Germany. Paul Newcombe,A brand identity from leading pharmaceutical commented, “Seymourpowell Technical Manager at Coffee Nation added, “We’re thrilled to have won company Goldshield. SHAPE. has created a brand identity forthat successfully SMART is a new umbrella brand SHAPE.SMART that successfully this award for the Express machine.unifies all three from Goldshield’s healthcare unifies all three of our weight- In a highly competitive market place, Seymourpowell’s innovative design division and consists of three management products givingof our weight- weight-management products: us great brand presence at has helped Coffee Nation build on our success, and maintain goodmanagement APPEsat™, LIPObind™ and point of purchase.” Jonathan sales projections for the future.” DEcarb™. With the recent Shaw, Director of Packagingproducts. launch of DEcarb, a natural at Seymourpowell added, “We carbohydrate blocker, the have an excellent relationship brief given to Seymourpowell with Goldshield and were was to create a new weight- delighted to work closely with management umbrella brand the team to develop the SHAPE. within Goldshield, bringing SMART umbrella brand in its the three sub-brands into one entirety”.
  6. 6. OUR NEWSAircruise concept In May 2010, Seymourpowell’s Other winners included iPad Aircruise concept won ‘Best by Apple, designer Paul Smith, project in Aviation’ at the Anya Hindmarch, Anish Kapoor,wins Condé Nast prestigious Condé Nast Traveller Zaha Hadid and Virgin Galactic. Innovation and Design Awards. For full details see: Innovation The winning Seymourpowell innovation-and-design-2010/the- design received the highest winners/aviation-the-aircruise number of votes in the Aviation category, which also includedand Design Award projects from British Airways, Qatar Airlines and NASA. Seymourpowell’s Aircruise is the concept design for a hotel The winning in the sky, with low passenger numbers and huge internal Seymourpowell spaces offering room for living, design received dining and relaxing, as well as scope for dramatic and the highest number inspirational public spaces. of votes in the The concept captured the Aviation category, imagination of Korean giant which also included Samsung Construction and Trading (C&T), who appointed projects from British Seymourpowell to refine the Airways, Qatar idea and produce a detailed computer animation of the Airlines and NASA. proposed experience to illustrate this visionary approach to the future. Seymourpowell’s Aircruise It is a remarkable opportunity to The top two finalists received concept was also awarded showcase the best hospitality a round-trip air travel and hotel second place at the 4th annual strategies in architecture and accommodation in Las Vegas Radical Innovation in Hospitality interior design that incorporate to present their entry to the HD competition. new concepts and enhance the Conference audience. guest experience. Co-founded and produced For full details see by The John Hardy Group The annual competition provides www.radicalinnovationinhospitality. (JHG) and Hospitality Design an invaluable platform for com/winners Group (HD Group), the Radical professional practitioners and Innovation in Hospitality Award students around the world to promotes innovation and global present their approach to radical thought-leadership in hospitality. innovation in the hospitality field.
  7. 7. OUR NEWSEvents/ Collaborations V&A Schools team up with Seymourpowell In September 2010 Seymourpowell announced its partnership with the V&A Schools team. The collaboration will give students and teachersSeymourpowell provides expertise In August 2010 Seymourpowell and environments of product access to a unique perspectivae onto new creative collective, HOUSE collaborated with a new users. By giving this talk at design through specially devised creative collective, HOUSE, PopUpHOUSE I hope to convey workshops and events, with the aim where associate director Paula the message to new design of inspiring a new generation of world- Zuccotti delivered an industry talent to always put people at class designers. The V&A Schools talk on the role of ethnography the start and centre of every programme for Secondary Design & Technology students and teachers, and user research in design and project, as ultimately design is DesignLab, provides inspirational innovation. She commented, about making things better for and innovative learning through “I’m thrilled to be taking part people.” For more information real-life insights into the creative in PopUpHOUSE. The team visit: industries. During 2010–11 this is have a special style that works being provided by Seymourpowell, well to nurture collaboration, who share the V&A’s desire to inspire which I believe is important and excite students and teachers of to the future of the creative Design & Technology. Cara Williams, industries.” With regards to her V&A Schools Manager commented, involvement, she added, “My “This exciting collaboration is carrying on one of the founding work includes extensive travel principles of the V&A - to educate and immersion into the real lives and inspire designers of the future.Out and about – events The educational value of real life vocational experiences cannot be underestimated and the partnership aspires to produce exceptional learning opportunities for all involved.”OCTOBER THROUGHOUT 2011V&A Design pro Workshop Economist Innovation V&A DESIGN LAB TeachersMasterclass - Winter, London Summit, London Symposium, LondonMatthew Cockerill, Matt Tidnam, Paula Richard Seymour on ‘the future of the David FisherZuccotti future V&A Design Pro MasterclassStory of London Festival London Brand Finance Annual SPRING 2011, LondonRichard Seymour Forum, London Matthew Cockerill, Matt Tidnam, Richard Seymour Paula ZuccottiMontreux 2010 SwitzerlandRichard Seymour NOVEMBERCardiff Design Festival, Cardiff V&A Creative Quarter, London Royal AeronauticalDick Powell Matt Tidnam Society, London Nick TalbotInvest Northern Ireland, Belfast V&A Creative Industries LondonRichard Seymour David Fisher V&A Design Pro Workshop Masterclass - Summer, LondonEuropean Future Better-by-Design CEO Matthew Cockerill, Matt Tidnam,Energy Forum, London Summit, New Zealand: Paula ZuccottiAircruise concept on show Dick Powell on ‘Designing Innovation’
  8. 8. OUR NEWSMariel Brown and Zoe Stavrou Santambrogiomilano hosts exclusive Milan Fair trend reportreport back from the Milan Fair On Tuesday 18th May 2010, Seymourpowell’s Mariel Brown and 1 Contemporary Classics Cassie Isherwood gave a conciseIn April 2010, Mariel Brown and The utilitarian trend of the last few years and highly informative presentation 3Zoe Stavrou joined the multitude has been noticeably softened. of their key findings from theof design lovers heading to Milan fair at the stunning London Klara by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso showroom of Italian architecturalMilan for the 32nd edition of glass studio Santambrogiomilano. 2 Blow Upthe International Salone del Santambrogiomilano recently opened Forms that appeared to have been its new London showroom at 90-92Mobile. They observed a gentle ‘blown up’ were seen in many guises Great Portland St to showcase theprogression and softening of last company’s glass architecture to both throughout the fair.year’s ‘crunched’ themes and a private clients and UK based architects Bouroullec Lighthouse by Ronan &growing sense of both nostalgia Erwan for Established&Sons and designers working on projects throughout the world. The companyand the need for escapism. 4 was created by Carlo Santambrogio inThey felt there was a particularly 3 Retrographic 1992 and was inspired by his work onpositive vibe about the show in Graphics and geometric patterns were exhibition design and installations withthat designers and manufacturers coupled with a distinctly retro colour designers such as AG Franzoni, Carla 5 palette. Amsterdam Amoire by Sholten Scarpa, Claudio Silvestrin and Ennioacross the board were engaging Arosio.with the issue of sustainability. & Baijings for Established&SonsThey saw many of the pieces 4 Knit one, Purl oneas an evolution of work seen at Knitting and wool were seen makingprevious shows, proving that a comeback, adding cosy warmth tosome trends are very much here a number of stay. Granny lights by Pudelskern1 6 5 Back to School A trend that utilized a colour palette of primary colours and simple, pale woods, with many pieces referencing the archetypal forms of things that could be found in the classrooms of our youth. 7 Just wood chair Contact us 6 Primal A trend that took the idea of nostalgia SEymOUrpOwEll ltd to the extreme, finding inspiration in the 327 Lillie Road 2 early origins of man. Gita Gschwendtner London, SW6 7NR Quarry and Soft crystal series1 United Kingdom 7 Ethereal T +44 (0) 20 7381 6433 A trend that evoked an immersive, F +44 (0) 20 7381 9081 otherworldly atmosphere. a noticeable theme throughout the fair. Yves Behar_Detail