Cyden smooth skin plus 2011


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Seymourpowell announces details of its design work for the new Smooth Skin PLUS from Cyden iPulse, the permanent body hair reduction system.

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Cyden smooth skin plus 2011

  1. 1. PRESS RELEASESeymourpowell unveils new handset design for Boots Smooth Skin PLUSLondon, UK, September 2011 – leading global design and innovation companySeymourpowell is pleased to announce details of its design work for the new Smooth SkinPLUS from Cyden iPulse, the permanent body hair reduction system (retails exclusively throughBoots, as ‘Boots Smooth Skin PLUS). Seymourpowell worked with the team at CyDen Ltd, aBritish beauty and health company specialising in the application of light in-home beautytreatments that developed state of the art iPulse technology, to design the handset and helprefine the base unit.Seymourpowell was tasked with creating a new generation light therapy product for hairremoval, based on the first generation technology, to launch in Boots. The aim was to furtherdrive the category growth in light based hair removal by inspiring ‘desire, confidence and easeof use’ with the beauty-involved consumer. The device was also to be positioned within the facecare and body care categories, as a more premium product than the first generation device.The main objective of the brief was to explore insights relating to how consumers used the firstgeneration iPulse device as a permanent hair reduction system. Another element was toexplore the world of light based therapy for skin in the salon/ spa context, to uncover insightsthat could inform and inspire the new product’s design. Seymourpowell considered factors suchas ergonomics, storage, the length of the cable, buttons, lighting, volume and navigation on theinterface, value and general consumer appeal. Seymourpowell wanted to ensure that the newdesign was perceived as a premium beauty device with visual language that evoked the ideasof luxury, spas and pampering.Matthew Cockerill, Associate Design Director at Seymourpowell comments: “This is the kind ofproject we love doing at Seymourpowell - taking a genuinely innovative technology andembodying it in a product that meets the needs and desires of the user as well as of thebusiness. We spent a lot of time trying to understand how users interacted with the previousgeneration product by carrying out ethnographic research that uncovered key insights. Theseinsights allowed us to develop the next generation product with fundamental ergonomicimprovements. We spent a lot of time in our workshop developing and refining prototypes of thehandset. We also worked closely with CyDen’s engineering team to deliver the final product tothe market. Overall it was a great team effort and rewarding to work on such a genuinely useful
  2. 2. /contproduct that delivers on its promise in an intuitive and elegant way.”As a result of the in-depth ethnographic research carried out by Seymourpowell’s design teamof the first generation ‘Smooth Skin’ device, the new ‘Smooth Skin PLUS’ unit is fundamentallymore ergonomic than the original first generation device.This unique light therapy technology means users no longer have to endure the chore ofshaving or waxing which can leave skin inflamed, with unsightly and prickly hair re-growth. Theclinically-proven system works by producing an intense pulse of light which is absorbed by yourskin and hair shaft. This disables the hair follicles so the hair doesn’t grow back. As hair growsin cycles, each area will need treating weekly for typically 6 – 12 treatments to get best results.‘Smooth Skin PLUS’ gives permanent hair reduction, the treatment is virtually pain free and it’ssignificantly cheaper than salon treatments. A course of IPL permanent hair reduction on thearmpits, full legs and bikini line in a salon could cost in excess of £3,000.Stuart Jones, Director of Development at CyDen comments: “Seymourpowell came up withsome real insights into the ergonomics, handling and design of our product that have made asignificant improvement to our second generation product taking it to the next level. In addition,they were able to meet our extremely challenging schedule whilst being flexible and responsiveto our changing needs”.Smooth Skin PLUS by iPulse is now available exclusively in Boots stores throughoutthe UK and on, priced at £399.99.***ENDS***For further information contact:Tim Duncan or Hettie RousPR, SeymourpowellEmail: or hettie.rous@seymourpowell.comTel: +44 (0) 20 7386 2369
  3. 3. /contAbout Seymourpowell – the shape of things to comeSeymourpowell is one of the world’s leading design and innovation companies.Founded in 1984 by Richard Seymour and Dick Powell, the London-based group ofaward-winning designers has produced some of the ‘milestone’ products of the last twodecades.Seymourpowell is currently the UK’s number 1 design company (YouGov, Nov 2010).Seymourpowell is currently 85 people, combining a design studio, research centre,materials library and prototyping workshop.Seymourpowell has a unique holistic approach to design and innovation, whichcombines in depth experience and up to date intelligence about people, markets andbusinesses. The company has the ability to forecast and interpret the vital implicationsof behaviors and work out future scenarios to give its clients the confidence andreassurance they are making the right decision.Seymourpowell is skilled in exploiting ideas that create real value and always look tomove clients forward creatively. Seymourpowell is not just a company of visionarythinkers, but future ‘doers’. Ultimately, Seymourpowell is about making things better:better for people, better for business and better for the world.Specialisms include design innovation, transportation design, ethnographic userresearch, strategy and new product development (NPD), trends and forecasting,product design and development, 3D structural design and 2D graphic design.About CyDen Ltd.CyDen is the leading developer of innovative products for light-based beauty and healthtreatment. CyDen was founded in 2002 in Swansea, Wales, by four renowned pioneersin light-based treatment. Over 30 years ago, Professor Marc Clement realised thepotential of light based therapy by accident, after passing a laser over his hand andnoticing that the hairs did not grow back. He has led innovation in this field ever since.
  4. 4. /contClement and his team first developed a patented ‘square pulse’ technology for use inprofessional (clinics and spas) markets. This “Intense Pulsed Light” (IPL) productoffered permanent hair removal, which was a safer version of light therapy than laser.CyDen’s first product for home use was the successful iPulse, a hair removal device foruse at home which uses the same clinically-proven technology as our range ofprofessional salon products. It is designed to provide an alternative to painful waxing,laser, shaving or epilation. And it works as a way of becoming hair free forever.