How SevenTablets Builds Great Cross-Platform Apps


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In this IBM Mobile Tech Talk, SevenTablets Chief Architect Daniel Brookshier explains how we build cross-platform enterprise apps with Process, STAX API, and IBM Worklight.

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How SevenTablets Builds Great Cross-Platform Apps

  1. 1. How SevenTablets Builds Great Cross-Platform Apps Overcoming the Challenges of Building Cross-Platform Enterprise Apps with Process, STAX API and IBM WorkLight Presenter: Daniel Brookshier, Chief Architect, SevenTablets, Inc. web: | phone: (855) 285-2322 | email:
  2. 2. Our Objective How to Build a Solid Enterprise App / Mobile Solution That Is • • • Fast Secure Scalable Build It • • • Faster time to market Fewer resources Easier to develop and manage Using Best of Breed • • • WorkLight STAX Architecture STAMP Process web: | phone: (855) 285-2322 | email:
  3. 3. Overview • Spun off from iTech, a 1,200 employee group Partners: • Based in Dallas, TX • Privately Held • IBM Impact 2013 Mobile Innovation Finalist Differentiators: • Rapid Deployment • Creative Design – UX/UI • Intellectual Property - STAX web: | phone: (855) 285-2322 | email:
  4. 4. Challenges of Cross Platform Enterprise Mobile Apps Mobility is not a “magic pill.” How you use it, when you use it, and why you use it are what determines its success. web: | phone: (855) 285-2322 | email:
  5. 5. Building an Enterprise Application is Complex • Key part of your strategy • Usability • Speed • Visual appeal • Security • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) • Platform fragmentation • Network chaos web: | phone: (855) 285-2322 | email:
  6. 6. We Know That Mobile is Different Than Traditional Development We learned quickly that Agile needed to become Agile for Mobile Challenge Solution Benefits Pure Agile does not take into account risks of mobile development. Heavier up front user experience, architecture, and infrastructure design. Detail planning and iterative development are guided by clear goals and UX. Better user affinity, lowered risks to development while retaining agile development methodology. • Mobile Strategy • Enterprise Architecture • UX Driven Development • Feature Sprints • Daily Standups web: | phone: (855) 285-2322 | email:
  7. 7. Discovery Mobile UX Design Deploy STAMP Manage Infrastructure Design web: | phone: (855) 285-2322 | Quality Assurance email: Solution Design
  8. 8. Key STAMP Benefits User Experience • • • • Clearer development goals Faster development Reduced/eliminated rework Wider user adoption Enterprise Architecture • Business strategy alignment • Better acceptance • Leverage new and old capabilities without redesign of IT assets Infrastructure Development/Integration • Quick start cloud connectivity • Reduced risks of adding mobile clients • Opportunities to grow IT capability web: | phone: (855) 285-2322 | email:
  9. 9. Cross Platform Development is a Fact of Life in Today’s BYOD World The advantages of IBM WorkLight for cross platform mobile Challenge Solution Benefits Native and cross platform development tools are too weak for the enterprise. IBM WorkLight is both a development tool and solution ecosystem to support cross platform mobile for enterprises. Growing list of features to connect the enterprise and take advantage of mobile. Reduces effort and costs to build, test, deploy, and manage mobile apps for the enterprise. • Tools to build for specific platforms • Large number of integrations to IBM and third party solutions • Enterprise mobile deployment • Excellent IBM tool support/community • Enterprise Security • Out of the box Analytics web: | phone: (855) 285-2322 | email:
  10. 10. Key Success Factors of Building with WorkLight Why we chose WorkLight vs. the competition Fast Development Sequence Success Factors • iPad • iPhone • Android phone/tablet (mainly testing) Great Return on Coding Investment! • • • • • Security Analytics Cross-platform management Middleware integration Enterprise deployment Notes: • iPhone version is a slim-down of iPad features • Android development mostly small UX changes and optimization • iPad/iPhone used optimizations found during Android development web: | phone: (855) 285-2322 | email:
  11. 11. Closing the Gap for Enterprise Quality with STAX SevenTablets Architecture for Cross Platform Apps Challenge Solution Benefits HTML5 development is still in its infancy. Developers needed grown-up support for complex enterprise apps on mobile. STAX adds a host of capabilities for software developers to create consistent, well tested, and predictable code. Developers speak the same language. Fewer mistakes by automating critical tasks with standard patterns. Data wrappers/packers, routing and message queues web: | phone: (855) 285-2322 | email:
  12. 12. Widening the WorkLight Sweet Spot HTML5/Cordova/PhoneGap • Native platform integration • Extension of HTML5 IBM WorkLight • • • • Cross platform framework/tools/server Security Testing Analytics STAX • Messaging/event management • Event chaining • Role-based security • Application lifecycle • Error control • Logging/debugging • Unit testing on device web: | phone: (855) 285-2322 | email:
  13. 13. STAX Architecture web: | phone: (855) 285-2322 | email:
  14. 14. STAX Increases Programmer Productivity and Reduces Risk Closing the gap for enterprise quality with STAX • Enforces structure and application lifecycle • Promotes best practices for coding and testing • Support of long, multi-part transactions over unreliable networks • Encourages on-device unit testing of code • Common methods for configuration-based features • Better management of device specific code web: | phone: (855) 285-2322 | email:
  15. 15. Case Study: OnBoard A Cloud-Based Enterprise Directory web: | phone: (855) 285-2322 | email:
  16. 16. Building the Core of the Interactive Enterprise Case Study: OnBoard, a Cloud-Based WorkLight App Challenge Solution Benefits Enterprise apps require a highly scalable employee directory system that is easily integrated with social and business applications. WorkLight, STAX, Sencha Touch, on a scalable cloud infrastructure. Enterprise app to connect employees, social data, reporting structure, and interaction hub. • Multi-tenet application for app store publication • Based on vCard standard for address book compatibility • Supports iPhone, iPad, and Android phone/phablet/tablet web: | phone: (855) 285-2322 | email:
  17. 17. The Challenges of HTML5-based Cross-Platform Applications Case Study: OnBoard, a Cloud-Based WorkLight App General Challenges Key STAX Benefits • Data mostly in the enterprise cloud • Management of user and server events reduced errors • Complex Security model • Built-in unit testing caught errors early • Fragmented device market • STAX role-based security simplified admin capabilities • Simple download and data caching Challenging Requirements • Data loads needed to be fast Key WorkLight Benefits • Multi-tenant management • Phone/tablet and iOS/Android versions easier to code and manage • Self-managed data at user and group level • WorkLight Realms ensured security context • Deployment and testing easier with WorkLight server • Secure persistent store web: | phone: (855) 285-2322 | email:
  18. 18. Scalable Cloud Architecture WorkLight Clients Elastic IP Worklight Server WorkLight Server Amazon* EC2 EC2 EC2 EC2 S3 *Any public or private cloud can be used web: | phone: (855) 285-2322 | email: SMS
  19. 19. OnBoard Demo web: | phone: (855) 285-2322 | email: