How local businesses benefit from email marketing


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How local businesses benefit from email marketing

  1. 1. How Local Businesses Benefit From Email Marketing
  2. 2. In the Internet marketing world, Emailmarketing is very popular and successful. It’s not just for business professionals that work in avirtual office, local small businesses benefit the rewards of email marketing, too.
  3. 3. A great way for you to remain in contact with people who identify themselves with interest in yourproducts and services may come from Email marketing.
  4. 4. Email allows you to do the following:
  5. 5. Create And Maintain Relationships The principle of having an email list so that you can develop a relationship with others who are already purchasing your products and services, as well as those who are considering it. These are the customers andpotential prospects that should be kept on separate lists. The relationships you develop may lead to futurepurchases, but this shouldn’t be your primary goal as yousend your emails. Your readers will become clients when they are able to like and trust you over time.
  6. 6. Circulate Reminders For example, should your business be closed for renovations, or if you may closed consecutively on Fridays during a certain season, don’t justpost a sign about the situation. Take the next step and send an individual email to your lists so that your customers won’t drive to your business location and find your shop closed.
  7. 7. Always keep your customers experience in mind. How would you feel if this were to happen to you? Your customers will love you if you overdeliver to them. They may even spread the word to friends and family about the extra step you took.
  8. 8. Promoting Yourself It’s okay to promote yourself, products and achievements without filling every email with some sort of pitch. Inform your list whensomething happens such as receiving an award from the Chamber of Commerce or will be sponsoring a charity event.
  9. 9. Being conceited and being proud ofaccomplishments holds its differences. Say youwere to mention how your accomplishment willenhance your customer service, your audience will be happy that you are keeping them in mind. Answer & Update Your FAQ
  10. 10. Are you repeatedly being asked the same questions? In your list, keep track of the mostcommon questions that are asked and email the answers to those in your list.
  11. 11. The questions you are being asked, may be specific to your business- such as your address,billing information and hours of operation. They may even be more specific such as a mothercalling a pediatrician to ask how long she should wait before going to the hospital for an illness.
  12. 12. Create a FAQ page or update one as needed on your website and compile the answers to thesequestions there. You should then email your list the page link. Another option is to answer eachquestion on a separate email that is loaded to your autoresponder, so that each person who is subscribed to your list will receive the answers.
  13. 13. Excelling Affiliate Marketing Commissions from sales are often received from business owners, when sales are made from products or services from other businesses. Thisprocess is better known as affiliate marketing, it’s not however exclusive to online businesses. Anyperson or business can become an affiliate for any product that is related to an affiliate program.
  14. 14. For example, a yoga instructor recommends one brand of yoga mat, they would become an affiliate and tell their email readers about the benefits of this mat. When the readers click onthe unique referral link and make a purchase, theyoga instructor will receive a portion of that sale.
  15. 15. As you may now see, email lists are not only foronline businesses, but for local business as well. Physical locations can help local businessesbenefit by using email to stay in touch with their customers.