Grow your local business with linked in


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Grow your local business with linked in

  1. 1. Grow your Local Business with LinkedIn
  2. 2. You already blog, write articles,participate in social media, andgenerally rock your business.However, it may be likely that youare overlooking one of the greatestnetworks available for smallbusinesses to promote locally.
  3. 3. That network is called LinkedIncom. is a businessfocused social network. Thisnetwork gives serious mindedbusiness people a break fromlearning about little Johnnys toilethabits and Susies digestive issues.Instead, real business people sharereal business updates!
  4. 4. Due to all the numerous featuresavailable with a free account, LinkedIn isa very exciting network to allows you to create a verycomprehensive profile that includes akeyword rich headline, a list of yourcurrent and previous positions,education, and more. You can alsoinclude a complete keyword richsummary that will allow people to findyou. Additionally, you can add manyfeatures and incorporate other software
  5. 5. The entire community can join or creategroups that are specific to their niche, orsomething they want to learn. Within a groupyou can list jobs, planned events, ask andanswer questions and much, much more.System-wide, a user can perform veryadvanced searches for people, companies,answers, jobs, and more. People answeringquestions in a professional, courteous andaccurate way are able to earn ‘expert’ status.Earning expert status in your local communityregarding your niche can go a long way tohelping you grow your business.
  6. 6. You can use to find localevents, plan local events, and promotelocal events. You can runadvertisements that are very specificand targeted all the way down to whatgroup theyre part of and even down totheir ages. Allowing a small businessowner access to powerful marketingtools without having to spend a fortunemakes stand out from thesocial networking crowd.
  7. 7. Aside from the features that you canuse to market your business andparticipate in the social network, allows you to also learna tremendous amount about business.The homepage streamsrecommendations from LinkedIn thatare relevant to business. Think ofFacebook as the cocktail hour andLinkedIn as the boardroom. Its aserious business promoting network.
  8. 8. Now, dont let that scare you off. Itdoesnt matter whether you have asolely online business, or a brick andmortar business, you can use LinkedInto promote your business locally.LinkedIn offers all the technology, toolsand integration that you need toaccomplish local search enginemarketing. So dont be afraid to give ita try, especially since the free accountis pretty complete and you wont be
  9. 9. Of course, you will only get out of it whatyou put into it. So make sure that you fillout a complete profile, choose anoutstanding, key word rich headline, andcreate the best business focusedsummary that you know how to do.Ensure that you connect to otherreputable local businesses both onlineand offline. By recommending andpromoting relevant, complementarybusinesses that serve your targetaudience, they will return the favor, and
  10. 10. END