Claim your expert status on linked in with answers


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Claim your expert status on linked in with answers

  1. 1. Claim Your Expert Status onLinkedIn with Answers
  2. 2. A great way to promote your business locallyon LinkedIn is to become an expert in yoursubject matter. You probably wonder, “Howdo I become an expert?” One way you becomean expert in any subject is to study itextensively, write about it, and then shareyour knowledge. Most experts share a lot oftheir knowledge freely. You can do the same.The best way to do it on LinkedIn is to answerquestions.
  3. 3. Answering questions on LinkedIn is actuallyquite simple. First, you must have account and profile. I highlyadvise that before you start answeringquestions, you create the very best profile,headline and summary that you possibly can.The reason for this is that when you answerquestions people can link to your profile andsee it. If you have an incomplete profile, aterrible photograph, and a childish, poorlywritten summary, no one will take youseriously.
  4. 4. As you would with anything that you write,double check for typos, grammar, andcommonly misused words. If you typically hirea ghostwriter, its probably a good idea tocontinue using a ghostwriter to help you writeyour profile, especially your summary. Youwant the summary to expertly showcase yourtalents. Hiring a talented copywriter can dowonders for your profile. In fact,this is also a good time to consider hiring aphotographer who can take really good headshots.
  5. 5. Once you have a complete and well developedprofile is time to add a few connections ofpeople that you already know and do businesswith. Ask people to recommend you, whichwill further fill out your profile and helpestablish you as an expert. Next, ensure thatyour website and your blog are fully updated.Even though these are not technically part ofyour profile, you will be linking tothem from your profile. Therefore, they needto look very professional so that you and yourtalents are highlighted.
  6. 6. Now that your profile showcases a complete andprofessional background, you can now focus onfinding and answering questions. Currently, youcan find the answers section by selecting ‘more’(near the search bar), then ‘answers’ from thedrop-down menu. Once you have selectedanswers, type a keyword into the search bar that isrelevant to your niche. Click search. You mighthave to try different keywords until you discoversome questions that you can answer. But dontgive up; keep trying different keywords until youfind just the right questions.
  7. 7. When you answer the questions, ensure thatyou are highly professional, ethical, and thatyou explain your sources. It is okay to link toyour own blog as a source it is truly 100%relevant. In addition, if you come across aquestion that can be answered by one of yourcolleagues and does not compete with the sametarget market as you do, go ahead and referthem to the right expert. Your connections willappreciate the referral by doing the same foryou when the opportune ad arises.
  8. 8. Your imagination, creativity and businessexperience let you use LinkedIn topromote your business locally throughanswers. Dont forget, that you can alsoask questions. Avoid asking questionsthat you have no intention ofparticipating in once you ask thequestion.
  9. 9. If you ask an intelligent question, youll getsome really excellent answers, and possiblyconnect with someone new that can lead toyour next big sale. Answering enoughquestions and having your answer voted as thebest answer will earn your ‘expert’ status Once you do, a lot of doors willstart opening for you in your local area.
  10. 10. END..