Command Information Accomplishments with the Georgia National Guard


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A brief summary highlighting some of our organizational successes during my tenure as Command Information Officer for the Georgia National Guard.

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Command Information Accomplishments with the Georgia National Guard

  1. 1. DID YOU KNOW?The Georgia Guard website was recognized last year by National Guard Bureau as the best in the nation,and then by the U.S. Army as the second best. This year, was again recognized byNGB as being in the top three nationwide, as was our blog ( and ouroverall social media program. No other state in the nation placed in the top three of all three webcategories this year.THE GEORGIA GUARD’S AWARD-WINNING OUTREACH, BY THE NUMBERS:* Of all the states with a National Guard presence on social media, Georgia has the second mostfollowers on Twitter, the most followers on Google+, was the first state on Google+, is regularly in thetop three-to-five most influential on Klout, is eighth in terms of total video views on YouTube, and ninthrelative to total fans on Facebook.* If you include every state "agency" listed on (to include the Ga. lottery, Jekyll Island, theLt. Gov., etc.), the Ga. DoD is the third most followed on Twitter and sixth most liked on Facebook( Our week-, month-, and three month-long growth rates are also among the best of anyagency in the state - on both channels.* The Georgia Guard’s website regularly ranked in the top 90-95 th percentile of all websites in the worldat generating traffic in 2011, according to HubSpot’s website grader.* Since becoming CIO in 2010, the amount of content hosted by our website has increased by 300% -despite the establishment of more than a dozen other online channels which also host a significantamount of their own unique content.* Our posts on Facebook attracted about 2.5 million impressions in 2011 year alone, and our images onFlickr have been viewed more than 410,000 times since 2010.* Viewership of the organization’s monthly magazine, the Georgia Guardsman, has increased tenfold injust two years, bringing in almost 100,000 total magazine views.* With over 15,000 votes, the Georgia Guard has run away with the National Guard’s Support Patchcontest – leaving the second place state more than 4,000 votes behind (* Last year, in the Guard’s Resiliency Video Contest, Georgia finished second – bringing in over 20,000votes.* Our RSS feed has also generated roughly 100,000 views, and our public calendar has attracted about3,000 clicks.
  2. 2. INTANGIBLES:* From providing regional social media guidance to other public affairs offices, to generating public affairs guidancedocuments and SOPs that have been adopted by the likes of U.S. Army Europe and the Georgia EmergencyManagement Agency, our online outreach efforts have continually helped steer ancillary, sibling, and parentorganization initiatives, continuing to contribute to the public affairs profession, provide leadership in the field,and push the bounds of new communication tools.* The Georgia Guard takes pride in the customer service it provides through its public-facing channels. From anewly constructed “Contacts” tab on the website to help better direct inquiries, to answering questions posted onFacebook. The open, honest, and sometimes even self-policing culture of our online communities has allowed usto explore a wide breadth and depth of content and subjects while providing world-class customer service.*The Georgia Guard was singled out in the 2012 Army Communities of Excellence competition for its superlativestrategic communications plans, platforms and execution. A delegate from PAO was asked to teach a class onStratCom at the 2012 ACOE National Conference.* In addition to the approximately 75 speeches and prepared remarks written for the Adjutant General,Commanding Generals, and the Governor over the past two years, the Command Information Officer is also chieflyresponsible for editing all copy that comes through the Public Affairs Office – to include speeches, notaries, stories,news releases, and the like.* With the exception of what were (at the time) a few inactive and/or defunct channels, each of the pages listedbelow have been completely created (or re-created) and brought to their current levels of operation by the currentCIO. The website in 2010 generated less than 1,000 monthly views, the Facebook page had less than 300 fans, andthe Twitter page was in virtual ruin with only 100 followers or so. Not only were these channels rebuilt fromscratch, but they are now among the best in class at the state and national level and partnered with a host of othersupplementing channels comprising the Georgia Guard’s award-winning online outreach.Ga. DoD online channels run by the PAO Command Information Officer: • The organization’s primary public website ( • Facebook ( • Twitter ( • YouTube ( • Flickr ( • Google Plus ( • Blog ( • LinkedIn group ( • Various (official) Wikipedia pages ( • Issuu ( • SlideShare ( • Vimeo ( • GovDelivery ( • Various RSS feeds (through Feed Burner) (i.e. • Public calendar of events ( • Klout ( • Muziboo (
  3. 3. • DVIDS ( products produced by the Ga. DoD Command Information Officer: • Georgia Guardsman monthly magazine ( • Georgia Department of Defense Annual Report ( • Georgia National Guard Annual Online Outreach Strategies • Social Media Tactical Guide Book ( • Ga. DoD PAO Style Guide ( • Monthly metrics of Georgia National Guard online channels • Various executive speeches and visual aids, distributed through the Ga. DoD Speaker’s Bureau ( • Catalog of Georgia Guardsman magazine covers, spanning the publication’s existence ( • SOPs, checklists and guidelines for ancillary unit social media operationsAncillary channels assisted/coordinated by the Ga. DoD Command Information Officer: • All Ga. DoD component, MACOM and JFHQ office Facebook pages ( • Georgia National Guard Employment, Education and Incentives website ( • Family Job Assistance website ( • Georgia State Defense Force website ( • The Adjutant General Georgia’s Facebook and Twitter presences (not yet released) • Army Communities of Excellence 2012 reportThird-party tools used by the Ga. DoD Command Information Officer: • InDesign • PhotoShop • Microsoft Office Suite (Picture Editor, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) • Adobe Creative Suite • Google Office Suite (Gmail, Google Analytics, Google Alerts, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google link shortener) • WildeFire Apps • HootSuite • DropBox, DropSend, TransferBigFiles • Jaguar PC • Joomla! • (