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BV Brochure Nov 2015


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BV Brochure Nov 2015

  1. 1. build a better bar
  2. 2. Smartspout ™ . no brainer. BarVision is a smart pour system that helps you drive more revenue and earn more money from liquor, mixed drink, and beer sales. Patented SmartSpoutTM technology accounts for every ounce of liquor or beer poured, and Smart Reporting tools put a new level of control in your hands. Pour data from SmartSpouts™ is only part of BarVision’s solution. Our software seamlessly connects with your POS to translate data into knowledge that you want, need, and can actually understand. BarVision’s dashboard is accessible on any device, so you can easily manage performance and maximize profits in your venue. get a point-of-pour point-of-view Cover your bottles with SmartSpouts™ and uncover the hidden factors of your bar’s performance A large bar brought us in to find out how much more money they could make with a BarVision system. We installed the full BarVision system, including 600 SmartSpoutsTM . the situation higher yields = increased profits • Pours per bottle went up +10% • 150 more drinks sold by 4th week • Profits increased by over $20,000 per month increased revenue per oz. • Revenue per ounce increased by +18% • Sales grew by +9% with +$7,000 revenue per week over 15x roi and a better bar • With BarVision SmartSpoutsTM costing less than $3 each, the ROI was over 15x! • Consistent, quality drinks equal happy customers • More drinks equal more opportunity for tips • Better information, better management, and more time to promote and grow business the results
  3. 3. Maximize your profits Wireless free-pour technology track liquor & Draft Beer connects to pos systems cloud-based reporting with mobile apps drive revenue & reduce liquor costs Web: Email: TO LEARN MORE AND SCHEDULE A DEMO CALL 480.784.1000