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social enterprise hub - concept and space description 2

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social enterprise hub - concept and space description 2

  1. 1. BUILDING A SOCIAL ENTERPRISE HUB 139-145 PRINCE EDWARD ST OVERVIEW - 2014 133 Prince Edward St. Saint John, NB E2L 3S3 T: 506 652 5600 F: 506 652 5603 we invest in ideas that create income, build assets, and make change
  2. 2. BUILDING A SOCIAL ENTERPRISE HUB Saint John Community Loan Fund 1 | P a g e Executive Summary Social Enterprise Hub Description The Saint John Community Loan Fund has begun to plan a larger space to foster creativity and entrepreneurship for poverty reduction. The 15,000 square foot building will be located at 139 Prince Edward St. and encompass three floors. The space will include the following: On the ground floor a social enterprise cafeteria used for back to work training. Down the hall, micro-enterprises launched through the Loan Fund are clustered and focused on a lean start up. A maker space has a 3D printer enabling early stage prototyping. On the second floor training occurs in rooms that can be collapsed and enlarged to accommodate larger community events and pitch presentations. On the third floor, enterprising non-profits work on poverty reduction. This is a floor where synergy is created and innovative ideas hatch for reducing poverty. The building is tied together with the latest technology enabling seamless communication for high level productivity. The Loan Fund has invested $100,000 and has another $760,000 secured in commitments. We are currently preparing our re-zoning package, beginning excavation, and finalizing financing with the credit union. Our plan is to start the build in October 2014 and have this innovative building up and running in August 2015! We invite you to be part of this innovative impact space.
  3. 3. BUILDING A SOCIAL ENTERPRISE HUB Saint John Community Loan Fund 2 | P a g e Meeting the Need for Entrepreneurship This project is a place based development in a priority neighbourhood. Vibrant Communities Saint John has identified six priority neighbourhoods of which the Waterloo Village is one. It is characterised by a high poverty rate and a low home ownership rate. Yet it is centrally located, close to major corporations, a community school and green space. This is the location of 139 Prince Edward St. This project addresses the goals outlined in Plan SJ: to intensify mixed use development in the Waterloo Village and the Prince Edward St. arterial; to attract new investment to the community, and ensure home-grown industries are retained and expanded; and to develop a culture of entrepreneurship. This project addresses the Provincial Government’s goal of promoting entrepreneurship and innovation in New Brunswick through creating centres of entrepreneurship. It is about creating new jobs and wealth and attracting new investment. It links in with the Economic and Social Inclusion Corporation’s work to develop a robust social enterprise ecosystem. This project addresses the Federal Government’s goal of building the economies of Atlantic Canada through investing in projects that enhance a community’s capacity to overcome economic development challenges. This project builds desperately needed quality space for enterprising non-profits working to launch social enterprises. A quick survey of our partners working in poverty reduction indicates a need for quality space where tenancy is stable. Target Customer (YOU!) and the Value Proposition There are three primary customers for the space: enterprising non-profits; micro-entrepreneurs; and, early stage social enterprises. They value this location for the following reasons: cluster effect for innovation, for purchasing, and for leveraging investment; leading technology; multiple and flexible meeting spaces; central location; affordable rent; and, enterprise support (via Loan Fund).
  4. 4. BUILDING A SOCIAL ENTERPRISE HUB Saint John Community Loan Fund 3 | P a g e Key partners The project developer is the Saint John Community Loan Fund (Loan Fund), a non-profit charitable organization established in 1999, whose mission is to improve social conditions by promoting economic independence and fostering entrepreneurship. For more than 10 years it has been helping individuals create income, build assets, and attain greater self-reliance by providing training, micro-loans, coaching, and good, secure, affordable apartments. In 2009, it bought and renovated a partially vacant building for office space and two affordable apartments. Neighbours were amazed at the transformation. It was a risk and it paid off; not only for the Loan Fund, but for the neighbourhood. For more information please go to The key social enterprise partner in the project and the source of 30% of projected rent revenue is the Saint John Learning Exchange. Established 30 years ago, it helps adults attain their GED. This focus includes training in transferable work skills and helping individuals transition to employment. The Learning Exchange is also experimenting with social enterprise. It runs Stone Soup Catering and recently launched Voila, a green cleaning company. The SJ Learning Exchange and the Loan Fund are in final negotiations with the Federal Government to launch a 5 year project that will help build social enterprises in Saint John. The Pond Deshpande Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation has emerged as an accelerator of social enterprise and entrepreneurship in the region. It has committed to renting space in the Social Enterprise Hub because it wants an ongoing footprint in Saint John; a place for pitch events, for enterprise launches and incubating emerging entrepreneurs. Enterprising non-profits engaged in poverty reduction also want to be part of the Hub. They include Vibrant Communities SJ and Saint John Human Development Council. We are also in early discussions with other key organizations such as the United Way and WEN.
  5. 5. BUILDING A SOCIAL ENTERPRISE HUB Saint John Community Loan Fund 4 | P a g e 1st Floor Start Here Centre 400 sq ft The main entry will have a front desk and assistant who will provide orientation to anyone coming into the Hub. This position will be an opportunity to transition clients to work by providing a mentored work opportunity. Business Incubation Space 800 sq ft Micro-businesses that have been started through the Loan Fund will share approximately 800 square feet of space in a mix of closed and open office space. Micro-businesses have access to a shared fax-copier, meeting space, a cafeteria down the hall, business support, and each other! Social Enterprise Café 600 sq ft Stone Soup Catering is a social enterprise caterer that was started by the Leanring Exchange. It is a transition to work opportunity for their clients, while providing a necessary good food option on site. They will be the tenant and manager of this cafeteria/catering space. A space that can also be rented for food mentoring programming, and used for community functions.
  6. 6. BUILDING A SOCIAL ENTERPRISE HUB Saint John Community Loan Fund 5 | P a g e 2nd Floor Training Rooms 5 x 500 sq ft The Saint John Learning Exchange (Learning Exchange) was established in 1984. It provides GED preparation and foundational literacy upgrading. The Learning Exchange knows literacy is a component of earning a living wage and understands the need to provide responsive and supportive programming to assist learners on that journey. Offices 15 x 80 sq ft The Saint John Learning Exchange employs ten trainers and five job developers. Their work is key in moving individuals through training with over 50% achieving their GED. Those who cannot achieve their GED are trained in workplace essential skills and may have an opportunity to work in transitional work settings to build their skills for reaching their goals for employment.
  7. 7. BUILDING A SOCIAL ENTERPRISE HUB Saint John Community Loan Fund 6 | P a g e Meeting Rooms - 1st, 2nd and 3rd Floors Special Event and Pitch Room Large 800 sq ft With various organizations in one location, we share meeting rooms which means we have more variety at our disposal. This is where we host our own and other pitch events, as well as larger training sessions that can accommodate 50-70 people. Strategy Rooms 2 x 400 sq ft We will have two of these size rooms which can accommodate 15 people. This is where the designated committees and boards work to build strategy for innovative solutions to grow. One-on-One Idea Generation 3 x 150 sq ft Whether working with a client to support their quest or working with a couple of partners, these rooms are about having a space for building that initial idea and supporting it. Many important steps will start right here.
  8. 8. BUILDING A SOCIAL ENTERPRISE HUB Saint John Community Loan Fund 7 | P a g e 3rd Floor Collaborating for Social and Economic Innovation 5000 sq ft This floor will have three to five non-profit organizations focused on poverty reduction using a collaborative entrepreneurial model. Spaces will be a combination of separate offices, open work stations and meeting spaces. The groups we have on board include the ED and Social Enterprise Officers of the SJ Learning Exchange, staff of the Saint John Community Loan Fund, Staff of the SJ Human Development Council, social entrepreneurs sponsored by the Pond Deshpande Centre, and Vibrant Communities Staff. Discussions are ongoing with other groups that fit this model and want to explore innovative strategies to community impact. Career counselling offices This is an office area possibly shared by NBCC, UNBSJ and a wellness counsellor. It will enable both career and wellness counselling be available for the 100s of clients passing through the building.
  9. 9. BUILDING A SOCIAL ENTERPRISE HUB Saint John Community Loan Fund 8 | P a g e Interested in being part of the Social Enterprise Hub? Interested in occupying a space that integrates social and economic goals? That supports micro and social entrepreneurship? That supports neighbourhood impact, and solutions that reduce poverty and retain our population for our community, province and region? Please Contact Us Seth Asimakos Co-Founder and General Manager Saint John Community Loan Fund 652-5600 Christina Fowler Executive Director Saint John Learning Exchange 648-0202 Current Loan Fund location