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Ross Goodwin, Technologist, Sunspring, MLconf NYC 2017


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Ross Goodwin, Technologist – Creater, Sunspring
Ross Goodwin is a creative technologist, artist, hacker, data scientist, and former White House ghostwriter. Ross helped conceive Sunspring, a 2016 experimental science fiction short film entirely written by an artificial intelligence bot using neural networks. He employs machine learning, natural language processing, and other computational tools to realize new forms and interfaces for written language.

Abstract Summary:

Narrated Reality:
Can machine intelligence enable new forms and interfaces for written language, or does it merely reveal an “uncanny valley” of text? Join Ross Goodwin as he discusses his work with neural networks for creative applications, including expressive image captioning, narration devices for your home and car, and a film (Sunspring) created from a computer generated screenplay.

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Ross Goodwin, Technologist, Sunspring, MLconf NYC 2017

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