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Jennifer Marsman, Principal Developer Evangelist, Microsoft at MLconf NYC - 4/15/16


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Using EEG and Azure Machine Learning to Perform Lie Detection: Today, we have the technology to “read minds” (well, EEG waves!). Using an EPOC headset from Emotiv, I have captured 14 channels of EEG (brain waves) while subjects lied and answered truthfully to a series of questions. I fed this labelled dataset into Azure Machine Learning to build a classifier which predicts whether a subject is telling the truth or lying. In this session, I will share my results on this “lie detector” experiment. I will show my machine learning models, data cleaning process, and results, along with discussing the limitations of my approach and next steps/resources. This session will be a fun look inside your brain waves along with demonstrations of data processing and predictive analytics. Attendees will gain exposure to the Emotiv EPOC+ headset and Azure Machine Learning.

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Jennifer Marsman, Principal Developer Evangelist, Microsoft at MLconf NYC - 4/15/16

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  2. 2. Questions Asked • Is your name Eric Marsman? • Were you born in 1978? • Do you have 5 children? • Are you married? • Do you live on Rock Hill Road? • Do you have a dog? • Do you have a PhD? • Do you have red hair?
  3. 3. Data set Training data Test data Algorithm Train model Score model Evaluate model (Another model) Data cleaning Split
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  5. 5. Multiple markers Neutral brain state recording More questionsSwitching order to reduce fatigue effect Additional data about the test subject Mixing truth and lie in single session
  6. 6. I want all of these training/test questions to be factual with clear yes/no answers. The correct answer to some should be yes and some should be no, so I’ve put in questions (like are you male? Are you female?) where most people should choose yes for one and no for the other.
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  8. 8. Microsoft Virtual Academy Free online training on Microsoft technology Visit to join. Relevant courses to this event  Implementing Big Data Analysis:  Big Data with the Microsoft Analytics Platform System:  Big Data Analytics with HDInsight: Hadoop on Azure:  Getting Started with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning:
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