DATASHEETMimecast Unified Email ManagementA fully integrated email security, continuity and archiving cloud-based solution...
Mimecast Unified Email ManagementHow it worksSimple to deploy,               iPhone and                    Outlook email  ...
Mimecast Unified Email ManagementStreamline your email infrastructure                                                     ...
Mimecast Unified Email Features   Service Platform   Highly resilient and massively scalable infrastructure   Single, web-...
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Mimecast unified-email-management-datasheet


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Mimecast unified-email-management-datasheet

  1. 1. DATASHEETMimecast Unified Email ManagementA fully integrated email security, continuity and archiving cloud-based solution thatdelivers total end-to-end control of your email, mitigating email risks and reducing thecomplexity of your infrastructure.Mimecast removes spam and malware threats before they reach your network andenforces email content policies and secure communication methods to protect sensitivedata. All inbound, outbound and internal email is stored in Mimecast’s resilient and securearchive in accordance with centrally managed retention policies. Unique integration withMicrosoft Outlook offers users a bottomless mailbox and uninterrupted email shouldyour corporate email systems fail. All service functionality is managed from a singleadministration console with no additional on-premise hardware required, significantlyreducing the overall complexity of managing your email.Key features Mimecast is a leading• Highly secure and resilient offsite, cloud-based email archive provider of essential cloud• Rapid and accurate organization-wide search facility services for Microsoft• Archive accessible from Outlook, BlackBerry, iPhone and browser Exchange. Mimecast• SLA-backed protection from spam and malware delivers enterprise email• Comprehensive data leak prevention (DLP) policy management management services• Continuity service with automatic failover during outages that include security,• Massively scalable Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) continuity, and archiving.• All features managed through a single, web-based console• No additional on-premise hardware required• Backed by a 100% service availability SLA Mimecast unified email management services:Benefits for your end-users • Mimecast UEM Express• Uninterrupted access to live and historical email • imecast UEM Enterprise M• Anywhere web access to email and calendar information• Real-time archive search from Outlook, web and mobile Add-ons:• Bottomless mailbox for Outlook users • Mobile Access• User invoked secure communication • rchive Power Tools A 1
  2. 2. Mimecast Unified Email ManagementHow it worksSimple to deploy, iPhone and Outlook email Mimecast Personalsimple to manage BlackBerry user continuity and Portal email access to Mimecast personal archive continuity• Point corporate MX access records to Mimecast • Users simply download • Simply inform users of• Historical email can the Mimecast iPhone App • Mimecast Outlook client the Mimecast Personal be ingested into the to view and search their application optionally Portal URL Mimecast archive (at an Mimecast archive installed • Users have secure additional cost per MB) • Deploy BlackBerry • End users can search access to live and• Route all outbound traffic smartphone app via their personal archive historical email, and through the Mimecast BlackBerry Enterprise directly from Microsoft calendar information from platform Server (BES) Outlook any web browser• Securely connect • End users can search • When Exchange is Mimecast to your Active their Mimecast archive offline, the Mimecast Directory for user from their BlackBerry Outlook client authentication handset automatically sends and• Inbound and outbound • During BlackBerry email receives email via the email is automatically outages, simply activate Mimecast service retained in the archive the BlackBerry continuity • Once Outlook• Use Microsoft Exchange service in the Mimecast has reconnected Server journaling to administration console to Exchange, the securely transfer all email • The BlackBerry Mimecast Outlook to the Mimecast archive smartphone connects client automatically• Spam and malware is directly to Mimecast to synchronizes with automatically removed send and receive email Exchange and removes by Mimecast’s multiple • When servers are back duplicate messages layers of protection online, administrator• Administrator defined de-activates BlackBerry email content policies continuity service are applied• Optionally deploy Mimecast’s application for Exchange for extended mailbox functionality• Access all email management functionality from a single administration console 2
  3. 3. Mimecast Unified Email ManagementStreamline your email infrastructure Unified EmailMimecast Unified Email Management is a centrally managed cloud solution Managementthat replaces the disparate mix of software, hardware and services typicallydeployed to support Exchange. Mimecast delivers email security, continuity Mimecast Unified Emailand, optionally long term archiving, as a single solution; simplifying your Management (UEM) offersnetwork, reducing administration and easing pressure on overcrowded organizations the uniqueserver rooms. benefits that only a truly integrated email management solution can.Reduce administration overhead Because Mimecast managesWith no on-premise equipment to maintain and a single provider to go all messages in transit and atto for support, Mimecast instantly cuts down your administration burden. rest, strong chains of custodyMimecast’s team of experts keeps your email defenses up to date, so are maintained, and maximumyou have less to worry about. With Mimecast archiving in place, rapid security is ensured.and accurate organization-wide searches simplify eDiscovery tasks andpainful and risky email data migrations are a thing of the past. During local outages, email security policies continue to be enforced and users haveGreater visibility and control of your email access to live and historical email.Mimecast facilitates the enforcement of organization-wide email securityand data retention policies. All policy changes are applied immediately, Unified email security andletting you respond quickly to evolving situations, and all polices will archiving data can add contextremain in force even during local email outages. Real-time views of in the event of a securityyour SMTP traffic give you enhanced visibility while online queue breach, helping to determinemanagement and advanced routing features let you stay in control. intent as well as activity. Mimecast offers emailLighten the load on Microsoft Exchange security, continuity and archiving services individuallyMimecast becomes your email bridgehead in the cloud, stopping vast or as part of a Mimecast UEMamounts of unwanted email before it reaches your Exchange server. service:Mimecast UEM Enterprise effectively gives users a bottomless Outlookmailbox and offers you advanced mailbox management features. This Mimecast UEM Express:takes away the need to keep large volumes of email on Exchange,enhancing its performance and shortening back-up times. Email security and continuity with access to 58 days of historical email.Improve end user experience Mimecast UEMDuring email outages, Mimecast automatically gives Outlook and Enterprise:BlackBerry users an uninterrupted email service. Mimecast UEMEnterprise personal archive offers users a bottomless mailbox, easing Email security, continuity andthe frustration of mailbox size restrictions in Outlook and on mobile archiving with a standarddevices. Rapid archive search and “drag and drop” features let users maximum data retentioneasily and quickly restore deleted messages back into Outlook and user period of up to 10 years.productivity is further improved by giving them mobile access to theirarchive. 3
  4. 4. Mimecast Unified Email Features Service Platform Highly resilient and massively scalable infrastructure Single, web-based administration console for all service management requirements Secure login for users and administrators with optional Microsoft Active Directory authentication 100% service availability SLA Advanced Mail Transfer Agent capability Real-time view of all SMTP connections and rejections and reports of email usage patterns Email stationery management and advanced marketing tools Monitoring dashboard for email queues and synchronisation services Customizable SMS and email alerting of potential email service problems Assignment of administrators to pre-defined or customizable roles with associated permissions Email Security Multi-layered malware protection against known and zero-day threats Protection from email-based attacks e.g. denial of service (DoS) , directory harvest (DHA) Comprehensive connection-based and content-based spam and phishing protection 100% virus protection, 98% spam protection and 0.0001% spam false positives SLAs Real-time, granular email policy setting with Active Directory secure synchronization Content examination of email body text, attachments, HTML, headers and subject Metadata stripping from Microsoft Word documents and PDF conversion before sending Secure communication options including TLS and Mimecast Closed Circuit Messaging (CCM) Email Continuity Uninterrupted access to live email, and calendar information, during outages Email continuity for Microsoft Outlook, Mimecast Personal Portal and BlackBerry smartphone* Access to historical email - maximum retention period dependent on service subscription** Mimecast Personal Portal enables access to email at anytime from anywhere Automatic continuity service failover and failback during outages No action required by end user to invoke service in the event of an outage Email Archiving Three copies of every email are stored in multiple geographically dispersed datacenters All email data is encrypted and held in jurisdictionally defined locations Policy-based data retention of all inbound, outbound and internal email Near real-time searches for end-users and administrators Personal archive access from Microsoft Outlook, mobile* and web browser “Drag and drop” facility between personal archive and Outlook mailbox eDiscovery case management and intelligent message tagging Permanent removal of messages by coordinated action of multiple administrators Granular litigation hold capability Archive Power Tools User “drag and drop” access to personal retention folders via Outlook and Mimecast Personal Portal Staggered deletion schedules from Exchange, Mimecast personal archive and Mimecast servers Personal Exchange folder structure preserved in Mimecast archive Policy defined message stubbing of full message and/or attachment* Smartphone access to the Mimecast service is available as part of the Mobile Access service add-on.**Maximum retention period is 58 days for UEM Express and 10 years with UEM Enterprise as standard. 4iPhone® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. BlackBerry® is a registered trademark of Research In Motion Limited.© 2011 Mimecast. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. UEM-DS-013-004