Hp Gen8 - Next generation hp pro liant servers brochure


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Hp Gen8 - Next generation hp pro liant servers brochure

  1. 1. Next-generationHP ProLiant serversRedefining data center expectations and economicswith the world’s most self-sufficient serversBrochure
  2. 2. The case for a new generation of servers HP ProLiant Gen8—the world’s most selfThe cloud era is upon us, and it’s driving insatiable demand for all sufficient serversthings digital. Consider these facts: Around the world, 2 billion HP ProLiant Gen8 servers are built for the new and emerging realitiesInternet users conduct 1.6 trillion online searches each year.1 Facebook in today’s data centers. With a wide range of embedded automationalone has 800 million active users.2 Factors like these contribute to a and intelligent management features, these are the world’s most self-staggering 50 percent monthly growth rate in the volume of data.3 sufficient servers.Now consider your data center. If you have a typical 10,000 square Powered by the HP ProActive Insight architecture, next-generationfoot data center, you can expect your storage capacity to grow by 45 ProLiant servers continuously analyze thousands of system parameterspercent each year—creating ever-growing management challenges.4 to optimize application performance and proactively improve uptime.All of that data has to be stored, protected, and analyzed to create All the while, they provide your organization with insight into virtuallybusiness insights. every aspect of your IT infrastructure.The flood of data that washes through your data center creates a These client-inspired servers propel your organization forwardripple effect on your server infrastructure. Every new rack of storage with more than 150 design innovations. These innovations helpcreates the need for an additional seven racks of servers that must you increase application performance by up to 50 percent, shiftbe integrated into your environment, managed, powered, cooled, staff time to business innovation, extend data center capacity, andand supported on an ongoing basis. improve uptime by preventing data loss and failures.All of this drives up costs. For every $1 spent on storage, an additional Ultimately, the advances in the new ProLiant family go far beyond$6.90 is spent on server hardware, management, and energy costs. incremental improvements to the components into the server chassis.It all adds up to a total economic impact of $260 billion dollars for They transform the entire server experience.data centers worldwide.5 And these costs come at a time when up to70 percent of current IT budgets are consumed by basic operations, Transforming the server experienceleaving only 30 percent for business innovation. With its unprecedented set of innovations, the new ProLiant familyClearly, something has to change. provides the heart and mind of a self-aware and intelligent converged infrastructure. In this new world of IT, servers are so intelligent theyHP brings intelligence to Converged Infrastructure eliminate tedious, time-consuming tasks. They converge storage,At HP, we believe it’s time for a new way forward. For decades, compute, and I/O to turbo-charge application performance. TheyIT systems have been getting incrementally faster, smaller, and maximize the use of space, power, and cooling. They redefine themore affordable. In the cloud era, they need to become infinitely service experience. And they fit naturally into your environmentmore intelligent. because they were designed for the way you work.This goal is at the heart of Project Voyager, a two-year, $300 million Let’s take a closer look at how the new ProLiant family deliversHP engineering and development initiative to eliminate many manual these benefits.tasks across the IT lifecycle. Though this initiative, HP is fundamentallyredefining the expectations and economics of the data center bycreating systems so intelligent they virtually take care of themselves.The next generation of the HP ProLiant server family is the first stepon this far-reaching mission.2
  3. 3. Integrated lifecycle automation You’ll reduce energy usage and increase compute capacity with HP Thermal Discovery Services. This feature helps you squeeze the mostServers so intelligent they eliminate tedious, time- IT out of every bit of data center power and cooling capacity—andconsuming tasks reduce energy consumption by 10 percent compared to an HPIn too many cases, the data center workday is a steady stream of ProLiant G6 server.error alerts, system events, installation and update issues, and calls HP Location Discovery Services self-identify and inventory servers toto support desks. These realities drive the need for intelligent servers optimize workload placement—without the need for tedious, error-that eliminate tedious, time-consuming tasks. prone manual asset collection and tracking. And all the while, HPThat’s the next-generation HP ProLiant family with the HP ProActive Power Discovery Services with the HP Intelligent PDU automaticallyInsight architecture. You’ll notice the ProLiant difference right out of track power usage and document configurations to increase systemthe box with Intelligent Provisioning capabilities that help you bring uptime and reduce the risk of outages.your systems online three times faster—thanks to a fully integratedsystem and OS configuration tool. All your needed firmware, drivers, Proactive Service and Supportand tools are pre-loaded and ready to deploy. No CDs to load. No Servers so intelligent they redefine the service experiencesoftware to find. No guesswork. In today’s data centers, valuable staff time is too often lost to IT supportYou can start troubleshooting five times faster with HP Active Health issues. Next-generation HP ProLiant servers with the HP ProActive Insighttechnology—your 24/7 mission control for automated monitoring, architecture help you reclaim the time of your system administratorsdiagnostics, and alerting. It monitors and securely logs more than with servers so intelligent they redefine the service experience.1,600 system parameters and 100 percent of configuration changes. HP Insight Online provides the industry’s first cloud-based ITAnd with the built-in Smart Update feature, you can deploy updates management and support portal, offering one-stop access to thethree times faster—and with 93 percent less downtime. information your team needs to support the devices in your IT environment—from anywhere, anytime. When you enable the InsightDynamic workload acceleration Remote Support feature, it connects the rich data gathered by HPServers so intelligent they converge storage, compute, and Insight Online directly to your HP Certified Service Professional toI/O to turbo-charge application performance reduce your problem resolution time by as much as 40 percent.To stay ahead of data growth, your IT team needs to remove storage To further improve infrastructure uptime, look to HP Proactive Supportbottlenecks and accelerate data-intensive application performance. Services—including a new “direct-to-expert” support process thatThese requirements drive the need for smarter servers that converge delivers instant access to HP server experts for faster problemstorage, compute, and I/O to turbo-charge application performance. resolution. You can also count on more than 2,000 HP ServiceONEThat’s what you’ll find in the next-generation HP ProLiant family with partners to provide the highest levels of local expertise backed bythe HP ProActive Insight architecture. You’ll be poised to meet the HP’s global resources.demands of virtualized and data-intensive workloads with a systemoptimized for solid state disk and designed with smart data services System Architecture and Designthat analyze workload data in real time to optimize performance and Servers so intelligent because they were designed for theefficiency. By combining smarter algorithms and analytics with 85 way you workpercent faster storage performance and twice the cache capacity, HP When it comes to server maintenance, simple mistakes can trigger bigProLiant servers deliver six times faster solid state storage performance problems. Remove the wrong drive and you might lose data across anversus previous generations. entire array. Next-generation HP ProLiant servers with the HP ProActiveAlong with faster performance, the new HP ProLiant family gives you Insight architecture and intelligent system components help you virtuallyup to 50 percent more drives per server, and the built-in Smart Array eliminate common problems that cause failures, downtime, andcontroller can support twice the number of drives in one RAID. data loss. That’s the case with the HP Smart Drive carrier. It proactively warnsAutomated energy optimization you not to remove a drive if the action will cause data loss. In anotherServers and infrastructure so intelligent they maximize the customer-inspired innovation, the HP Smart Socket guide allows youuse of space, power, and cooling to confidently add or upgrade processors without the fear of bendingAs data centers grow, power and cooling costs take an ever-larger bite pins that leads to motherboard failure and replacement.out of the IT budget. HP helps you bite back with server infrastructure The new ProLiant family makes servicing easier with more than 150so smart it automatically maximizes the use of space, power, and design innovations to increase your productivity and confidencecooling. That’s the story of the next-generation HP ProLiant servers with during setup, upgrade, and repair. One example: Tool-less accessthe ProActive Insight architecture and its technologies for automated everywhere reduces the time to install or remove components by upenergy optimization. to 60 percent.6 3
  4. 4. Meet the challenges of the cloud eraIn today’s data centers, small advances in technology won’t solve With an unprecedented set of innovations, the new ProLiant familythe big problems. To respond effectively to exploding demand for provides the heart and mind of a self-aware and intelligent convergedapplications, data, and digital content, your IT organization needs infrastructure. From core to cloud, HP is transforming the expectationsintelligent technology built for the challenges of the cloud era. and economics of the data center with the world’s most self-That’s the next-generation HP ProLiant family. sufficient servers. To learn more about the new ProLiant family, visit www.hp.com/go/proliantgen8.1 Number of global searches conducted per year: 1.6 trillion McKinsey & Company study, 2010. Number of Internet users: 2,095,006,005. Internet World Stats, March 2011.2 Current number of active users on Facebook: 800 million. Facebook factsheet, September 2011.3 Unstructured data accounts for 85 percent of all the information in the world, and the volume of data is growing by 50 percent each month. Gartner Orlando Symposium, October 2011; eDiscovery Journal, “Analyzing HP’s Acquisition of Autonomy,” October 10, 2011.4 Storage capacity is going up 45 percent annually. IDC Q3 DSS Storage Market Forecast, 2011.5 For every $1 spent on Storage growth in today’s large enterprise data center (10k ft2) $6.9 is spent on servers, power/cooling and administration/maintenance of that server. Gartner, Data Center Demographics and Sizing, 2010.6 Based on HP Engineering time and motion studies comparing ProLiant DL380 G7 servers and ProLiant DL380 Generation 8 servers. Get connected Share with colleagues www.hp.com/go/getconnected Get the insider view on tech trends, alerts, and HP solutions for better business outcomes© Copyright 2012 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. The onlywarranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. Nothing hereinshould be construed as constituting an additional warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein.4AA3-9653ENW, Created February 2012