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HP ProLiant Gen8 serversDynamic workload accelerationBrochure
HP ProLiant meets the demands of virtualized anddata-intensive workloads with a system optimizedfor solid state disk, buil...
Smart data servicesEnable real-time application tuning andacceleration.HP Smart Storage analytics technology providesworkl...
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Hp gen8 dynamic workload acceleration brochure


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Hp gen8 dynamic workload acceleration brochure

  1. 1. HP ProLiant Gen8 serversDynamic workload accelerationBrochure
  2. 2. HP ProLiant meets the demands of virtualized anddata-intensive workloads with a system optimizedfor solid state disk, built with embedded dataprotection technologies, and designed with smartdata services that analyze workload data in realtime to optimize performance and efficiency.Servers so intelligent they converge storage, Smart data protectioncompute, and I/O to turbo-charge application Confidently protect data and help ensure uptime forperformance continuous business operations.To stay ahead of data growth, your IT team needs to remove storage The HP ProLiant family now supports up to 50 percent more drivesbottlenecks and accelerate data-intensive application performance. per server, and the built-in Smart Array controller can support twiceThese requirements drive the need for smarter servers that converge as many drives, or 227 drives, in one RAID array. To respond tostorage, compute, and I/O to turbo-charge application performance. this massive capacity, HP engineers embedded multiple smart data protection technologies that simplify data management and protection.That’s what you’ll find in the next-generation HP ProLiant family withthe HP ProActive Insight architecture. You’ll be poised to meet the The drives inside ProLiant servers are smarter than those of earlierdemands of virtualized and data-intensive workloads with a system generations. They can predict a drive failure and proactively rebuildoptimized for solid state disk, built with embedded data protection from a spare, enabling continuous data protection. If a failure happens,technologies, and designed with smart data services that analyze ProLiant systems will automatically activate the spare—preventing multi-workload data in real time to optimize performance and efficiency. day outages and data loss.By engineering HP ProLiant Gen8 servers for solid state performance Advanced Data Mirroring (ADM), another HP-unique technology,and by adding intelligent analytics to manage performance, resiliency, increases uptime and improves read performance with three-driveand data protection in real time, the ProLiant family delivers an all-in- mirroring. This is more than a thousand times safer for data than aone platform optimized for your storage workload demands. traditional two-drive mirror or three-drive RAID 5 configuration. For very large arrays of disks, RAID 6 is also supported with our patentedSolid state optimized Advanced Data Guarding (ADG) technology, which can tolerate up to two simultaneous drive failures without downtime or data loss.Achieve a dynamic balance of performance and capacity.To optimize solid state media performance, ProLiant Gen8 servers Large drive capacities can also mean slower setup of RAID sets.include an embedded next-generation Smart Array controller with six With unique HP algorithms built in, HP ProLiant servers can initializetimes the performance of previous-generation controllers. Recently, this a RAID array to protect data 95 percent faster than average helped HP ProLiant achieve the No. 1 TPC-C benchmark In one test with a client, we decreased rebuild time of a very largein the industry. To drive further gains in application performance, array from 42 days to 5 hours with this new technology. Withwe’ve doubled the cache capacity in our next-generation servers for ProLiant Gen8 servers and HP Factory Express services, this processfaster writes and reads of data. Compared to the previous generation can now happen before your server arrives, taking the time youwith traditional disk drives, ProLiant Gen8 delivers 10 times faster spend on initialization to zero.performance and over 500,000 IOPs per server with intelligent solid To increase the overall performance of high capacity drives, thestate storage technology. ProLiant family now includes unique, lifetime data retention usingTo support the increased storage performance, the new ProLiant servers flash-backed write cache with twice the capacity versus the previousfeature a balanced system architecture with HP SmartMemory, flexible generation. In the event of a power loss, equipment failure, human10 gigabit networking, and the latest processor technologies. While the error, or virus attacks, a flash-based approach instantly captures andservers support 50 percent larger memory capacities, HP SmartMemory holds data qualified to run at speeds up to 25 percent faster than industrystandards. All the while, more intelligent, flexible networking helps toincrease throughput and reduce requirements on CPU performance andnetwork bandwidth.In total, these innovations enable you to deliver real-worldacceleration for your most important business applications.2
  3. 3. Smart data servicesEnable real-time application tuning andacceleration.HP Smart Storage analytics technology providesworkload-aware intelligence for real-time applica-tion tuning and acceleration to optimize systemperformance. This HP-unique storage technology innext-generation ProLiant servers helps you achieve sixtimes higher performance for transactional workloadsand 50 percent more performance for video streamingapplications, compared to previous generations.Better still, you’ll increase solid state media utilizationand reduce unplanned downtime with our HP SmartSSD Wear Gauge. This HP-unique technology usessmart analytics capabilities to predict the lifespan ofsolid state drives and recommend when to upgrade.HP Smart Storage analytics also help with various RAIDdata protection technologies, including Advanced DataMirroring, Advanced Data Guarding, and predictivedrive failure.The world’s most self-sufficient serversIn today’s data centers, small advances in technologywon’t solve the big problems. To respond effectivelyto exploding demand for applications, data, anddigital content, your IT organization needs intelligenttechnology built for the challenges of the cloud era.That’s the next-generation HP ProLiant family.With an unprecedented set of innovations, the newProLiant family provides the heart and mind of a self-aware and intelligent converged infrastructure. Fromcore to cloud, HP is transforming the expectations andeconomics of the data center with the world’s mostself-sufficient servers.To learn more about the new ProLiant family,
  4. 4. Get connected Share with colleagues Get the insider view on tech trends, alerts, and HP solutions for better business outcomes© Copyright 2012 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. The only warrantiesfor HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. Nothing herein should beconstrued as constituting an additional warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein.4AA3-9649ENW, Created February 2012