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DATASHEETMimecast Email ContinuityAn always-on email service that supports business continuity planning, cutscomplexity fr...
Mimecast Email ContinuityHow it worksSimple to deploy,              Outlook email               BlackBerry email          ...
Mimecast Email ContinuitySimplify your network                                                                            ...
Mimecast Email ContinuityFeaturesMimecast service platformSecure, resilient network of geographically dispersed data cente...
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Email continuity-datasheet


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Email continuity-datasheet

  1. 1. DATASHEETMimecast Email ContinuityAn always-on email service that supports business continuity planning, cutscomplexity from your network and improves end user productivity with its seamlessMicrosoft Outlook integration.Mimecast Email Continuity is the only cloud-based solution that steps in automatically todeliver email to end users during planned and unplanned outages of your corporate emailservice. Managed from a single administration console, and with no additional on-premisehardware required, Mimecast simplifies your network and reduces administration.Seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook and BlackBerry® smartphones, and flexiblebrowser-based access through the Mimecast Personal Portal, gives users uninterruptedaccess to live email, calendar information, and historical email.Key features Mimecast is a leading• Uninterrupted access to live email, calendar information and archive provider of essential• Automatic and seamless service failover and failback cloud services for• Integration with Microsoft Outlook and BlackBerry smartphones Microsoft Exchange.• Anytime, anywhere email access from online web portal Mimecast delivers• No additional on-premise hardware required enterprise email• Backed by a 100% service availability SLA management services that include security, continuity, and archiving.Benefits for your end-users• No action required by end users for service invocation• Access to live and historical email from familiar email client interfaces• Calendar information available during Exchange outages Mimecast Email• Anytime web access if usual email client is unavailable Continuity is available with the optional add-on, Mimecast Mobile Access. 1
  2. 2. Mimecast Email ContinuityHow it worksSimple to deploy, Outlook email BlackBerry email Web-based emailsimple to manage continuity continuity continuity• Switch corporate MX • Mimecast Outlook client • Mimecast BlackBerry • Simply inform users of records to point to application optionally smartphone application is the Mimecast Personal Mimecast installed deployed via BlackBerry Portal URL• Route all outbound traffic • When Exchange is Enterprise Server (BES) • Users can connect to through the Mimecast offline, the Mimecast • When Exchange, BES Mimecast from any web platform Outlook client or associated network browser at any time• All inbound and outbound automatically sends and infrastructure is offline, • Full email functionality email is automatically receives email via the an administrator activates for reading, replying, retained for 58 days Mimecast service BlackBerry continuity composing and sending• Email journaling captures • Once Outlook service through the emails and attachments and retains internal has reconnected Mimecast administration • New and historic email email to Exchange, the console and calendar information Mimecast Outlook • The BlackBerry available client automatically smartphone connects synchronizes with directly to Mimecast to Exchange and removes send and receive email duplicate messages • When servers are back online, administrator de-activates BlackBerry continuity service 2
  3. 3. Mimecast Email ContinuitySimplify your network Unified EmailMimecast’s network of geographically dispersed data centers, each with Managementbuilt-in redundancy to protect against failure, significantly reduces yourneed for complex, on-premise, resilient infrastructure. Managed from a Mimecast Email Continuitysingle administration console, and with no additional hardware required, is just one component ofMimecast simplifies your network and reduces your administration burden. Mimecast’s unified email management suite of services. This means that you have theAlways-on, uninterrupted email flexibility to easily add email security and archiving servicesOn detecting that your Exchange server is offline, Mimecast either now or in the future,automatically instructs Outlook clients to send and receive email directly all managed from a singlevia the Mimecast service. This not only ensures an uninterrupted administration service for your users but can also reduce out of hours calls.When Exchange is back online, Mimecast automatically reconnects Combining these servicesand synchronizes with Exchange without the need for any clean-up also brings additional benefitsoperation to be performed by administrators. during email outages including continuous email policy enforcement and uninterruptedSeamless end user experience user access to all historical email.When your email servers or network infrastructure are unavailable,users can just keep sending and receiving email from their familiar Mimecast Email ContinuityOutlook mailbox or BlackBerry smartphone. This frees you up to focus is available as a standaloneon the root cause of the outage without being distracted by a flood of service or as part of one ofhelpdesk calls. This seamless end user experience can also support the following Mimecast unifiedplanned maintenance during normal working hours. email management services: • Mimecast UEM ExpressAnywhere email access • Mimecast UEM EnterpriseIn a disaster recovery situation it may not be possible for users toaccess their usual email clients. Mimecast Personal Portal offers usersflexible, browser-based access to live email, calendar information, andhistorical email. This always-on email facility, together with Mimecast’s100% service level availability SLA, supports business continuityplanning. 3
  4. 4. Mimecast Email ContinuityFeaturesMimecast service platformSecure, resilient network of geographically dispersed data centers100% service availability SLANo reliance on Exchange, BlackBerry Enterprise Server or related infrastructure availabilityAll retained data is encrypted and held in defined and jurisdictionally appropriate locationsAdvanced inbound traffic splitting to support multiple site or server deploymentsFull online queue management with manual retry and bounce facilityOnline rerouting of queued items to remote DR site during outagesAll inbound email scanned for malware threats and rejection of high traffic spammersNo additional on-premise hardware requiredEnd user experienceNo action required to invoke service in the event of an outageUninterrupted access to live email and calendar information during outagesAccessed via Microsoft Outlook, BlackBerry smartphones and web browserMimecast Personal Portal enables access to email at anytime from anywhere from a web browserAccess to the last 58 days’ worth of internal and external email at all times†Near real-time search of retained email from Outlook and Mimecast Personal Portal‘Drag and drop’ facility between Mimecast retained email and Outlook mailboxAdministrator experienceAutomatic service failover and failback during outagesSeamless failback minimizes administration overhead of outagesSingle web-based administration portal for management of all aspects of the serviceSecure login with optional Microsoft Active Directory authenticationAudit log of administrator access and activityNear real-time search of last 58 days’ worth of organization-wide email†Ability to control content viewing rights for administrators* BlackBerry email continuity is available as an optional add-on service† Can be extended to a 10 year retention period by subscribing to Mimecast UEM Enterprise 4 iPhone® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. BlackBerry® is a registered trademark of Research In Motion Limited. © 2011 Mimecast. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. CON-DS-042-003