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Legora @ IESS Societal Forum


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The LEGORA initiative : Legal and e-government practitioners’ agora

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Legora @ IESS Societal Forum

  1. 1. Societal IESS Forum 1.0 17 February 2010, Geneva, Switzerland 17-Feb-10 Societal IESS Forum 1.0 1
  2. 2. Context Obligation of compliance particularly stressed in e- government. e-government: “the use of ICT systems and tools to provide better public services to citizens and other businesses” [EC] Regulation conditions organizational policies, business processes, as well as their supporting IS and services. Necessity to raise the awareness of the interrelation between the regulatory framework and the e- government field. 17-Feb-10 Societal IESS Forum 1.0 2
  3. 3. Legora Legal and e-government practitioners’ agora Community of Practice Bring together and promote interaction between Policy-makers and regulators, and Practitioners in the field of e-government. Objectives Share experiences, Explore key issues and barriers, and highlight the opportunities that can be brought into light by better understanding between the stakeholders. 17-Feb-10 Societal IESS Forum 1.0 3
  4. 4. Legora Open to: Public Administrations (organizations and persons in charge of the e-government processes) Policy makers, regulators, legal practitioners IT solutions providers, from private and public sector Research community active in the domain … and to whom are interested in sharing experience on this topic 17-Feb-10 Societal IESS Forum 1.0 4
  5. 5. Legora @ Portal created by the EC for the professional community of eGovernment, eInclusion and eHealth practitioners. From all 27 Member States, EU-member candidate states and EFTA countries. Practitioners from other countries outside the EU are also welcome to join. Combines online activities with frequent offline exchanges: workshops, face-to-face meetings and public presentations. The portal enables users to: Share their real-life cases by publishing them on the site. Meet peers from across Europe and expand their professional networks by creating a personal profile. Learn from the experience of others, rate and comment on the published cases. “Our evaluation has gathered that your community is interesting and clear enough to add value to the portal of epractice.” 17-Feb-10 Societal IESS Forum 1.0 5
  6. 6. Legora ws1.0 1st Legora workshop Location to be discussed Relevant cases based on real experience in the design and realisation of e-government services Expected activities and outcomes Present and discuss real cases related to legal opportunities and barriers in the e-government domain; Offer a high level discussion panel Provide networking opportunities 17-Feb-10 Societal IESS Forum 1.0 6
  7. 7. 17-Feb-10 Societal IESS Forum 1.0 7
  8. 8. Tudor @ Legora Dr. Slim Turki & Pascal Lhoas Pluri-annual R&D program for excellence of services in the e-government sector WP - Compliance of e-government services Model-based framework for service regulation compliance Partners CTIE - Centre des technologies de l'information de l'Etat the new State Information Technology Centre of Luxembourg HERMES community 17-Feb-10 Societal IESS Forum 1.0 8
  9. 9. University of Cagliari @ Legora Prof. Giovanni Duni, Administrative Law, Faculty of Political Science European workgroup: Study of a potential Directive to institute a framework for the telematic administrative procedure and the Public Administrations interface with the citizen through electronic means in the application of EU Law 30 years of studies about digital administration, under the high patronage of the President of Italian Republic 17-Feb-10 Societal IESS Forum 1.0 9
  10. 10. University of Geneva @ Legora Prof. Michel Léonard & Dr. Abdelaziz Khadraoui E-gouvernment service design, based on legal sources Partner CTI – Centre des Technologies de l’Information de l’Etat de Genève 17-Feb-10 Societal IESS Forum 1.0 10
  11. 11. Université de Paris II @ Legora Lucie Cluzel-Metayer, Maître de conférence, Université de Paris II Quality of public services 17-Feb-10 Societal IESS Forum 1.0 11
  12. 12. Cont@ct Legora 17-Feb-10 Societal IESS Forum 1.0 12