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Designing a dynamic competency framework for the service system innovation architect


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Designing a dynamic competency framework for the service system innovation architect

  1. 1. Designing  a  dynamic  competency  framework  for  the  service  system  innova6on  architect  O.Zephir  &  S.Reiter    CRP  Henri  Tudor,  Luxembourg  The  DELLIISS  project  has  been  funded  with  support  from  The  European  Commission.   IESS  1.1  Second  Intena<onal  Conference  on  Exploring  Service  Science   1  
  2. 2. DEsigning  Lifelong  Learning  for   Innova<ve    Service  Systems   2 Year Project (2008-2010) 400 K€ (300K€ EACEA  Funded)9 Academic partners and 23 associated partners (Public/Private sector)University  of  Amsterdam  Technical  University  of  Catalonia,  Barcelona  Founda<on  for  the  Open  University  of  Catalonia  Faculty  of  Informa<cs  Masaryk  University  Brno  University  of  Geneva  Public  Research  Centre  Henri  Tudor,  Luxembourg    University  of  Paris  1  Pantheon-­‐Sorbonne  Faculty  of  Engineering  of  the  University  of  Porto  University  of  Skövde   IESS  1.1  Second  Intena<onal  Conference  on  Exploring  Service  Science   2  
  3. 3. EU  skill  card  design  structure   Task  (X1)   Competences   Ac6vity  (X)   Task  (X2)…   Competences   Know  How  Missions  &  Roles   &   Task    (Y1)   Competences   SoS  skill   Ac6vity  (Y)…   Task  (Y2)…   Competences   Na<onal  skill   Interviews   Focus  groups   EU  skill  card   cards   Increase  of  the  valid  character  of  captured  informa<on  in  each   phase   IESS  1.1  Second  Intena<onal  Conference  on  Exploring  Service  Science   3  
  4. 4. EU  skill  card  elabora<on  process   Structured   interviews   were   carried   out   in   each   European   par6cipa6ng  partner  (50  Interviews)   Each   EU   partner   has   compiled   a   draS   Skill   card   describing   ac6vi6es/tasks/Knowledge/Know  how/soS-­‐skills   6   partners   compiled   Skill   card   was   validated   at   na6onal   level   within  focus  groups  (40  par6cipants)     6  Na6onal  skill  cards  were  obtained   IESS  1.1  Second  Intena<onal  Conference  on  Exploring  Service  Science   4  
  5. 5. The  analysis   The   na6onal   skill   cards   were   compared   and   a   content     convergence   analysis   was   operated   for   each   described   topic:   Ac6vi6es/Tasks/ Knowledge/Know-­‐how/SoS  skills        A  common  framework  was  applied  to  capture  and  merge  ac6vi6es    ,tasks  and  the  related  links  with  competences   Na6onal  skill   LU   ES   CZ   FR   NL   PT   Captured  Convergent   cards/  Contents   elements  are  merged   Converging   Ac6vi6es   Related  Tasks   Related   Competences   IESS  1.1  Second  Intena<onal  Conference  on  Exploring  Service  Science   5  
  6. 6. Some  figures   Interviewees  distribu6on  by  type  of  organisa6on   Interviewees  distribu6on  by  sector  of  ac6vity   100%   100%   80%   64%   80%   60%   60%   36%   40%   30%   40%   19%   21%   15%   15%   20%   20%   0%   0%   IT   Other   R&D   Academia   Other   Large   SME   F-­‐groups  par6cipants  distribu6on  by  type  of  organisa6on   Public   Private  100%   80%   F-­‐groups  par6cipants  distribu6on  by  sector  of  ac6vity   60%   37%   100%   40%   18%   20%   80%   55%   13%   13%   45%   20%   60%   0%   40%   R&D   Academia   Other   Large   SME   20%   Public   private   0%   IESS  1.1  Second  Intena<onal  Conference  on  Exploring  Service  Science   Other   IT   6  
  7. 7. The  captured  ac<vi<es   IESS  1.1  Second  Intena<onal  Conference  on  Exploring  Service  Science   7  
  8. 8. Periscopic  ac<vity  Explore   and   analyse   market,   business  orienta<ons   concepts   across   disciplines   and  Iden<fy  opportuni<esTechnical  strategy  and  planning  -­‐  Emerging  technology  monitoring   Task   8  Business/IS  strategy  and  planning  -­‐  Research   Knowledge   12  Human  factors   Knowhow   12  -­‐  Human  factors  integra<on   So  skill   12  -­‐  Non-­‐func<onal  needs  analysis  Informa6on  strategy   Total  items   44  -­‐  Informa<on  management IESS  1.1  Second  Intena<onal  Conference  on  Exploring  Service  Science   8  
  9. 9. Service  Design    Service   Design   :   Align   business   and  technology,   build   innova<ve   services  proposals,   business   case   design   and   strategic  planning  Systems  development     Task   7  -­‐  Systems  development  management    -­‐  Data  analysis/modeling     Knowledge   39  -­‐  Systems  design     Knowhow   26  -­‐  Network  design    -­‐  Programming  /  soware  development     So  skill   7  -­‐  Systems  tes<ng     Total  items   79  Business/IS  strategy  and  planning    -­‐  Informa<on  assurance    -­‐  Research    -­‐  Informa<on  security    -­‐  Strategic  applica<on  of  informa<on  systems     IESS  1.1  Second  Intena<onal  Conference  on  Exploring  Service  Science   9  
  10. 10. Project  management    Project   management   and   cross   domain  coordina<on  to  develop  and  run  services  Advise  &  guidance  -­‐Business  risk  management  Resource  management   Task   7  -­‐  Informa<on  System  coordina<on  Business/  IS  strategy  and  planning   Knowledge   28  -­‐  Strategic  applica<on  of  informa<on  systems   Knowhow   8  Technical  strategy  and  planning   So  skill   8  -­‐  Network  planning   Total  items   51  Installa6on  and  integra6on  -­‐  Por<ng/soware  integra<on  -­‐  Systems  integra<on  Quality    -­‐  Compliance  audit   IESS  1.1  Second  Intena<onal  Conference  on  Exploring  Service  Science   10  
  11. 11. Promote  innova<on  Promote   innova6on   and   the   integrated   view  of   services   by   communica<ng,   sharing  informa<on   and   knowledge   in   and   out   the  organisa<on.   Educa6on  and  training     Task   2   -­‐  Educa<on  and  training  delivery     Knowledge   8   Sales  and  marke6ng     -­‐  Marke<ng   Knowhow   7   So  skill   5   Total  items   22   IESS  1.1  Second  Intena<onal  Conference  on  Exploring  Service  Science   11  
  12. 12. Designing  learning  trajectories  Knowledge map + EU Skill card Elaborate customised learning trajectories IESS  1.1  Second  Intena<onal  Conference  on  Exploring  Service  Science   12  
  13. 13. What  next  ?   ›  European  Execu6ve  Master  in   Innova6ve  Service  Systems   ⋅  For    CTO/CIO  assistants,  Experienced   project  managers  and  product   managers,  IT/business  architects,   Senior  business  analysts  and  business   developers,  Senior  consultants   ⋅  6  intensive  weeks  of  lectures  in  6   different  European  exclusive   loca<ons  during  18  months   ⋅  wri6ng  of  master’s  thesis  from  an   innova<ve  or  research  project  in  the   company  or  organiza<on   IESS  1.1  Second  Intena<onal  Conference  on  Exploring  Service  Science   13  
  14. 14. Thank  You  Olivier  Zephir  &  Sandrine  Reiter   CRP  Henri  Tudor,  Luxembourg  IESS  1.1  Second  Intena<onal  Conference  on  Exploring  Service  Science   14