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“Leaving aside the proliferating startups in ServiceMesh’s sector, Cisco, Dell, VMware and the Big Four enterprise systems management vendors can’t lose the battle for cloud management without losing the war – and their lives.”
This is what 451 analyst Rachel Chalmers wrote when describing the competition to ServiceMesh’s Agility Platform 9.0, and just one reason of many I’m so excited to publicly unveil ServiceMesh Agility Platform 9.0. Since we believe neither startups in the cloud management space, nor the big vendors mentioned here have the capabilities we do to accelerate the software release process through hybrid cloud (nor will they any time in the near future), we feel this quote is especially insightful.
We’ve been working hard to add a variety of new features and functionality to Agility Platform and I’ve never seen our development team so excited about getting a new product into your hands. More than working on features, though, we have been building a platform for business innovation/business success. Talking to customers and prospects who are leaders in their industries, we have heard time and time again about the need to drive business agility in order to compete more aggressively in the market. Large enterprises are talking about competition from more nimble market entrants who are unencumbered by industry regulation or legacy systems and processes and as a result are able to take the fast lane to first-mover status.
Knowing that Global 2000 enterprises need a platform to drive business innovation that helps them move at the speed of the market was the motivation behind Agility Platform 9.0.
Want to learn more? http://www.servicemesh.com/resources/transform-it-blog/blog/servicemesh-agility-platform-9-0-driving-business-agility-through-effective-cloud-management/

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  • NOTES: Fundamental to this solution is what we’re calling “Common Application Platforms”, and it provides an initial catalyst to start aligning both groups and delivering value to each.What “Common Application Platforms” allow you to do, is embed IT Ops best practices around the governance and configuration of the underlying infrastructure and platforms that your Dev and Test teams need to do their work. These best practice are captured in this pre-configured, production-like “container” for the application code… that can be used upstream by Dev and Test groups from the beginning. This way, the coding and testing work is always aligned to its eventual production deployment environment. That way, the two are always kept in sync, and the chance for configuration related-defects to be introduced into production are reduced dramatically.  Both teams get involved in creating and using these CAP, and both teams benefit…. IT Ops gets involved now from the very beginning… rather than just waiting for something to be thrown over the wall at them:Create standardized, multi-tier enterprise application stacks… which can include very complex topologiesEmbed standard SOE agents and utilitiesGovern and define security zone requirements and operational SLAs… which by the way can vary across different roles or teams across the SDLCDev get to benefit as well:Deploy to High fidelity production-like environments… from the very beginning… that are available self-service and on-demand… directly from their current IDENo longer has to worry about configuring app stacks before they can do their work So both teams get involved, and both teams benefit.
  • What's New in Agility Platform 9

    1. 1. Agility Platform 9.0New Product Capabilities Overview
    2. 2. ServiceMesh Agility Platform™ 9.0A single, consolidated platform to enable on-demand, self-service IToperating models for Global 2000 enterprises Copyright © 2012 ServiceMesh, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential 2
    3. 3. Top 5 New Features in v9.0  Graphical Blueprint Designer1 Model complex, cloud-portable applications and optimize deployment decisions including detailed “what if” scenarios  Configuration management for cloud apps and platforms2 Leverage application context and sophisticated policies for remediation  Redesigned Store that is now mobile-device friendly3 Improved ease of use, greater cost visibility, and increased versatility  Policy-driven Storage Tiering4 Adhere to storage/performance SLAs while optimizing resources and costs  Expanded cloud support including new SDK5 Support for 16 clouds plus rapidly build integrations to other resource mgrs
    4. 4. 1 Agility Platform’s New Blueprint Designer  Accelerate standardization of platforms and apps across the enterprise  Graphically design cloud portable, multi-tier applications.  Perform “what if” scenarios to aide deployment decisions, such as best fit based on cost and capacity 4 Copyright © 2012 ServiceMesh, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential 4
    5. 5. Optimize deployment decisions automatically via policies, or manually via “what if” analysis 1. Blueprints provide an application abstraction Blueprint that can be deployed to any cloud. Firewall Load Balancer Web Servers 2. Policies govern and App Servers optimize deployments Databasebased on cost, capacity, and Servers other app requirements. 3. Users can override default policy decisions for further “what if” analysis if permissions allow. 4. Applications are automatically deployed and orchestrated for the selected cloud Copyright © 2012 ServiceMesh, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential 5
    6. 6. Application-centric, policy based 2 Configuration Management Notifications, alerts, and approval workflows  Extend Agility Platform’s Integration with other 3rd party systems extensible policies, eventIntegrationwith CMDBs correlation capabilities, and Automatically enforce CMDB desired configurations application context into automated configuration management. Master Server Automatically Orchestrate and configure at monitor and  Continuously monitor for detect drift deployment compliance of apps, platforms, and entire SOEs… not just infrastructure. Puppet Agent Copyright © 2012 ServiceMesh, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential 6
    7. 7. Example: Remediation of cloud application changes Remediation Process INCIDENT 1. Application deployed by Agility Platform MANAGEMENT CHANGE CMDB SYSTEM MANAGEMENT 2. Configuration change detected SYSTEM 3. Validate non-compliance with CMDB 3 4a 4. Execute policies to enforce remediation 4b action(s): 4c PUPPET a) Register incident and specify incident MASTER priority <and/or> SERVER b) Register change request and specify risk level <and/or> 1 c) Automatically enforce compliance with 2 rollback to approved configuration Business Application • Deployment location of app APPLICATION • Lifecycle stage (Dev, QA, Prod, etc) CONTEXT FOR • Business Unit using app POLICY-BASED • Security zone for app REMEDIATION: • Business criticality of app, along with other meta-model extensions Source: Biki Analysis Copyright © 2012 ServiceMesh, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential.
    8. 8. Leveraging Blueprints and ConfigurationManagement in DevOps Blueprint Copyright © 2012 ServiceMesh, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential 8
    9. 9. 3 Agility Platform’s Redesigned Store  Extend self-service IT to broader audiences » Completely redesigned UI for greater ease-of-use » Provide cost visibility directly to end users  Support increased workplace mobility » Browse, order, and consume IT resources from your mobile device Copyright © 2012 ServiceMesh, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential 9
    10. 10. 4 Policy-driven Storage Tiering Applications Dev Platforms  Leverage policies to automatically select the optimal storage tier at deployment  Meet storage and performance SLAs while optimizing resources and costs  Enforce storage tiers by group, project, SDLC stage, or extend thePlatinum Bronze meta-model for your own• Uptime: 99.99% • Uptime: 99.9% • Uptime: 99%• RAID 0/1/5 • RAID 0 • No RAID parameters Copyright © 2012 ServiceMesh, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential 10
    11. 11. 5 Expanded cloud support including new SDKNow Supported: New SDK Supported • Partners and customers can + Clouds rapidly develop new integrations • Integrate resource managers and bare metal provisioning tools • Accelerate transition to “hybrid IT” environments that include traditional data centers. Others… Copyright © 2012 ServiceMesh, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential 11
    12. 12. Interested in Learning More? Attend a webcast: http://www.servicemesh.com/resources/webcasts/View Case Studies and White Papers: http://www.servicemesh.com/resources/take-aways/ Watch Videos: http://www.servicemesh.com/resources/videos/ Twitter: @servicemesh