The Connected Technician: Social Collaboration for Enhanced Service Delivery


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You've heard of the social enterprise, well now see a real use-case for social technology that truly helps increase productivity and make customers happy. Field service presents the best use of social in the enterprise. See why!

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  • Now, as the service manager, Stacey, is able to keep a pulse on all the various products and technicians in her service organization. Apart from seeing the various postings in her groups, you can react to escalations much more rapidly thereby . Stacey can use the ticker as a dashboard to get a high level view of all activities on his team. She can watch as cases get opened and closed, she can see where technicians are getting stuck, jump into escalations in a timely manner and give kudos to techs when a job is successfully completed.
  • The Connected Technician: Social Collaboration for Enhanced Service Delivery

    1. 1. Thank you for joining us! We will begin in just a few minutes. Audio is routed through your computer – please make sure yourspeakers are turned on. Submit questions at anytime. Q&A at the end of the presentation. For audio issues or technical assistance, please use theQUESTIONS panel.The Connected Technician:Social Collaboration for Enhanced Service DeliverySponsored by
    2. 2. Today’s Presenters:2Sponsored byJohn RagsdaleVP of Technology ResearchTSIAVidya ChadagaDirector of Product MarketingServiceMax
    3. 3. The Connected Technician:Social Collaboration for EnhancedService DeliveryJohn RagsdaleVP, Technology and Social Research
    4. 4. TSIA 2013 Service CapabilityHeatmap Now Available at• 2013 TechnologyIndustry Trends– Cloud Computing– Consumption-BasedPricing Models– Mobility Computing– Social Media– Rise of New MajorMarkets
    5. 5. The Evolution of Service CollaborationEmployeeCommunityCustomerCommunitiesTech andField Support• Real timecollaboration• Peer to peersupport• Knowledgecapture andsharing∧Enterprise
    6. 6. Use Cases for Collaboration AcrossService Disciplines• Education Services– Training tips, contenterrors• Professional Services– Custom and integrationcode, product foibles• Support Services– Peer to peer support• Field Service– Knowledge sharing, realtime peer assistance76% 74%80%64%0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%ES PS SS FSPlanned Spending onCollaboration Platforms2012-2013Source: 2012 Member Technology Survey
    7. 7. Field Service Goes Social• Social media channels– Field techs can use Twitteror Chatter to ask questionsfrom the field– Instant access to peers andproduct experts• Fostering a community– Easily share learnings, askquestions of a globalteam, including partners– Conversations become partof a searchable repository• Example from $22 Billionoffice products firm– Launched a globalknowledge sharing initiative– 23,000 Field Repair usersaround the World– Post questions for peers– Contribute new knowledge– 300,000 issues solved peryear– Estimated $12 Million savedannually
    8. 8. TSIA Recommends: Step Reinventingthe Wheel• Create a culture of collaboration– Leverage ―the carrot‖ and the ―the stick‖– Recognize collaboration may be morechallenging for older workers• Look for light-weight solutions—technologyshould not be a barrier• Metrics tracking is critical for ROI calculations– Document base levels before any new programs– Monitor changes to repair times and first time fix rates
    9. 9. The Connected Technician:Social Collaboration for Enhanced Service DeliveryVidya ChadagaDirector of Product Marketing
    10. 10. Forces in the Service BusinessComplicatedProductsRisingPerformanceExpectationsDistributedOperationsSophisticatedEquipmentYoungerWorkforceDisconnectedSystemsServiceOrganizationImproveCustomerServiceIncreaseRevenueReduceCosts
    11. 11. Your Field Service BusinessServiceDifferentiationBrandDifferentiation
    12. 12. Transform the Service LifecycleMobile CloudSocial
    13. 13. Complete Field Service Solution
    14. 14.  Empower your field tech with theknowledge of your entireorganization Document and leverage tribalknowledge Increase first time fix rates viacollaboration Keep the home office up-to-datewith what’s going on in the fieldSocial Field Service SolutionServicePulse | Ticker | ProductPulseIt’s not about “being social”, it’s about delighting your customers
    15. 15. ServicePulse: Collaboration Post aquestion, troubleshoot inreal time You don’t need to know whothe expert is Share a fix to help othersdelight customers Leverage and documentvaluable “tribal knowledge”
    16. 16. Fix it the firsttime around1
    17. 17. Help yourcustomers helpthemselves2
    18. 18. ServicePulse: Ticker Followcases, accounts, opportunities, products, people… Real-time streaming update ofyour business Visibility to changes, updates, andimportant items as they occur
    19. 19. Stay on top ofeverything3
    20. 20. Handleescalations asthey happen4
    21. 21.  Remote device monitoringlets you know of a problembefore the customer does Follow specific products orcustomers and see Pulsesdirectly from the device Proactively dispatch techs tosolve issues at other sitesServicePulse: ProductPulse
    22. 22. Provideproactiveproduct service5
    23. 23. Customers are delighted!“ServicePulse is a gamechanger for my fieldservice organization –every technician hastotal access to theMcKinley knowledgebase, fromanywhere, anytime.”Kevin Rusin, CFO
    24. 24. Top 5 Tips to Increase Social AdoptionCreate groups – see only what matters to youTrain new hires – include a module on socialStreamline processes – use social to improve keytasksFind your champions – convey scenarios for socialGet execs involved – drives faster adoption
    25. 25. ServiceMax Trial it for Free!
    26. 26. Thank you for attending.Questions?Sponsored by