7 Ways to Amp Up Your Service Culture and Drive Revenue


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See the seven easy steps to drive more revenue by building a strong service culture. These slides were from a ServiceMax webinar from June 19th.

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  • Imagine Flawless Field Service. Imagine eliminating inefficiencies, driving growth, and solving customer issues sometimes before they even know they have a problem At ServiceMax our mission is to help our customers deliver the best field service possible to their customers. We do this by helping customers perfect their service delivery process, drive revenue growth, and not just satisfy customers, but delight them.
  • Our contribution to this transformation is the world’s only complete cloud-based field service.At the core is our Installed Base and Entitlements capabilities, where you are able to track your customer’s equipment at the detailed component level. Where you can design and implement any time of contract you can dream up to appropriately service your customer.With scheduling – managing work orders, dispatching service engineers through our dispatch console, or our optimization engine Optimax.Parts, parts parts – where are the parts – we track them wherever you stash ‘em – vans, depots, etc. And now our newest module Spare Parts and Reverse Logistics (SP&RL ). More on that shortly.ServicePulse to leverage the power of Chatter. To collaborate with the best and brightest within your company, wherever they are. The Ticker to track the key customers or projects, and ProductPulse to actually interact directly with the equipment in the field without human interaction.Finally – we’re taking this capability and working feverishly to develop the absolute best experience on the most compelling mobile devices today.
  • ServiceMax is deployed to over 200 customers of all sizes across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. These are just a few examples of our customers.
  • Now let’s talk in more detail about some of the key aspects of ServiceMax that make us different from legacy service solutions. Our cutting edge Mobile solution ensures critical service information and customer data is at your fingertips, no matter where or when. With ServiceMax Mobile, your field techs, service managers and executives can access the ServiceMax Suite via a choice of mobile devices, such as an iPad, smartphone, or laptop, Calendar view of work orders and tasksGPS route planning and step-by-step driving directionsInvoicing with on-the-spot signature captureReal-time problem resolution – ServicePulse, FaceTime
  • For us in the field service space, these technologies are not just about being “social”. This is not like “Facebook for Work” where you’re letting your colleagues know where you went for lunch. Rather, our social collaboration solution ServicePulse, which is built on the power of Chatter from Salesforce.com, is entirely about increasing real-time knowledge and collaboration to delight customers. When your entire organization has access to the expertise and tribal knowledge of the entire organization, you can solve customer issues at lightening speed. Your office-based team can also stay 100% up to date and on the pulse of what’s going on in the service operations.1. Studies show that the most successful social businesses have strong engagement from the CEO and other executives.2. Eliminate “too much noise.” Groups let you just see what’s relevant to you.3. Every technology has early adopters that influence the rest of the ecosystem. Find your influencers and make them champions that will fuel adoption and use-cases.4. Common question: How will ServicePulse help me do my job better? The answer: Define use-cases for ServicePulse that involve existing processes to necessitate adoption and demonstrate the value5. Make it a part of your training program so the importance of ServicePulse is reinforced.6. Make sure everyone is aligned on the value and vision of ServicePulse.
  • ServiceMax is built on the power of the Force.com cloud platform from Salesforce.com. We are tightly integrated to the Service Cloud offering from Salesforce and we extend Service Cloud to field service, giving you a complete Service Life Cycle Solution in one technology solution.
  • Customer survey results on one slide..
  • 7 Ways to Amp Up Your Service Culture and Drive Revenue

    1. 1. 7 Service-as-a-BusinessKey to Service Success Establish service as a profit center Good service doesn’t mean freeservice Service factory – defined andstandardized Track the profitability of each oftheir services by customer Service intelligence
    2. 2. Revenue-Boosting Rules:7 Ways to Amp Up Your Service CultureVidya ChadagaDirector of Product Marketing
    3. 3. Webinar Agenda What is Culture? Field Service Culture 7 Ways to Amp Up Your Service Culture Impact on Service Revenue How ServiceMax Fits
    4. 4. What is Culture, Really?culture is what peoplethink and how they act
    5. 5. ServiceDifferentiationBrandDifferentiationServiceCultureService Culture Drives Service RevenueServiceRevenue
    6. 6. How to Build a Rich Service Culture?
    7. 7. 1 Sell ProactivelyService as Sales function Leverage being trusted advisor Techs are the best sales guys Initiate contact throughout Offer standard service products Shift hiring strategy Incentivize selling
    8. 8. Sell Proactively Up-sell and cross-sell Improve renewal rates Annual value of off-contractservice revenue Transform your serviceorganization into a profitcenterMetric & Outcome
    9. 9. 2 Embrace Technology AdvancementsBusiness & Life Interconnected Happy techs are productive techs Accept younger workforce Adopt smart phones Less up-front investment Cool-factor with zen-like experience Brand image Delight customers Better customer service
    10. 10. Technology Delights Customers Exact appointment times Customer tolerance for 4-8 hourwindows is evaporating A rapid response Meet or exceed SLA times First visit fix Fast resolution and no return visitrequired Knowledgeable field technician Right person with the right skillsand right parts Fast and accurate billing Audit trail, time stamp arrivals/departures, signature approvals
    11. 11. 3 Collaborate in the FieldCrowd-sourced Knowledge- Adopt social means to connectand work- Streamline key processes- Improve tasks- Get help in the field- No need to know it all- Hit the road running- Education- Module on social collaboration- On the job training
    12. 12. Metric & OutcomeImproves bottom-line Faster reaction times Increase first time fix rates Reduce repair time Increase jobs/tech/day
    13. 13. 4 Communicate inside and outReports & Dashboards Internal Transparency, less politics Task ownership Awareness of service activities Handle escalations External Customer is never surprised Partner visibility Anytime, everywhere
    14. 14. Metric & OutcomeImproves bottom-line Faster time to respond Improve resolution time Increase customerretention Improve tasks completedper tech
    15. 15. 5 Motivate through appreciationSocial Recognition Publicize goals Real-time recognition Customer Feedback Customer Evaluation Categorize servicetechnicians
    16. 16. Metric & OutcomeImpacts Top-Line More jobs per tech Improved service employeeretention Happy techs translate tohappy customers
    17. 17. 6 Work with cross-functional teamsMove in the same direction Break delineation betweenEngineering, Sales, Services,Marketing, HR Come together Evaluate historical processes Impact of various segmentsof customer interaction Assign representatives Tag-team, Buddysystem, Follow-me around
    18. 18. Metric & OutcomeImprove Top-Line Increase service volume High serviceability index Protect installed base Improve resolution time Increase tasks completedper tech
    19. 19. 7 Service-as-a-BusinessKey to Service Success Establish service as a profit center Good service doesn’t mean freeservice Service factory – defined andstandardized Track the profitability of each oftheir services by customer Service intelligence
    20. 20. Metric & OutcomeImpacts Top-Line 360 view of the customer Overall downtime costs Enables auto-renewals Up-sell/cross-sell contracts
    21. 21. 7 Ways to Amp Up Your Service Culture5 Motivate through appreciation4 Communicate inside and out3 Collaborate in the field2 Embrace technology advancements1 Sell proactively7 Service-as-a-business6 Work with cross-functional teams
    22. 22. Flawless Field ServicePerfect your servicedeliveryMaximize your servicegrowth/revenueDelight your customers
    23. 23. Complete Cloud-based Field Service Solution
    24. 24. Field Service Expertise200+ Customers in North America, Europe & APAC
    25. 25. Field Service Mobile SolutionServiceMax Mobileon-demand, anytime, anywhereSmartPhonesiPadLaptops
    26. 26.  Empower your field tech with theknowledge of your entire organization Document and leverage tribalknowledge Increase first time fix rates viacollaboration Keep the home office up-to-date withwhat’s going on in the fieldField Service Social SolutionServicePulse | Ticker | ProductPulseIt’s not about “being social”, it’s about delighting your customers
    27. 27. Field Service Cloud SolutionServiceMax is built on Force.comExtends Service CloudSalesCloudMarketingCloudService Cloudpowered by
    28. 28. ServiceMax Customer ROIWe surveyed our customers to assess the true impact of ServiceMax31%14%11%16%Productivity ServicerevenueFirst time fixratesCustomerSatisfactionscores-16% -16%FieldservicecostsAveragetimeto repair
    29. 29. Try it for free!Sign up for a Free Trial at www.ServiceMax.com
    30. 30. FREE Whitepaper
    31. 31. Thank You!vidya.chadaga@servicemax.com