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Crash Course: Service Design Methods for Synthesis & Ideation


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Service design methods for ideation and synthesis. Includes: personas, storyboarding, customer journey maps, and service blueprints. By Christina Tran

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Crash Course: Service Design Methods for Synthesis & Ideation

  1. 1. Design Methods forSynthesis & IdeationService Jam LA 2013 // Christina Tran
  2. 2. SERVICE DESIGN METHODSDoing, not talking.Showing, not telling.Processes, not artifacts.
  3. 3. //Service Design PhasesResearch, Ideation & Prototyping ETHNOGRAPHIC DEEP DIVE & DESIGN DEVELOPMENT RESEARCH IDEA GENERATION & PROTOYPING• Culture Hunt • Customer Journey Map • Desktop Walk-throughs• Interviews • Personas • Mock-ups• Shadowing • Service Blueprint • Role Play• System Maps • Storyboarding • Testing
  4. 4. PERSONASWHAT?Fictional profilesWHY?Empathy. Design around a realuser & real motivations.HOW?Design research » Createcharacters with real-lifebackgrounds, details, & quotes.IMAGE CREDITS: (Top) Engine Group; (Center);(Bottom) Team One
  5. 5. STORYBOARDSWHAT?Hypothetical stories told withpictures & wordsWHY?Walk your personas thru manyscenarios. Lots of ideas—fast! Design Ignites Change Implementation Award ApplicationHOW? How Nudge works Nudge is an online platform that community health organizations can use to“What if...?” “How might...?” communicate with their patients. Gary has been HIV positive for two years and has been doing well when he follows his treatment plan consistently. 1 Because of a spike in his viral load, Gary’s care provider Dr. Ring is worriedIdentify a goal for your persona. he’s been missing doses of his medica- tion. They agree to try a different pill schedule to accommodate his night-owl tendencies and to set up reminder text messages through Nudge.Start with a list of steps. 2 Gary is concerned that his friends who don’t know his status might see the Knock knockDon’t be afraid to draw! messages and guess he is HIV positive, Time to rock. so Dr. Ring helps him customize the reminders he’ll be receiving daily. 01:00 PMIMAGE CREDITS: (Top) AC4D; (Center & Bottom) Patient Nudge 3 Gary also receives check-in messages inquiring about side effects. He replies that he’s been experiencing rashes. Dr. Ring follows up to remind him of the importance of keeping up with his meds and coaches him on what to tell friends if they ask about the rashes.
  6. 6. CUSTOMER JOURNEY MAPWHAT?Map of a user experience acrosstouchpoints, channels, & timeWHY?A visual overview helps you Rail Europe Experience Mapidentify pain points & opp areas. Guiding Principles People choose rail travel because it is convenient, easy, and flexible. Rail booking is only one part of people’s larger travel process. People build their travel plans over ti Customer JourneyHOW? STAGES Research & Planning Shopping Booking Post-Booking, Pre-TravelUse research to identify all Enter trips Review fares Confirm Delivery Payment Review & RAIL EUROPE Research destinations, routes and products Wait for paper tickets to arrive Select pass(es) itinerary options options confirm Destination Look up pages Change Check ticket time tables plans statustouchpoints where users Plan with interactive map Map itinerary (finding pass) Live chat for questions May call ifinteract with your service. Map a DOING difficulties occur Blogs & Kayak, Travel sites compare Print e-tickets airfare at home Paper tickets Web arrive in mailpersona’s journey toward a goal. Talk with Google Research friends searches hotels • What is the easiest way to get around Europe? • I want to get the best price, but I’m willing to pay a • Do I have all the tickets, passes and reservations • Do I have everything I need? • Where do I want to go? little more for first class. I need in this booking so I don’t pay more • Rail Europe website was easy and friendly, but THINKING • How much time should I/we spend in each • How much will my whole trip cost me? What are my shipping? when an issue came up, I couldn’t get help. place for site seeing and activities? trade-offs? • Rail Europe is not answering the phone. How • Are there other activities I can add to my plan? • What will I do if my tickets don’t arrive in time? else can I get my question answered?IMAGE CREDITS: (Top) Mad Pow; (Center) HourSchool; (Bottom) Adaptive Path -! • I’m excited to go to • It’s hard to trust Trip Advisor. Everyone is • Website experience is easy and friendly! • Stressed that I’m about to leave the country • Will I be able to see everything I can? so negative. • Frustrated to not know sooner about which and Rail Europe won’t answer the phone. FEELING • What if I can’t afford this? • Keeping track of all the different products tickets are eTickets and which are paper tickets. • Frustrated that Rail Europe won’t ship tickets • I don’t want to make the wrong choice. is confusing. Not sure my tickets will arrive in time. to Europe. • Am I sure this is the trip I want to take? • Happy to receive my tickets in the mail! Enjoyability Enjoyability Enjoyability Enjoyability EXPERIENCE Relevance of Rail Europe Relevance of Rail Europe Relevance of Rail Europe Relevance of Rail Europe
  7. 7. SERVICE BLUEPRINTWHAT?Chart of all aspects in a serviceWHY?A look at all stakeholder roles.Gives enough details thatsomeone could implement it.HOW?Start with the customer journey.Chart the physical evidence,on-stage actions, back-of-stageactions, and support processes.IMAGE CREDITS: (Top) CEDIM / Photo by Edith Valle; (Bottom) Adaptive Path
  8. 8. RESOURCESBOOKThis is Service Design ThinkingSITEwww.servicedesigntools.orgMORE!Check out the resource list we’ve compiled