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Time machine to machine time / Reima Rönnholm


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This is Reima Rönnholm's presentation from Service Experience Camp 2018 "Time machine to machine time".

Published in: Design
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Time machine to machine time / Reima Rönnholm

  1. 1. Time machine to machine time Your future organization and your next job
  2. 2. Reima Rönnholm, Service Designer, Solita @reimakristian
  3. 3. We create culture, services and tech solutions that help us reinvent businesses and society for the better Pssst, we are hiring. Service Designers Business Designers, Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Evangelists…
  4. 4. “So, what do you do?” “I’m a Service Designer.”
  5. 5. • What is happening? • How does that reflect in the organisation of tomorrow? • What new jobs will emerge?
  6. 6. Some food for thought, inspiration and provocation…
  7. 7. Customer Relationship Mechanic CURRENT POSITION Car Mechanic WHY Human-to-human encounters will be used for creating more meaningful relationships.
  8. 8. Head of Personalisation CURRENT POSITION Head of Customer Experience WHY All touchopoints can be designed to be unique. From ”rearview mirror insight”s we will more to predicting what do customers need next, how will they make choices and what kind of behaviours bring best lifetime value.
  9. 9. Customer Myth Buster CURRENT POSITION Head of Research WHY We will know in real-time what our customers actually say, think and do.
  10. 10. Algorithm Whisperer CURRENT POSITION Etnographer WHY Critical and ethical considerations will be of utmost importance when we develop algorithms that define how machines see and interpret human needs and behaviours.
  11. 11. Trust Director CURRENT POSITION CEO WHY All business will be data business, which is the business of trust.
  12. 12. AI Coach CURRENT POSITION Sharepoint Coach WHY Technology transforms from tool to one of our colleagues.
  13. 13. Chief Channel Re-design Officer CURRENT POSITION Chief Development Officer WHY Digital and analog will merge. Total rethinking of roles and behaviours of channel becomes much more important than designing omnichannel experiences.
  14. 14. • What is happening? • How does that reflect in the organisation of tomorrow? • What new jobs will emerge?
  15. 15. What will happen to Service Designer?
  16. 16. Let’s talk more! @reimakristian