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How making services accessible benefits all users / Alistair Duggin


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This is Alistair Duggin’s presentation from Service Experience Camp 2018 on How making services accessible benefits all users, held on Day 2.

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How making services accessible benefits all users / Alistair Duggin

  1. 1. How making services accessible benefits all users Alistair Duggin Head of Accessibility, Government Digital Service, @dugboticus
  2. 2. Hello
  3. 3. GDSGDS
  4. 4. GDSGDS
  5. 5. GDSAlistair Duggin
  6. 6. What we mean by accessible
  7. 7. GDSGDS Easy to use by the widest possible audience
  8. 8. GDSGDS No barriers that make it difficult or impossible for some people to use
  9. 9. GDSGDS Equal access for people with disabilities
  10. 10. GDS Over 1 billion people globally experience disability 1 in 7 people World Health Organization GDS
  11. 11. GDS The prevalence of disability rises with age: 8% of children 19% of working age adults 45% of adults over State Pension age Family Resources Survey 2016/17, GOV.UK GDS
  12. 12. GDS With an ageing population disability becomes more common GDS
  13. 13. Credit: Microsoft Inclusive Design Toolkit
  14. 14. Usage with limited vision
  15. 15. GDSGDS Text size and colour contrast
  16. 16. GDSGDS Text size and colour contrast
  17. 17. Usage with no vision
  18. 18. GDSGDS
  19. 19. Usage without hearing
  20. 20. GDS
  21. 21. GDS “I always find that very very very annoying with all online forms. They never give me the opportunity to say text only. So how do I let people know that I don’t want you to phone me?” - User feedback GDS
  22. 22. Usage with limited cognition
  23. 23. GDS
  24. 24. GDSGDS “On behalf of the applicant who just used the system and who has learning difficulties, I just wanted to say how much we appreciated the very clear type and simple language. She was able to manage all by herself.” - User feedback on ‘register to vote’
  25. 25. Usage with limited mobility
  26. 26. GDSGDSYoutube/TheFreeHelpGuy
  27. 27. GDSGDS
  28. 28. Accessibility drives innovation and good design
  29. 29.
  30. 30.
  31. 31. GDSGDS
  32. 32. GDSGDS Crafting delight - delivering value
  33. 33. GDS By designing with accessibility in mind we’re designing for our friends and family and future selves. GDS
  34. 34. Thanks! Alistair Duggin, @dugboticus