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Service Design Days 2018 - Keynote John Thackara (Doors of Perception)


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An app for counting earthworms? Tomatoes on a blockchain? Local shops as service hubs? Are these a serious opportunity for service design? These kinds of projects address the central dilemma of our age. This is the fact that ‘doing less harm’, in a growing economy, means doing more harm in the long run - especially when growth is measured in terms of paid-for transactions.
One new story offers meaning and hope - a story in which care for life become the only kind of growth that matters. This kind of healthy growth is happening all around us in the form of local living economies that already exist: millions of projects in which people meet practical needs using local resources. But a question remains: are scattered local initiatives an adequate response to the global challenges we face? This is where service design comes in. Interconnection is a measure of health in living systems but social and ecological assets do not readily connect themselves. Design, by fostering new relationships among people and place - can create new value, livelihoods, and enterprise. John’s talk will revolve around real-world good growth stories.

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Service Design Days 2018 - Keynote John Thackara (Doors of Perception)

  1. 1. terre de liens Text Service Design Days, Barcelona, 6 October 2018 
 Good Growth From Transactions to Connections
 Building Alternative Communities
  2. 2. mag x200 @SimonSublime
  3. 3. a. Why local matters b. Signals of reconnection
 c. Cooperation platforms
  4. 4. a why local matters
  5. 5. mag x200 @SimonSublime
  6. 6. One x 60 energy & resource intensity OneOne >> ‘development’ >>
  7. 7. m e t a b o l i c r i f t m e t a b o l i c r i f t
  8. 8. m e t a b o l i c r i f t m e t a b o l i c r i f t ‘human-centered design’ ‘putting people first’ ‘giving the customer what she needs’ m e t a b o l i c r i f t
  9. 9. a story that reconnects...
  10. 10. urban rural
  11. 11. city + soil
  12. 12. economy + biodiversity
  13. 13. man’s internet and nature’s internet
  14. 14. a new story in which… health of place = our health
 care for place = value creation
  15. 15. “Value does not inhere in objects - it arises from relationships” David Bollier 

  16. 16. “when a system is far from equilibrium, small islands of coherence have the capacity to shift the entire system” Ilya Prigogene
  17. 17. Thomas Lommée

  18. 18. 
 B. signals of reconnection
  19. 19. a lot of small things are already happening
  20. 20. #foodforchange La Ruche Qui Dit Oui
  21. 21. #foodforchange Milano
  22. 22. London @ParticipatoryC
  23. 23. @ParticipatoryC
  24. 24. fibre farmer knitter weaver designer seamstress felter spinner cotton farmer natural dyer mill owner shop keeper web producer
  25. 25. @ravelry
  26. 26. China: New Rural Reconstruction Movement
  27. 27. “love for the village”
  28. 28. #DesignHarvest
  29. 29. @ling_fan_tezign
  30. 30.
  31. 31. Pontio Innovation #API_MRRD
  33. 33. #biorefining
  34. 34. Welsh chapels CoWoLi (6,000 under-used)
  35. 35. @dubberlydesign
  36. 36. #OurField - co-op grains movement
  37. 37. #OurField
  38. 38.
  39. 39. 
 c. Co-operation platforms
  40. 40. root causes >>> 22 water entities >>> Ojai, CA, USA REGENERATE
  41. 41. Villages du Futur (France)
  42. 42. actors, actions, infra, objects, data networked ecosystems
  43. 43. map actors and resources curate activities and outcomes 
 make & perform service prototypes suggest new business models
 assemble platform / vertical RELATIONAL DESIGN. #API_MRRD
  44. 44. three takeaways
  45. 45. Three takeaways Local is about relationships not just transactions. 
 It’s about care, not just consumption. 
  46. 46. Three takeaways 2 care for all life, not just humans life HCD > LCD @HazeloneWhite
  47. 47. three takeaways
 3. Change is already happening - all over. But we need better connections between places, communities, and nature. Creating these local relationships is a design opportunity. 

  48. 48. oh, and two bonus takeaways

  49. 49. BOOKS @johnthackara
  50. 50. round-table @johnthackara with Andy Polaine Serving the Local
 12:30 - 13:15