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Visual Thinking / Service Design Drinks Berlin

How about improving your skills in visual thinking and drawing? Berlin’s first Service Design Drinks in 2013 covered the why, when and how of being visual and helped unleashing hidden abilities with 3 exercises. The meet-up took place at Café Nest in Berlin-Kreuzberg with more than 60 attendees. Here is the input and exercise part in a slide deck.

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Visual Thinking / Service Design Drinks Berlin

  1. NEST / JANUARY 23, 2012ServiceDesignDrinksVisualThinking
  2. OverviewWho?What?Why?When?How?+ Sketching excercises
  3. Who are we?Katrin Olga Manuel MartinPhD Candidate, Community Designer, User Experience,University of Manager, Fjord NokiaPotsdam Stylemarks
  4. What?people write a lot:e-mails, tweets,posts, strategypapers, specifications,etc.this is about beingmore visual —not exclusively, yetadditionally
  5. Why?the human brainuses 70% of itscapacity tohandle visualinformationtext only is harderand more slowlyprocessable
  6. “I never read, I just look at pictures.” * — ANDY WARHOL Artist* – many other people do so too – just think of the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words” or simply advertising
  7. Why?Dual coding theoryby Allan PaivioDog Dogcombined verbal & Icon: Randall Barriga / The Noun Projectvisual informationis stored in twoparts of the brainand hence bettermemorised
  8. Why? to structure your own thoughts to communicate a thought to provoke reactions & to get feedback to organise & memoriseIcon: Sergey Bakin / The Noun Project
  9. When?
  10. When? note taking in research clustering & sorting insights idea generation visual prototyping concept presentation visualising during implementationIcon: iconoci, Ugur Akdemir, Chris Lee / The Noun Project
  11. How?
  12. Exercises
  13. How?EXERC ISE 1Basics for people,emotions, objects &symbolsEXERC ISE 2Visualise the5 aspects ofservice designEXERC ISE 3Illustrate yourfavourite serviceIcon: Ricardo Mira da Silva / The Noun Project
  14. How?EXERC ISE 1
  15. How? EX ERC ISE 2VISUAL THINKING FOR SERVICE DESIGN 1. User-centered 2. Co-creative Services should be experienced through All stakeholders should be included in the customer’s eyes. the service design process.Please visualise 1 of the 5characteristics of service designand hand this sheet to yourneighbor afterwards— from: ‘This is Service Design Thinking’ by Marc Stickdorn and Jakob Schneider3. Sequencing 4. Evidencing 5. HolisticThe service should be visualised as a Intangible services should be visualised The entire environment of a servicesequence of interrelated actions. in terms of physical artefacts. should be considered.
  16. How?EXERC ISE 3
  17. Sketch by Klara Lindner: ‘Ski lift’
  18. Sketch by Jan Schmiedgen: ‘Spotify’
  19. Visual ThinkingTake-away
  20. Take-away time-saving, not time-consuming rather a bad drawing than no drawing facilitates every step of your processIcon: Samuel Q. Green / The Noun Project, Jakob Schneider / This is Service Design Thinking
  21. Sketchnotes by Virginie Gailing
  22. Book recommendationsEva Lotta Lamm: David Sibbet: Kommunikations-‘Sketchnotes’ ‘Visual Meetings’ lotsen: ’bikablo 1’
  23. Thanks foryour interest!