User Research / Design Thinking Meetup in Warsaw


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This presentations shows how User Research is applied in real project work. Examples of different User Research methods are given.
The slides were presented at the Design Thinking Meetup in Warsaw in June 2014.

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User Research / Design Thinking Meetup in Warsaw

  1. 1. User Research Examples D e s i g n T h i n k i n g M e e t u p Wa r s aw | 2 3 J u n e 2 0 1 4 Katrin Dribbisch & Manuel Großmann, Service Design Berlin
  2. 2. Martin User Experience, Nokia Katrin PhD Candidate, University of Potsdam Who are we? Olga Business Consultant, 
 FuxBlau Manuel Service Designer,
  3. 3. Research should never stop S o u rc e : T h e P ro c e s s o f D e s i g n S q u i g g l e by D a m i e n N ew m a n Exploratory Generative Evaluative
  4. 4. Examples of WHY?
  5. 5. Photo: Linda Hanses Be surprised by what’s out there
  6. 6. Examples of HOW?
  7. 7. Talk to people on the street Photo: Service Design Berlin
  8. 8. Do informal interviews Photo: FuxBlau
  9. 9. Choose an optimal research setting Photo: FuxBlau
  10. 10. Remote user research Photo: FuxBlau
  11. 11. Observe actual user behaviour Photo: FuxBlau
  12. 12. Make your ideas tangible Photo: FuxBlau
  13. 13. Spontaneous user testing Photo: FuxBlau
  14. 14. Learnings #2 You can do user research anytime and anywhere. #1 Don’t be afraid to talk to your users. #3 Let’s start now.
  15. 15. ! Service Experience Camp • 13 - 14 Sept 2014, Berlin Photos: Service Design Berlin