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Enterprise mobilization is rapidly gaining pace. In this webinar we’ll review the multiple forms of that movement and consider the most effective ways to deal with each type of Enterprise App Lifecycle, from mobilizing SAP to radical process re-engineering and enterprise consumerization.

- defining enterprise app portfolios
- systems of record vs systems of engagement
- next generation enterprise apps
- enterprise app challenges
- role of process re-invention
- multi platform app dev continuum
- Best practices: Otto Workforce, CRV, Achmea

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  • Multi-channel propositionMobile device is personal and primary especially in emerging marketsMe tooDemographic influenceEnterprise ConsumerizationBusiness & Employee AppsIncreasing Convergence with Consumer AppsEmployee AppsField serviceHRManagement / Dashboard
  • Enterprise App portfoliosare THE FACE of systems of engagementshould be task oriented and integrate Systems of Engagement Touch People and ProductsSystems of engagement aret the future of technology-led business innovationEnterprises need Systems of engagement TO INNOVATEAPP PORTFOLIOS ARE THE FACE are THE FACE of systems of engagementshould be task oriented and integrate with systems of record
  • People – who is using your app, define the target profile of you audienceObjectives – end user, business (e.g., reduce costs, increase revenue, or improve convenience)Strategy – app reach and distributionTechnology - multiple technology approaches will often support your users’ needs, then which offers the best combination of:user experience, development productivity, and ease of maintenance
  • ENTERPRISE APP PORTFOLIO STRATEGYDIFFERING BEHAVIOURS & NEEDSAutonomy: The worker's relationship with the enterprise. In particular, it captures the level of autonomy and the access to restricted data, systems and applications.Business processes: The worker's engagement in business processes. In particular, it captures the worker's need to access technical resources, such as documents.Collaboration: A worker's interactions with people in the daily job activity. In particular, it captures the worker's need for new collaboration styles, such as those supported by unified communication, collaboration and social applications.Mobility: The worker's level of mobility in the job role and daily activity. In particular, it captures the location in which he or she needs to work.
  • NEXT GENERATION ENTERPRISE APPSTRADITIONAL AND SECOND GENERATION ENTERPRISE APPS: blue collar vs white collar appsENTERPRISE APP PORTFOLIO STRATEGY DIFFERENT AUDIENCES AND ROLESORGANIZATIONAL RolesKnowledge workers vs skilled workers (white collar vs blue collar workers)Changing knowledge worker mobility, more senior e.g. iPads
  • A multi-tool approach is almost a given for most enterprisesMore then 100 multi-platform players: Mobile Consumer App Platforms, Mobile Enterprise App Platforms, Packaged App Platforms, OPEN SOURCE, TEMPLATED, ENTERPRISE AND NON-ENTERPRISE GRADEThe fear that it might cost a lot more might stop some people from attempting to offer a high quality UX experience because they don’t realise that it’s possible at sensible cost.But Packaged Apps are too restrictiveNEED FOR A MORE ENTERPRISE GRADE APP PLATFORM APPROACH - DIFFERENT OPTION IN THE BINARY PLAYING FIELD
  • apps should be task oriented. And integrate with systems of recordWhen the systems of engagement do not work, the systems of record are worthless.: engagement gap
  • TEMPLATES THAT ONLY TALK TO THEIR OWN SYSTEMSystem of Record columns vs new layer of Engagment
  • We leggenhierbij de focus op de volgendeterreinen.GebruikerservaringOntwikkeling van de functionaliteitBeveiliging en privacyBeheersbaarheidEn Integratie van de app met backend systemenOnsuitgangspunthierbij is duurzaamheid. We richten op ons de gehele app levenscyclus, met hergebruik van componenten en minimaalverllies van resources, tijd en geld.
  • Pre-built componentsTemplated Apps as FoundationAgile DevelopmentStandard FunctionsBack-end integration options built-inSupporting Cloud Services
  • Device additions.Maandelijkse service. Updates sneller en foutlozer, gemakkelijkertetesten.
  • The App Platform M2Active Training and support to make you self-sufficient
  • An Enterprise Wide Mobile First Social App Strategy Enterprise Suite – Enterprise engagement Apps INTRODUCTION OTTO Work Force has established an International job agency that finds people in Eastern European countries and takes care of housing in the Netherlands for them, and contracts them to work for large companies in the Netherlands. OTTO Work Force supports about 8,000 people who work in this way. BACKGROUND The whole area of social media in this context is a difficult one that offers opportunities and issues. In a market where some smaller companies undertake poor practices the reputation of contracting companies can be easily tarnished. Social media is often the channel by which people complain about everything from working practices and pay to the quality and cost of their accommodation. OTTO Work Force management were initially concerned that encouraging social media amongst their workforce might damage their reputation. The more the CEO Frank van Gool discussed the opportunity with Service2Media the more he realized that if his company was genuine in the way that it supported its contractors then the transparency and openness of a pro-active social media program could be very positive. OTTO Work Force would be at the center of the discussion and could react to and support the contractors rather than being on the periphery where they would have little opportunity to correct misunderstanding or respond to suggestions. THE STRATEGY OTTO Work Force has up to this point been a fast growing company that had until last year used mainly paper based processes to manage its contract staff. In 2011 it started the process of going digital for it’s back-end support infrastructure. Frank told us that “I want to embrace the contractor community offering them a network for finding and suggesting job opportunities as well as offering education and providing all the enterprise support capabilities required”. Managing the remote workforce that had previously required manual form-filling and submission. “As a company we have nothing to hide. In fact we're enabling them to discuss whatever worries they have and whatever good experiences they have had with each other and with OTTO Work Force in the community.” Now the question of course you might ask is, "Why don't you simply say, 'Go to Facebook, we've created a page for you there and do your thing.'" But what OTTO Work Force is doing is of far greater benefit. What they are saying is “this community will be fully integrated with their core business processes. So you can ask a question about a job opportunity in the community, then if you're interested you can apply for that job opportunity and go directly to their backend. You can request leave, you can see your salary slips and retrieve them, and go to the archives, etc. So the core processes will be integrated in the community and that's where it becomes a business community” OTTO Work Force has developed this bold digital strategy that embraces both enterprise as well as fully integrating social media, and they have decided to make this a Mobile First initiative rather than Web first. This allows OTTO Work Force contractors to use the community everywhere, even when a PC is not available. The strategy is backed up by the distribution of free iPhones to OTTO Work Force contractors as an incentive for attending classes in the OTTO Work Force Academy. This is a ground-breaking strategy which is why we regard the App portfolio being built as a new class of Enterprise Social Apps. THE FIRST APPS Otto started with Apps that enable contractors to contact and talk with each other as a first step and that don’t link to the OTTO Work Force back-end servers. But the delivery schedule is rapid and a series of Apps will be produced that have more complexity and back-end integration over the coming weeks and months. The first App was released at the end of 2011 and the release schedule is to bring out new Apps every four weeks to build a comprehensive Enterprise Social App Portfolio. Otto is now delivering anew App or upgraded App every month, starting with the iPhone and adding both Android and web support after that. The social media App is now in place and some of the ERP functionality such as the opportunity top request leave and see payment details are available. The social things are start group, post messages and reply, and create and subscribe to groups. A SHARED FUTURE Otto’s aim is to build a powerful portfolio of Apps that delivers a new class of secure, well managed social and enterprise interaction it's in the intersection of ERP and social media where they think they can excel. We would be unwise to suggest that we could offer more social features than a Facebook or a Yammer or surpass the enterprise features of SAP but we can offer something that’s truly valuable. The continuum Otto offers is a transition between the services that will be provided by the main back-end solutions that OTTO Work Force runs with a move to presenting it and making it available to a community. So they're using social media to so ease it out, change the boundaries of the organization from within the tight knit community of head office and gradually exposing it in a seamless way. OTTO Work Force will gradually be adding services and more capabilities, with more and more open and transparent features for the workforce. So it really is a very honest and open approach being extremely transparent with their community. Service2Media believes that the more they do that the more benefit they will get. It is a very interesting example of an opportunity because not many companies, in fact almost no companies, do this currently.
  • Multi-Platform Cattle Management Apps Enterprise Suite – Dashboard Apps INTRODUCTION CRV BV is an international enterprise in the field of cattle improvement. The shareholders in the holding are the Dutch Co-operative CR Delta and the Flemish Co-operative VRV. The international division of CRV includes subsidiaries in Brazil, the Czech Republic, Germany, Luxemburg, New Zealand and Spain. BACKGROUND CRV have both an existing web site and ‘VeeManager’ Windows Mobile App offering Cattle Management Assistance. But they recognised that there was a need to transform many of their Enterprise Applications into mobile Apps to support their core customers. They therefor needed a platform that would enable them to build and deploy a portfolio of Apps into multiple environments. CRV picked service2media as their partner for the development because the M2Active App Lifecycle Platform. Allowed them to create a single consistent design and deploy on multiple platforms. CRV also recognised that they were going to evolve their Apps over time and so the lifecycle management became important. REQUIREMENT CRV wanted to build the first Apps to run on Android and both Apple iOS smartphones and iPad. One of the major requirements is the ability for cattle handlers and farmers to work off-line. They need to work in an unconnected environment with a fast response and synchronisation with the back-end servers could be as far apart as a week. So it was imperative that the App had offline data management and synchronisation capabilities. The first App concentrates on day to day cattle management enabling the farmer to enter details of new born calves and to be prompted to look out for and manage likely or scheduled events. Such as when a cow about to give birth or is on heat and ready for insemination or needs scheduled medical attention. These really are lifecycle Apps! Main features The left screen is for reporting changes in the farmers cattle stock. The farmer can report a birth, change the animal information, apply medical treatments to an animal etc. The right hand screen is for managing which forms of notification the farmer would like to see reported on his or her screen. The farmer also uses the App to report on milk production. Benefits This screen is the attentions display. In this screen the farmer can define what he wants to see such as witch cows need attention today, for instance when a cow comes in heat, is about to give birth, needs medical attentions etc. The fact that a farmer can manage his/her cattle offline and sync everything when he has data connection is unique. The fact that he also has set notifications and reminders for all the daily actions he has to do is really valuable. Things like Cow attentions, I&R notifications and MPR results. FUTURE PLANS After the release of this new app CRV is planning more apps for different business units such as “Order Sperm” apps and administration apps for milk registration.
  • Building an APP Center to Develop APP Portfolios In-House Enterprise Suite - Apps Complementing SAP/ SUP INTRODUCTION Achmea is the primary operating subsidiary of Eureko that provides insurance and financial services through several subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. The company sells life, non-life, health, and disability insurance under several brand names, including CentraalBeheerAchmea, ZilverenKruisAchmea, Interpolis for whom we have a separate Customer Reference Case, and AvéroAchmea. Company agents, bankers, and brokers sell the companies’ products. Achmea also sells directly over the Internet through its FBTO unit and through brokers. In addition to its insurance operations, Achmea provides mortgage lending and retail lending services, as well as private banking for high-net-worth individuals. REQUIREMENT Achmea has been working with Service2Media for some time and has developed a growing portfolio of Apps such as the Interpolis Vehicle Claims App featured in our Apps Showcase on our Web Site. Achmea has seen the demand for Apps grow rapidly over the last year and in many parts of the organization web-teams with strong web design skills were finding demands on them to write Apps. That is something they were not experienced at. Achmea realized that they lacked the iOS and Android design and development skills but wanted to develop an in-house capability to develop Apps in a consistent and high quality manner that would reflect their brand values. They decided that using Service2Media’s App Lifecycle PlatformTM was the quickest road to taking the core and critical mobile apps that drive their business, to the market. REVIEW PROCESS Achmea decided that they needed a partner that could take them through the learning curve and support them as they became self-sufficient. Having worked with service2Media they decided to embark on a journey to build an in-house App Center that would deliver a portfolio of Apps and manage them over their lifetimes. By training people to use the App Lifecycle PlatformTM effectively and teaching them best practice process, they wanted to optimize their use of the App Lifecycle PlatformTMService2Media first ran a joint-workshop explaining and demonstrating the value of the App Lifecycle Platform approach with their key web development staff, and expanded this to include Test managers and Architects who hadn’t previously been exposed to App development issues. Achmea and Service2Media then jointly reviewed Achmea’s processes, particularly those involving the introduction of new technology and the effects on their main providers which were Microsoft, SAP and Oracle. Service2Media were asked particularly about how we would work with the current SAP environment which is of strategic importance to them and how we would augment the capabilities of the Sybase unwired platform (SUP) technology that SAP now owns. Achmea was pleased to find that Service2Media’s technology extended and integrated well with the SUP technology and enhanced the capabilities for App development. At the end of this review Achmea produced a joint plan to first get trained and then transfer App build capabilities in-house. THE IMPLEMENTATION By December 2011 Service2Media had run the first training courses and had created an internal team trained in use of the platform that was starting to develop their first in-house developed App which is now live. The way the team worked with Service2Media was that Service2Media had done most of the design work so that the team could learn the steps and the issues to consider when creating App designs that need to last and adapt to different OS and device types. The Achmea team then did the development work and basic debugging. The team then came into the Service2Media App Center to use the test facilities and certify the use of the App on their targeted devices. Service2Media would then support them in their deployment, maintenance and analytics until they build up these skills internally. THE RESULT Achmea has rapidly built an App Center in-house and is immediately productive as well as skilling up for higher volumes of App Portfolio production so that they are able to build a significant App Portfolio and manage its evolution. Achmea has recognized the value of the platform approach and the design once, deploy and evolve for multiple targeted environments concept and has started on the road to a full portfolio of Apps. Service2Media is particularly pleased that we have been able to develop strong relationships with both Achmea’s internal team and the SAP implementation teams within Achmea. In order to further enhance our joint efforts we are identifying the best ‘connectors’ for use in the SAP environment for the linkage to back end services. FUTURE PLANNING Achmea has thousands of current applications and wants to take the most appropriate enterprise applications into the App world. The approach they are taking is to determine the best App functionality and build these Apps in a very user focused manner with links back into their supporting back-end systems. Service2Media is both delighted with the excellent progress made in this project as well as the technical partnerships established with Achmea and SAP that offer further opportunities to expand our co-operation going forwards.
  • Effective delivery of your Enterprise App Portfolio

    2. 2. WEBINAR: EFFECTIVE DELIVERYOF ENTERPRISE APP PORTFOLIOS©Service2Media, July 2012 Nathan Kotek, VP Marketing & Analyst Peter Broekroelofs, Relations CTO & Co-Founder 2
    3. 3. SET-UP WEBINARENTERPRISE APPS • Effective delivery of enterprise app portfolios • Client examples • First Speaker Nathan Kotek, VP Marketing • Second Speaker Peter Broekroelofs, CTO & Co-founder Advanced app solutions | 3
    4. 4. DEFINITIONwhat do we mean by enterpriseapp portfolios? • Business & Employee Apps • Enterprise Consumerisation • BYOD • Consumer Apps Vertical App Solutions | 4
    5. 5. ENTERPRISE APP PORTFOLIOSARE FACE OF SYSTEMS OF ENGAGEMENT Should be: • task oriented • integrate with systems of record Advanced app solutions | 5
    6. 6. PUT PEOPLE FIRST,NOT TECHNOLOGYSource: Forrester, A SystematicApproach to Mobile Strategy, May 2012 Advanced app solutions | 6
    7. 7. SEGMENTINGENTERPRISE APP USERSThe Gartner User Segmentation Model • Autonomy • Business processes • Collaboration • MobilitySource: Gartner Segmenting Usersfor Mobile, February 2012 Advanced app solutions | 7
    9. 9. SOFTWARE DECISION-MAKERSCHOOSE DIFFERENT PLATFORMS The Mobile Mandate Includes Apps For: • Employees • Customers • Partners Advanced app solutions | 9
    10. 10. COMPLEX TECHNICALCHOICESMore then 100 mobile multi-platformplayers • Multi-tool approach is a given • MEAP, MCAP • Custom, Packaged, Template • Open Environment, Open Source, Closed • Enterprise-grade, Tooling • Technology, Services App Life Platform | 10
    11. 11. ENTERPRISE APP CHALLENGESOS and device fragmentation Shortage of native developers Manageability of mobile initiatives Webinar 11
    12. 12. WHAT’S THE PRICE FORFUNCTIONAL USER EXPERIENCE ? • Packaged Apps are too restrictive to innovate • There is a myth that good functional user experience costs too much, it is possible at sensible cost Michael – een dergelijk plaatje over UX Advanced app solutions | 12
    13. 13. HOW WE APPROACHDELIVERINGENTERPRISE APPS OFENGAGEMENT• Peter Broekroelofs,• CTO and Co-Founder Advanced app solutions | 13
    15. 15. A PLATFORM OF INNOVATIONSample: App Roadmap App Core Personalization Push Sensoring Interaction Transaction Functionality Location Video AugmentationSample: Device Roadmap Webinar 15
    16. 16. SOR SILOS VS NEWAPP LAYER OF SOE BE VERY CAREFULL IF YOU BUY APPS FROM YOUR SYSTEMS OF RECORD SUPPLIER • Most often too prescriptive • Clients need greater flexibility outside silos • Need for agile approach to respond to change and integration • Packaged to suit the supplier rather than the costumer INNOVATION IS KEY IN MOBILE AND WILL REQUIRE A PROCESS-FIRST PERSPECTIVE App Life Platform | 16
    17. 17. 6 PILLARS OFSTRENGTH1. Multi Platform Development2. Functional User-experience3. Secure App Deployment4. Lifecycle Management5. Backend & Cloud Integration6. Global & Multi-lingual Advanced app solutions | 17
    20. 20. 2. USER EXPERIENCEFUNCTIONAL VS COSMETICOF TOUCH Advanced app solutions | 20
    21. 21. 3. SECURITY Advanced app solutions | 21
    22. 22. 4. LIFECYCLE MANAGEABILITY M2ACTIVE Local M2Active App Center Developer Portal M2Active IDE Source Code Management Environment App Life Platform | App Lifecycle 22
    23. 23. Designing Apps OnceApps Advisory/ Review THE RAPID APP LIFECYCLEApps DesignApp DevelopmentDeploying Apps on Multiple DevicesApps Validation & TestingApp Server Side HostingApps Store DistributionApps Maintenance & SupportEvolving Apps throughout their LivesApps AnalyticsApps Portfolio Roadmap & UpgradesApp Device AdditionsApp Review Advanced app solutions | 23
    24. 24. 5. BACK-END & CLOUD INTEGRATION APP Service2Media Server-side Third Party Cloud Services Customer App Origin Server M2Push Customer Social Networks M2Pay Business data Analytics … and services Ad networks … App Life Platform | 24
    25. 25. SAP INTEGRATION App UI + logic App UI + logic App UI + logic App UI + logic Apps (Designed Once) (Designed Once) (Designed Once) (Designed Once)(Presentation Layer) M2Active native M2Active native M2Active native M2Active native Android iPhone BlackBerry WP Runtime SUP Runtime SUP Runtime SUP Runtime SUP Back-end (Integration SUP Layer) 3rd Party Services SAP App Life Platform | 25
    26. 26. 6. GLOBAL &MULTI-LINGUALMULTILINGUAL Advanced app solutions | 26
    27. 27. PROVIDING BOTHPLATFORM TECHNOLOGY & SERVICES CORE TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM • M2Active - The App Lifecycle Platform PLATFORM ECOSYSTEM SERVICES 1. Cloud Lifecycle Services 2. App Center Set-up Services a. Training b. Release services c. Maintenance & support d. Technology consulting 3. Industry Solutions Services 4. Strategy Consulting Services Advanced app solutions | 27
    28. 28. ENTERPRISE APPSBY BUILDING INBEST PRACTICE Vertical App Solutions | 28
    29. 29. OTTO WORKFORCEENTERPRISE APPS OF ENGAGEMENT • International job agency • Fast growing company • Until last year used mainly paper based processes to manage its contract staff CEO Frank van Gool : “I want to embrace the contractor community offering them a network for finding and suggesting job opportunities as well as offering education and providing all the enterprise support capabilities required”. App Life Platform | 29
    30. 30. OTTO WORKFORCEAPP PORTFOLIO• Otto started with Apps that enable contractors to contact and talk with each other as a first step.• Now a series of Apps is produced that have more complexity and back-end integration. Advanced app solutions | 30
    31. 31. CRVENTERPRISE DASHBOARD APPS • International enterprise in the field of cattle improvement. The international division of CRV includes subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, North America, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Germany, New Zealand and Spain. • They recognized that there was a need to transform many of their Enterprise Applications into mobile Apps to support their core customers. • They need to work in an unconnected environment with a fast response and synchronization with the back-end servers. App Life Platform | 31
    32. 32. CRVAPP PORTFOLIOCRV picked Service2Media as their partner forthe development because of the App LifecyclePlatform™ – M2Active:• It allowed them to create a single consistent design and deploy on multiple platforms.• Recognized that they were going to evolve their Apps over time and so the lifecycle management also became important.• First Apps to run on Android and both Apple iOS smartphones and iPad.• Day to day cattle management enabling the processes such as new born calves, insemination or scheduled medical attention. Advanced app solutions | 32
    33. 33. ACHMEAAPPS SUPPLEMENTING SAP/ SUP Primary operating subsidiary of Eureko. Life, non-life, health, disability insurance, and mortgage lending and retail lending services, as well as private banking for high- net-worth individuals. Several brand names, including Centraal Beheer Achmea, Zilveren Kruis Achmea and Interpolis: • Build an in-house App Center that would deliver a portfolio of Apps and manage them over their lifetimes. • Jointly reviewed Achmea’s processes, particularly those involving SAP. • How we would work with the current SAP environment which is of strategic importance to them and how we would augment the capabilities of the Sybase unwired platform • Service2Media’s technology extended and integrated well with the SUP technology. Advanced app solutions | 33
    34. 34. Q&A Advanced app solutions | 34
    35. 35. DO YOU NEED MOREINFORMATION? • See our website and webinars on various technical and strategic topics: • www.service2media.com/webinars/ • www.service2media.com • Would you like updates about Service2Media’s platform, partnership, webinars, whitepapers and more? Subscribe to our newsletter via http://eepurl.com/kf3vv • Follow us: @Service2Media, Linked-in & Facebook “Service2Media” Group • marketing@service2media.com • +31 88 010 2900 Advanced app solutions | 35