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Tomasz Janczuk - Webtaskalifragilistexpialidocious


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Presented at ServerlessConf NYC2016.

The []( microservice platform has been created and is used internally at [Auth0]( to support multi-tenant SaaS extensibility through custom code, in cloud and on-premise. In this talk I will describe our journey from the driving scenario, the choice of a "better web hook" paradigm to address it, the architecture and design decisions we've made along with the mistakes and changes the system has undergone. I will also provide an insight into a security model that makes platform uniquely suited to be used directly over HTTP from HTML5 or mobile apps. Docker, Node, ZeroMQ, Mongo, and more.

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Tomasz Janczuk - Webtaskalifragilistexpialidocious

  1. 1. Tomasz Janczuk (@tjanczuk) Auth0 Webtaskalifragilisticexpialidocious
  2. 2. Tomasz Janczuk (@tjanczuk) Auth0 Webtaskalifragilisticexpialidocious
  3. 3. All roads lead to serverless Image Background ● Better abstractions ● Zero maintenance ● Easy scalability ● Granular billing
  4. 4. We started our serverless journey scratching our own itch Image Background
  5. 5. Webhooks offer ultimate flexibility for SaaS extensibility Image Background
  6. 6. Webhooks are so 2015... Image Background ● Mostly async ● Servers ● Maintenance ● Scaling ● Monitoring ● Separate billing ● SSL ● Toil, grief, and tears
  7. 7. Image Background Webtask is a webhook with server included Serverless webhook
  8. 8. Webtask design priorities Image Background ● Isolation ● HTTP fidelity ● Node.js ● Low latency ● Cloud and on-premise ● Scalability ● Developer love
  9. 9. Image Background Isolation: preventing Mallory from fouling the game
  10. 10. Start simple: zero provisioning Result HTTPS POST Container + code Webtask runtime
  11. 11. Power to the dev: full HTTP control Result HTTPS {verb} {name} Data Webtask runtime HTTPS POST {name} Code + secrets
  12. 12. Scheduled work Webtask runtime HTTPS POST {name} Code + secrets + schedule CRON
  13. 13. You can use any language and framework* *as long as it is Node.js
  14. 14. How did we make cold latency hot again?
  15. 15. Running in cloud and on-premise with thin dependencies
  16. 16. Scale out for throughput, scale up for tenants High throughput Many tenants Low throughput Few tenants Scale-out Scale-upEasy Dragons be here
  17. 17. Developer love: all you need is code
  18. 18. Tomasz Janczuk (@tjanczuk) Auth0 Webtaskalifragilisticexpialidocious Thank you!
  19. 19. When things go south
  20. 20. Real-time logging
  21. 21. Kafka: what is wrong with this picture?
  22. 22. Stability vs work-life balance
  23. 23. Kafka has died, long live ZeroMQ
  24. 24. Simple is beautiful
  25. 25. Tomasz Janczuk (@tjanczuk) Auth0 Webtaskalifragilisticexpialidocious