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Edmodo training session ii


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Edmodo training session ii

  1. 1. or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Edmodo Session II
  2. 2. Previously in our session:Parking Lot / Asking QuestionsWe Created AccountsWe Joined a GroupWe ExploredWe Created a Class
  3. 3. Today’s AgendaParking Lot / QuestionsWhat’s next?Student Account CreationEdmodo FeaturesPracticeCreating a note, assignment, poll, etc…Wrapping Up
  4. 4. Parking Lot reminderIf you have questions duringthis session, go to the
  5. 5. What’s next?First up, student accountcreation
  6. 6. Quick Check!Explain a best practicewhen setting upgroups/classes:
  7. 7. Student Account creationA Group/Class code isnecessary!No sign ups possiblewithout one.
  8. 8. Student Account creationClass Codes are REQUIRED!Navigate tohttp://www.edmodo.comHave students click the “I’m aStudent” buttonFill out the required form, andclick the “Sign Up” button
  9. 9. Now what?Activities/ assignments forstudents
  10. 10. Creating Assignments,etc.In your Group/Class,you should see a Post:section
  11. 11. Creating Assignments,etc.The following can becreated:Note, Alert, Assignment,Quiz, or Poll
  12. 12. Time to practice…Create any (or all) of thefollowing—they can bedeleted:Note, Alert, Assignment,Quiz, or Poll
  13. 13. How to…GradeWhen assignments areturned in, grading canbe a simple process…
  14. 14. Homework!Be sure you have set upyour groups/classes ANDposted at least onenote, alert, assignment, quiz or poll.