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Edmodo training session i


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Introduction to Edmodo

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Edmodo training session i

  1. 1. or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Edmodo
  2. 2. Today’s AgendaWhat can it do for us?Parking Lot / QuestionsAccount CreationJoining a GroupExplorationCreating a classWrapping Up
  3. 3. What Edmodo CAN’T do:Bring Twinkies backProtect us from the impending “fiscal cliff”Clean your home, and prep dinner (or do dishes and/or windows)Provide the answer to life, the universe, and everything
  4. 4. What Edmodo CAN do:Allow communication between students, parents and teachersAssist with assignment managementAllow resource sharingComputer based testing optionsAllow student collaboration (not a complete list)
  5. 5. Parking LotIf you have questions duringthis session, go to the link type/ask them
  6. 6. First things first…Create an Edmodoaccount!
  7. 7. Account creationNavigate tohttp://www.edmodo.comSelect the “I’m a Teacher”buttonFill out the form, and clickthe “Sign Up” button
  8. 8. Account creationBe sure to check your e-mail for a confirmation toview the next steps forEdmodo account set up.
  9. 9. Now what?Time to join a group!Join Code: bqvql9 Edmodo Training Group
  10. 10. Time to explore!In the Edmodo TrainingGroup, you should see:1. Poll2. Assignment
  11. 11. Time to explore!Be sure to complete boththe:1. Poll (click on your choice)2. Assignment (click Turn In)
  12. 12. Time to explore!Be sure to complete boththe:1. Poll (click on your choice)2. Assignment (click Turn In)
  13. 13. Creating a class.Along the left side of thescreen, look for theGroups section. Click onthe Create link. Pick aname for your Group(class)
  14. 14. Creating a class.Click on the + by AdvancedOptions. Best practices:Default all new membersto read-only ANDModerate all Posts andReplies!
  15. 15. Creating a class.Optional: Set Grade Level(or range) and SubjectArea for your class.Then click the Createbutton.
  16. 16. Homework!Set up your teacherprofile.Create at least ONEgroup/class, using bestpractices.
  17. 17. 3-2-1 in EdmodoBefore leaving, completethe 3-2-1 assignment!