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Birth Order Theory


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Birth Order Theory

  1. 1. Max Serfaty
  2. 2. Definition  “Birth order is defined as a person's rank by age among his or her siblings. Birth order is often believed to have a profound and lasting effect on psychological development.”
  3. 3. Variations of the Theory Alfred Adler (1870-1937)  Suggested that birth order affects personality  Talks about genetics  Widely disputed
  4. 4. Frank J. Sulloway (1947-) Theory revolves around the ‘Big Five’ 6th added later, as theory progressed Depending on order, the traits are redistributed
  5. 5. Personality Order in Family Traits most likely Conclusion First Borns Leaders, responsible types, need to manage, need control, focus. Low risk takers that above all want to suceed. Second Borns/Middle Borns People people, compromisers, need to belong, peace- keepers Need people in order to succeed, and will go far to keep relationships intact. ‘Onlies’ Quiet achievers, finishers, work well, want recognition, secretive. Aim to please, mostly themselves by setting high bars. Youngests Idea people, creative, fun, impatient. Enjoy life, sometimes can be hedonistic, but impact everyone.
  6. 6. Robert Zajonc Intelligence  1st borns have higher IQ due to adult influences  Intelligence depends on family size  Younger children less smart due to many influences.
  7. 7. Careers  Model of careers depending on Birth order:  1st borns: More suited for leadership roles, managements, administration, not business  Middles: Perfect for business, stock markets, working in the field  Youngests: Good with art, usually have lowest ranking jobs
  8. 8. Sexuality is greatly affected by the theory, due to genetics. Every 3rd male has a 95% of being homosexual, by product of evolution Women’s sexuality not affected
  9. 9. Genetics  Play a part in intelligence and sexuality, as an instinct  Personlity depends on genes of parents, as much as birth order  Influences early on counter this theory
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