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Digital Marketing This Week Episode 42: A Marketer's Guide To "Mobilegeddon"


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Google's at it again! In the Episode 42 of Digital Marketing This Week, we take a look at the recent Google algorithm update which will start penalizing non-mobile friendly sites. Mobile search is rising and Google recognizes this. So, if you've been delaying getting a mobile-friendly website, you no longer can. We'll give you tips on how to survive this "mobilegeddon" and what the mobile search experience is really all about.

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Digital Marketing This Week Episode 42: A Marketer's Guide To "Mobilegeddon"

  1. 1. Episode 42: A Marketer’s Guide To “Mobilegeddon”
  2. 2. Chris Mercer • Analytics & Optimization • Content Development • Host of DMTW • Call me “Mercer” Who Am I?
  3. 3. This Week’s Focus Topic…
  4. 4. Your Goal: • Get ONE Idea • Act On That ONE Idea • Repeat!
  5. 5. Why Should You Care? Because Today You’ll Get… • An understanding of Google’s latest change • What steps you need to take to protect your ranking • And more…
  6. 6. A Marketer’s Guide To…
  7. 7. What’s The Fuss About?
  8. 8. What’s The Fuss About? It’s bigger than Panda & Penguin It’s the biggest change to mobile rankings ever
  9. 9. What’s Do You Need To Do? “Zoom Free” Large Buttons Responsive or Mobile Designs
  10. 10. Are You Ready? /tools/mobile-friendly/
  11. 11. Are You Ready? masters/mobile-sites/mobile- seo/common-mistakes/
  12. 12. Are You Ready? ow-is-mobilegeddon-are-you- ready-for-the-google-mobile- friendly-update-219291
  13. 13. The key to Mobile SEO is still to provide relevant content.
  14. 14. What Was Your One Idea? • The fact this happened? • The tools? • Next steps? • Action Brings Results!
  15. 15. Click Here To Watch The Recording Of This Episode