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Are Premium Themes Worth The Money?


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The best things in life are not always free. If you want to personalize your website and tailor fit it to your business needs, you need to invest a little in premium themes.

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Are Premium Themes Worth The Money?

  1. 1. Are Premium Themes Worth The Money?
  2. 2. The best things in life are not always free…
  3. 3. The top reasons why premium WordPress themes are worth your money.
  4. 4. Better Quality • Professionals designing and coding it for you • Access to tech support
  5. 5. Stand Out • Gives you so much flexibility in terms of design • Easy to customize • Great example: OptimizePress
  6. 6. Better Functionality • Easier, more functional user experience • Easier to setup • More streamlined management of your site’s day-to-day requirements
  7. 7. Better Security • Premium themes are supported by coders and developers who are always looking out • Case Study: The “TimThumb” Vulnerability • Premium theme users had resources & support. Free themes? (Not so much.
  8. 8. Access To Tech Support • Premium WordPress themes tend to have plenty of support behind them. • Not just the developer… • As developers receive feedback from their users, your chosen theme will likely have updates to fix bugs and add new features
  9. 9. Variety • Depending on your business needs and personal taste, you will be able to find something that will fit your needs • Premium themes can:  Support the ease of navigation  Give the speed needed for magazines or news sites  Fit the personality of your own blog site (photo gallery vs. news)  Reflect the simplicity of corporate sites
  10. 10. Save Money • Ask yourself: How much is your time worth? • Free themes require you to be more hands-on with the entire process of creating and maintaining your site • Most premium themes are one time investment and can start as low as $25. • Why choose to spend thousands of dollars for a custom-made website when you can get the same efficiency with a WordPress premium theme for a tenth of the price?
  11. 11. Are Premium WordPress Themes Worth The Money?
  12. 12. Your Seriously Simple Marketing Hack • If you want to know where to find great premium themes, here are my top picks based on usability and great tech support: – OptimizePress – Thrive Themes – WooThemes – Elegant Themes – Themeforest • Browse through and decide based on the needs of your website as well as how much time and energy you want to put into it.
  13. 13. For More Information Visit: