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Ayogo Health, Inc. - Everything You Know About Gamification is Wrong


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Presenter: Shauna Gammon, Lead Product Designer, Ayogo Health Inc.

Gamification is NOT about points and badges and leaderboards. Putting points and badges on top of systems that were not designed to be game-like is like welding wheels on a bicycle. It looks from a distance like it will work, but the results are guaranteed to disappoint. Shauna will walk you through the fundamentals of game psychology, so you can utilize these crucial building blocks in your own patient engagement projects. Ayogo is a recognized global leader in the application of game psychology and social patterning effects to the design healthcare applications. Their Empower framework has improved health and financial outcomes for healthcare organizations around the world.

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Ayogo Health, Inc. - Everything You Know About Gamification is Wrong

  1. 1. Everything You Know About Gamification Is Wrong Ayogo Health Inc.
  2. 2. Ayogo is on a mission to transform the healthcare industry by helping patients incorporate their care plans into their lives.
  3. 3. Global 100: Most Innovative mHealth Companies Top Ten mHealth Entrepreneurs “…game-changing innovation…” Top Three mHealth Campaigns We’re changing the healthcare experience forever, improving health and financial outcomes for our customers, through the science of engagement.
  4. 4. Michael Fergusson CEO & Co-founder Paul Prescod CTO & Co-founder Patrick Moody-Grigsby, BA Creative Director Shauna Gammon, BSc, BCS, MSc Lead Product Designer Ricard Adrianza, BSc Art Director Dan Loach, PhD UX Designer Mavis Dixon, BA Manager - Projects & Engagement Ian Suda, BSc Lead Software Developer Adam Vernon, MA Software Developer Team
  5. 5. Patients are given the tools they need to manage their health and reach their stated personal goals. They do not use them. The Problem
  6. 6. Give patients tools like this to help them manage their health…
  7. 7. …but they’ll ignore them and instead spend time with applications that look like this.
  8. 8. Why are patients drawn to useless distractions instead of towards applications that can literally save their lives? Why?
  9. 9. But there’s good news! Humans evolved games and play to overcome this propensity to distraction, so they could make longer- term investments in skills and knowledge.
  10. 10. Healthcare applications are typically designed to be precise, or fast or accurate, but they are rarely personal, emotionally satisfying, or beautiful… …which is precisely why they are not engaging. It Takes A Relationship
  11. 11. Engagement is not about efficiency, it’s about emotional involvement.
  12. 12. Games offer us design patterns that have been proven successful in generating engagement over time.
  13. 13. What Went Wrong? Let’s give people points when they do something good.“ Can we add leaderboards to make it more social?“ How about badges to acknowledge their accomplishments?“
  14. 14. Baked In vs. Tacked On
  15. 15. Gamification is not putting points, badges, or leaderboards on top of systems that are not designed for fun. 2013/12/that-time-my- treadmill-almost-killed-me/
  16. 16. Translate To Tech
  17. 17. How Do We Bake It In?
  18. 18. Agency: create meaningful choices that must be made Designing For Engagement
  19. 19. Challenge: provide a real conflict that needs to be resolved or overcome Designing For Engagement
  20. 20. Uncertainty: ensure outcomes are not pre-ordained Designing For Engagement
  21. 21. Discoverability: let the rules be mastered during the course of play Designing For Engagement
  22. 22. Outcomes: recognize outcomes beyond points and badges Designing For Engagement
  23. 23. References: • •  Salen & Zimmerman, “Rules of Play”, MIT Press 2004 These are fundamental building blocks of Ayogo’s platform for behavior change.
  24. 24. A customizable framework that helps patients engage with their therapeutic program through gamification, social connectedness, and education.
  25. 25. In the standard program, health coaches observe many patients filling in paper logs moments before their weekly check-in class begins... With Picture It!, 60% of patients were highly engaged: on average they completed 3 of 5 care plan tasks each day, and lost 2.2 times the weight. Picture It! Pilot Results – Bariatric Pre-Surgery
  26. 26. An Alternative: Delightification ;)
  27. 27. Shauna Gammon| | @shaunagammon 1-888-680-9882 | Thank You!