“Fluency & Flow: Man and Machine at Play" By Richard Boyd- Serious Play Conference 2012


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Richard Boyd speaks about “Fluency & Flow: Man and Machine at Play" at the Serious Play Conference 2012

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“Fluency & Flow: Man and Machine at Play" By Richard Boyd- Serious Play Conference 2012

  1. 1. Fluency & FlowMan and Machine at Play
  2. 2. My 21st Century Perspective Augmented Reality My gaming street cred Stereoscopic 3DMobility Digital Natives Rise Simulation New Interfaces
  3. 3. The Machines Take Over
  4. 4. A New EraIndustrial Age Information AgeDiscipline and Hard Work Creative PlayTop Down Authority CollaborationFinancial Capital Critical Social CapitalInvisible Hand of the Open CommonsMarketPrivate Property Access to GlobalRelations Networks “The Future is: Mobile, Aware, Cloudy, Social, Automated and Augmented” -Boyd, Boosman
  5. 5. “Harness Network Intelligence” “Small pieces loosely joined” “Rough consensus and running code” “Compasses rather than maps”www.metaversial.com for link to video
  6. 6. “In the Information Age, those(individuals and organizations) who gain acomfortable fluency with the digital tools that are remaking the world will not onlyprevail over those who don’t, but they will begin to appear super-human” -Boyd, The Argument for Augmentation, ITEC, London, 2010
  7. 7. The Three Stages of Chess • Predictable The Opening • No Surprises • Creativity • Surprise Middle Game • Predictive Analytics • A Foregone Conclusion by The End then? Game
  8. 8. The Three Stages of the Information Age • Copied existing interfaces • We adapt to machines on their terms • Tethered The Opening • 1965--2008 • Mobile • Machines adapt to us Middle • The Interface becomes ambient Game • 2008-? • Ubiquitous AI • Singularity? The End • Moravec vs Vinge? Game
  9. 9. Flow State Achieving Super-ProprioceptionFlow (Csikszentmihalyi, 1990)
  10. 10. Flow“The satisfying, exhilarating feeling of creative accomplishment and heightened functioning” -Mihály Csíkszentmihályi 1972“Intense, optimistic engagement with the world around us.” -Jane McGonigal, “Reality is Broken, Why Games Make us Better and How They Can Change the World”
  11. 11. The Era of Augmentation Photo courtesy of Dr. Julian Goldman (CIMIT) Images by Andrei State, University of North Carolina
  12. 12. The 21st Century Imperative Achieve the Perfect BalanceBetween Humans and Automation To Optimize Outcomes RICHARD.J.BOYD@LMCO.COM
  13. 13. Do Less
  14. 14. The Zen of Zynga
  15. 15. FrictionVirtual World FrameWork Cost and Time The DOD Reusability Interoperability Experimentation and Innovation
  16. 16. What if we could field a massively multi-user collaborativevirtual training environment that was…• Scalable• Interoperable• Future-proof• Secure – with 0 client install• With an incentive-aligned business model that encourages ecosystem growth (Like iTunes)• That provides a consistent user interface – from 2D to 3D – From handheld, to tablet, to laptop, to desktop, to the fully immersive holodeck
  17. 17. The Web is the Future of Gaming• The next generation of Browser browsers incorporating + WebGL coupled with HTML 5 WebGL will become the de facto + foundation for the next generation of gaming and HTML 5 shared virtual worlds +• The next big 3D platform is JavaScript + simply the current WWW with Jabber additional capabilities. + Collada www.virtualworldframework.com
  18. 18. The Stone Age didn’t end because we ran out of stone. Someone came up with a better idea
  19. 19. Conclusion “Homo ludens et machina” Man and Machine need to learn to play nice together The interfaces between us are melting away, becoming more ambient We need better software tools to continue to reduce the friction and increase fluency Digital tool fluency will become as important as learning algebra Richard.J.Boyd@LMCO.COM
  20. 20. AdditionalThoughts
  21. 21. New UsersDigital Immigrants Digital Natives Conventional speed Twitch speed Linear processing Parallel processing Text first Graphics first Step-by-step Random access Stand-alone Connected Passive Active Work Play Patience Payoff Reality Fantasy Technology-as-foe Technology-as-friend Source: Marc Prensky (See also Don Tapscott’s “Grown Up Digital”)
  22. 22. How many baby boomers have this at home?
  23. 23. Gamification of the Future
  24. 24. Time Permitting Robot Talk Foxconn building a robot army Of one millionAutonomy
  25. 25. Taking “Serious Play” seriously at home Metaversial.com/amberwood.htmlpikaboodesign.com/fantafairies/DearDylan.com