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Porter Stowell - IoT Games: Visualizing Data in a 3D Virtual Environment


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Porter Stowell, Head of Strategy & Business Development, IBM Serious Games and Gamification

This presentation was given at the 2016 Serious Play Conference, hosted by the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School.

IoT is one of today’s hottest business buzz words. But what does it mean? What is the real opportunity? And how can games be involved? IoT is the collection of a mass amount of sensory data. Right now, this data is being consumed through databases, spreadsheets, and at best dashboards. Boring!! Through game technologies and mechanics, we are bringing this information to life for all. This information shouldn’t be isolated to just a company’s data scientists, but placed in the hands of everyone to enhance buy in and to expedite decisions. Come learn why games are an essential piece to any IoT solution.

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Porter Stowell - IoT Games: Visualizing Data in a 3D Virtual Environment

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