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Peter Stidwill- Learning Games Network


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“Playful Learning: Opening the Black Box to Games in Your Classroom”

Why don’t great games get used more? In this session we address the barriers and needs to game use in the classroom, and explore Playful Learning—an online knowledge base designed to serve as the hub and platform to organize key information and resources to support teachers in GBL.

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Peter Stidwill- Learning Games Network

  1. 1. PETER STIDWILL @stid42 @LGamesNetwork PLAYFUL LEARNING: Opening the Black Box to Games in the Classroom
  2. 2. PETER STIDWILL @stid42 @LGamesNetwork
  3. 3. PETER STIDWILL @stid42 @LGamesNetwork
  4. 4. PETER STIDWILL @stid42 @LGamesNetwork PROBLEM …but they still aren’t used much in education There are many great games…
  6. 6. A Teacher’s Perspective The barriers to using games in the classroom Breaking the Barriers A walk-through the Playful Learning platform A Deeper Dive into Playful Learning Why build a knowledge base? Expanding the Network Playful Learning events around the country Next Steps How can Playful Learning help you? TODAY…
  7. 7. PETER STIDWILL @stid42 @LGamesNetwork TEACHER NEEDS
  8. 8. PETER STIDWILL @stid42 @LGamesNetwork • Finding quality games • Lack of experience/confidence • Pedagogy: What is the teacher’s role? Where does the learning happen? Finding quality support resources to ‘get’ how to use it • Assessment • Lack of peer support • Convincing administrators and parents • Technology • Cost • Timing and curriculum – fitting it in BARRIERS
  9. 9. PETER STIDWILL @stid42 @LGamesNetwork THE VISION
  10. 10. PETER STIDWILL @stid42 @LGamesNetwork
  11. 11. • Who is it for? Age Platform Accessibility • What is it for? Learning Goals Standards Skills Subject • Where will it be used? Location Platforms • What kind of game? Learning curve Length Modality Genre • What kind of reporting, if any? Assessment • What support material will you provide? Instructional aides Game trailer Other videos Implementations • Who is it for? • What is it for? • Where will it be used? • What kind of game? • What kind of reporting, if any? • What support material will you provide? MAKING A GAME? Let Playful Learning help!
  12. 12. PETER STIDWILL @stid42 @LGamesNetwork WHY A KNOWLEDGE BASE? A dynamic platform that organizes information into deeper knowledge that facilitates its use. Not just another community. Not just a list or database of games.
  14. 14. PETER STIDWILL @stid42 @LGamesNetwork Other Stakeholders
  15. 15. PETER STIDWILL @stid42 @LGamesNetwork THE NETWORK Cultivating a national network of GBL educators and innovators who engage in peer-to-peer mentoring. • Playful Learning Summits • Workshops & colloquia targeting over 2,500 educators Analyze data collected from workshops & platform to enhance educator resources.
  16. 16. PETER STIDWILL @stid42 @LGamesNetwork PARTNERS
  17. 17. ADVISORY BOARD Wendy Apfel Cody Blackburn Ross Fitzgerald Zack Gilbert Lucy Gray Lynn Koresh Joel Levin Heather Robertson Amanda Pratt Ben Rimes Tim Saunders Heather Wentler Jeremiah McCall
  18. 18. PETER STIDWILL @stid42 @LGamesNetwork NEXT STEPS Sign-up at Add games and resources to help build the knowledge base Running a GBL workshop or event and interested in aligning with Playful Learning? Let us know!
  19. 19. PETER STIDWILL @stid42 @LGamesNetwork @playfullearn | | #playfullearning