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Peg Steffen & Matthew Farber - Using Game Jams as an Instructional Strategy


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Peg Steffen, Education Coordinator, National Ocean Service,National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Matthew Farber, Author & Teacher, Denville Township

This presentation was given at the 2016 Serious Play Conference, hosted by the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School.

Game Jams encourage rapid prototyping of game designs and Climate Game Jams have engaged students K-16 in climate science content in an engaging way. Learn how an extensive group of partners collaborated to make two game jams a reality and experience a mini-game jam at the presentation.

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Peg Steffen & Matthew Farber - Using Game Jams as an Instructional Strategy

  1. 1. Using Game Jams as an Instructional Strategy
  2. 2. hello! Peg Steffen Matthew Farber You can find us at: @PegSteffen @MatthewFarber
  3. 3. warm-up! PLAY EcoChains: Arctic Crisis
  4. 4. EcoChains: Arctic Crisis
  5. 5. EcoChains: Arctic Crisis
  6. 6. about the Climate Game Jams Game Jam Video ● Climate Education and Literacy Initiative (White House) ● Planning Team ● Registered sites ● Gather resources/experts
  7. 7. The Topic: Climate
  8. 8. October 2-4, 2015 Kickoff event 11 sites/400 people/30 games
  9. 9. •Barnard College – New York, NY. •California Academy of Sciences – San Francisco, CA. •Movable Game Jam at the Museum of the Moving Image – Astoria, New York. University of Oklahoma, National Weather Center •University of Washington, Seattle, WA Partners/Sites
  10. 10. Climate Game Jam Water! April 16-24, 2016 9 sites/17 submissions
  11. 11. •BrainPOP Moveable Game Jam, NY •California Academy of Sciences •Celebration High School, FL •Elizabeth Forward High School, PA •Harmony High School, FL •Halsey JHS 157Q, PA •MouseMaker Saturday, NY •Montgomery College, MD •Palau PREL •University of Washington Partners/Sites
  12. 12. Digital or analog games were allowed but good game design was encouraged.
  13. 13. Analog Game Station
  14. 14. Twine Station
  15. 15. Scratch Station
  16. 16. Quick Slideshow from the BrainPOP-hosted Location
  17. 17. Share-Outs
  18. 18. Junior High School 1. Water Apocalypse - Halsey JrHS 2. Saying No to Toxic Chemical Dumping - Halsey JrHS Here are the Water Winners!
  19. 19. Here are the Water Winners! High School 1. Master Moisture - Harmony HS ​ 2. What the Muck?​ - Harmony HS 3. Water Jump​ - Harmony HS 4. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint - Harmony HS
  20. 20. College/University​ 1. Water Ways - University of Washington 2. Drop - University of Washington ​3 Wildfire VR - Montgomery College 4. The Water Cost is Right​ - University of Washington ​ Here are the Water Winners!
  21. 21.
  22. 22. •Start 6 months before the event. •Enlist planning support from wide swath of gaming/education interests. •Find large network connections to market the event. •Determine the target age range. •Limit the content and provide resources online. •Hold pre-event Google Hangouts or webinars . •Find support for prizes or game development support. •Ensure that each site has a single POC •For students under 13, teachers or parents must be the POC (COPPA) Lessons Learned
  23. 23. Edutopia: Climate Change and Game-Based Learning
  24. 24. Now it’s Your Turn. LET’S GAME JAM!
  25. 25. Changing Conditions Contribute to Extremes
  26. 26. thanks! Any questions? VISIT: @PegSteffen @MatthewFarber