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Lucas Blair - How We Are Holding Our Community and Our Games Back


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Lucas Blair, Little Bird Games

This presentation was given at the 2016 Serious Play Conference, hosted by the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School.

Acceptance of serious games has improved tremendously over the past few years. Nevertheless, there is still work to be done. Our community of designers, developers, and educators need to think bigger and expect more from ourselves and from those who play our games. During this talk Dr. Lucas Blair will examine how the serious gaming community approaches game design, learning, and player engagement – and how we can do better. Attendees will leave the session with new ideas, inspiration, and homework.

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Lucas Blair - How We Are Holding Our Community and Our Games Back

  1. 1. How we are holding our community and our games back Lucas Blair, PhD
  2. 2. What do I mean by holding back?
  3. 3. Not using data to validate our claims.
  4. 4. Not using data to validate our claims.
  5. 5. Solutions • Keep your promises manageable • Plan your testing and data collection like it was for an academic study. • And share your successes and failures with the community
  6. 6. We still focus on knowledge too much.
  7. 7. Solutions • Make games that are higher up on Bloom’s taxonomy • Use a taxonomy to plan • Test on tasks that require knowledge. Not the knowledge
  8. 8. We don’t let players fail enough.
  9. 9. v
  10. 10. Solutions • Scale difficulty a little higher • Make it about the player getting better not about them proving themselves • Celebrate failure.
  11. 11. We are too controlling.
  12. 12. We are too controlling.
  13. 13. Solutions • Think about what task player is missing out on for each new system • Build systems that reflect what you want to accomplish • Randomized, nonlinear, player generated content • Give players choice
  14. 14. We stop at gameplay.
  15. 15. We stop at gameplay. Hey y’all! It’s me again.
  16. 16. We stop at gameplay.
  17. 17. Solutions • Consider the whole experience and not just game play • When appropriate ask the players to contribute
  18. 18. We only make games.
  19. 19. We only make games.
  20. 20. Solutions • Always think about the context your games are played in • When you can make that context better
  21. 21. We hype VR and AR and forget RP IR.
  22. 22. Solutions • Don’t forget RP
  23. 23. How else can we improve? • Backup your claims • Go beyond knowledge • Let them fail • Don’t be so controlling • Don’t stop at gameplay • Don’t just make games • Don’t forget RP @LucasBlair @SeriousPlayConf
  24. 24. @LucasBlair @SeriousPlayConf Thank you.