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Ask Agger - Bringing the Board Game to the Board Room

Presenter: Ask Agger, CEO, Workz

In a digital age where everybody worships technology, a growing number of companies, especially in Scandinavia and Europe, are going in the opposite direction. Instead of e-learning, apps or social media, they use physical simulations inspired by board games to accelerate the organization’s ability to learn and adapt to change. Inspired by the old Prussian tradition of Kriegsspiel (war games) these companies use physical simulations as a training ground, where leadership skills, business understanding and key strategies can be tested and fine-tuned before implementation in real life. Hear about cases and experiences from industry leaders within sectors like pharmaceuticals, shipping, finance, service and biotech.

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Ask Agger - Bringing the Board Game to the Board Room

  2. 2. Workz  A/S  ©  2015  
  3. 3. Workz A/S © 2015 –
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  5. 5. Our passion: To empower organizations to change themselves and their world through involvement Workz A/S © 2015 –
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  7. 7. Workz A/S © 2015 –
  9. 9. Mesopotamia (current Iraq) App. 2600 B.C. Inspiration: Jacob Schmidt-Madsen THE KING GAME OF UR Workz A/S © 2015 –
  10. 10. CHATURANGA India App. 600 A. D. Inspiration: Jacob Schmidt-Madsen Workz A/S © 2015 –
  11. 11. China App. 900 A. D. Inspiration: Jacob Schmidt-Madsen LI HE’S CIVIL SERVANT TRAINING GAME Workz A/S © 2015 –
  12. 12. KRIEGSSPIEL Prussia 19. Century Inspiration: Jacob Schmidt-Madsen Workz A/S © 2015 –
  13. 13. A WAR STORY…
  14. 14. THREE GAPS Workz A/S © 2015 – www.workz.dkSource:  Stephen  Bungay  and  Von  Motke  the  Elder.   Intent   AcBons   Plans   Knowledge  gap   Alignment  gap   Effect  gap  
  15. 15. THREE GAPS Workz A/S © 2015 – www.workz.dkSource:  Stephen  Bungay  and  Von  Motke  the  Elder.   Intent   AcBons   Plans   Knowledge  gap   Alignment  gap   Effect  gap   Detailed  analysis   and  plans   Detailed  instrucBons   Detailed  control  
  16. 16. THREE GAPS Workz A/S © 2015 – www.workz.dkSource:  Stephen  Bungay  and  Von  Motke  the  Elder.   Intent   AcBons   Plans   Knowledge  gap   Alignment  gap   Effect  gap   Detailed  analysis   and  plans   Detailed  instrucBons   Detailed  control   Simple  instrucBons  and   short  term  plans   Share  the   strategic  intent   Give  a  clear  mandate  to   create  results  
  17. 17. THREE WAYS GAMES CAN SUPPORT STRATEGY AND CHANGE: 1) Knowledge gap: Making the strategy (market simulations/war rooms) 2) Alignment gap: Sharing the strategy (strategy simulations) 3) Effect gap: Leading the transformation (leadership simulations) Workz A/S © 2015 –
  18. 18. MAKING THE STRATEGY Workz A/S © 2015 –
  19. 19. WAR ROOM: UNDERSTANDING PUTIN Workz A/S © 2015 –
  20. 20. RUSSIA VS. THE WEST Workz A/S, Kronprinsessegade 20, 1306 Kbh. K (+45) 88 88 82 50, WESTERN BRIEF OVERALL POSITION AND SITUATION The key concerns of most European countries are lack of economic growth, huge public debt and high unem- ployment rates. National security is closely linked to membership of the NATO alliance and support from the USA. Many European countries have very limited military capabilities that are operational and useful in a direct confrontation with Russian forces. Within EU, there are internal disagreements about how to respond to the Russian aggressions and how much EU/NATO can and should engage with Eastern Europe and Caucasus. Many European countries have strong economic relations with Russia or are depending on Russian gas supplies. KEY OBJECTIVES These are your key objectives for the game: • Avoid direct and uncontrolled military confrontations with Russia. Protect and expand the legitimacy of the NATO alliance. • Counter Russian aggressions and dominance in Eastern Europe, especially towards Ukraine, Georgia, Mol- davia and the Baltic countries. • Help the government in Kiev in their efforts to create a modern liberal state. Avoid a collapse in Ukraine with uncontrollable humanitarian consequences and massive numbers of refugees fleeing to EU member states. • If possible, find a fast solution to the crisis that will limit the negative impact on the European economy. ™ RUSSIAN BRIEFOVERALL POSITION AND SITUATION National security issues have key priority, even if there are consequences for the national economy or the living conditions of the population. The government’s resilience towards the public’s hardship is significant, and there is strong support for the president and his agendas. The impact of public protesting is very limited, and the likelihood of this leading to a regime change is very small. The economic situation is severe and due to low oil prices and Western sanctions it is rapidly deteriorating. Due to lack of proper funding, the Russian military as a whole is not ready for a major confrontation with the West. However, smaller parts of the armed forces are well trained and possess sophisticated weapons on par with NATO’s most modern equipment.KEY OBJECTIVESThese are your key objectives for the game: • Avoid direct military confrontation with the West, especially USA. • Hinder and, if possible, push back the eastward expansion of NATO. Explore any opportunity to create a situation in the Baltic countries that will undermine the influence of NATO and the West. • Control the development in Eastern Ukraine in order to maintain control of Crimea and to prevent the gov- ernment in Kiev from joining NATO or EU. • Enforce control of the Nord-East Passage and Russian interests in the Arctic. Counter the aggressive claims of Denmark and Canada in the region to establish a position of strength for future negotiations. • Keep control of the Tartus navy base and prevent the downfall of Assad’s regime in Syria. • Ensure continued support of the Russian public and supress internal opposition. • Support the Russian economy by making sure that the Western sanctions have limited scope and duration. If possible, find ways to influence, and possibly raise, the price of oil and gas. Workz A/S © 2015 –
  21. 21. DIPLOMACY AND MILITARY Workz A/S © 2015 –
  22. 22. CONSEQUENCE AND SURPRISE Workz A/S © 2015 –
  23. 23. WAR ROOM: TELE COMMUNICATION Workz A/S © 2015 –
  24. 24. WAR ROOM: BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE Workz A/S © 2015 –
  25. 25. WAR ROOM: FINANCIAL SECTOR Workz A/S © 2015 –
  26. 26. WAR ROOM: ARABIC SPRING Workz A/S © 2015 –
  27. 27. WAR ROOM: R&D STRATEGY Workz A/S © 2015 –
  28. 28. SHARING THE STRATEGY Workz A/S © 2015 –
  29. 29. STRATEGY SIMULATIONS: PHARMA Workz A/S © 2015 –
  30. 30. STRATEGY SIMULATIONS: SERVICE Workz A/S © 2015 –
  31. 31. STRATEGY SIMULATIONS: SERVICE Workz A/S © 2015 –
  32. 32. LEADING THE TRANSFORMATION Workz A/S © 2015 –
  33. 33. Workz A/S © 2015 –
  35. 35. WALLBREAKERS™ – CHANGE LEADERSHIP Workz A/S © 2015 –
  38. 38. REFLECTIONS New behavior = Motivation x Ability x Trigger Workz A/S © 2015 – www.workz.dkSource:  BJ  Fogg   High   Mo(va(on   Low   Mo(va(on   Hard  to  Do   Easy  to  Do   ABILITY   MOTIVATION   TRIGGERS  
  39. 39. REFLECTIONS - SEVEN PITFALLS Workz A/S © 2015 – 1.  Fluffy  learning  objec(ves   2.  To  much  compe((on   3.  To  much  complexity   4.  To  fare  distance  to  own  situa(on   5.  Detached  game  mechanics   6.  Lack  of  reflec(on  and  triggers   7.  Technology  geVng  in  the  way  
  40. 40. WALLBREAKERS™ – CHANGE LEADERSHIP Workz A/S © 2015 –
  41. 41. ALEADERSHIPSIMULATIONABOUTCHANGE •  Focus  is  on  the  human  aspect.   •  Based  on  theories  on  change  management  and  leadership  as  well  as   personality  types  -­‐  John  KoPer,  Rick  Maurer,  Daniel  Goleman  and  MBTI  /DiSC.   •   It  involves  change  processes:   •  Three  different  phases  in  change  processes.   •  Understanding  resistance.   •  Individuals  react  differently  to  change.   •  The  game  is  based  on  a  ficBonal  case:  the  large  IT-­‐service  company  TLA  buys   up  the  smaller  Nordicon.   •  Focus  on  sharing  lessons  learned,  concerns  and  good  advice.   •  Used  either  in  leadership  academies  or  to  support  specific  change  iniBaBves.   •  Available  in  7  languages  and  used  by  more  then  20.000  managers.       Workz A/S © 2015 –
  42. 42. CHANGEINBRIEF •  Change is normal. •  Resistance to change is a common reaction. •  We resist because we want to protect something valuable. •  Everyone reacts differently to change. •  We react on the basis of previous experience and personal values, opinions and preferences. •  Good change leadership involves dealing with different employees differently through the phases of change. Workz A/S © 2015 –
  43. 43. JOHNKOTTER’S8STEPS 1.  Establishing a sense of urgency 2.  Creating a powerful guiding coalition 3.  Developing a change vision and strategy 4.  Communicating the change vision 5.  Empowering employees for broad-based action on the vision 6.  Generating short-term wins 7.  Consolidating gains and producing more change 8.  Anchoring new approaches in the culture Workz A/S © 2015 –
  45. 45. “We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing” - George Bernard Shaw
  46. 46. @askagger