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Linkare TI - Company Profile 2012 (En) V 2.0


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Facing Innovation Together

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Linkare TI - Company Profile 2012 (En) V 2.0

  1. 1. Company Profile 2012
  2. 2. MissionThe innovation and excellence on product and services creation while adopting emergingtechnologies and solutions, either proprietary (Oracle, IBM, Linkare TI, ...) or OpenSource (RedHat JBoss, Sun, Apache Software Foundation, Eclipse Software Foundation, …),adapted to the needs of our customers, is a constant challenge for Linkare and itsbiggest contribution towards modernization and leveraging the competitiveness ofcompanies, organizations and public administration. Facing Innovation Together
  3. 3. Strategy for Success 1 - Talented Skilled Professionals Rigorous recruitment programme with focus on proper academic background and behavioural adequacy 2 - eCademy Constant learning as well as individual and collective sharing of knowledge and certification of competences 3 - Facing Innovation Together Innovation in partnership with the customer, applied to the creation of products and services and adoption of emerging solutions and technologies 4 - Java Excellence Specialized service on Java technologies, oriented to the costumers needs Facing Innovation Together
  4. 4. What do we do? How do we do it? SERVICES BUSINESS MODELSDevelopment and customization Fixed Price Model (FP) for the- Portals, Web Sites and Web Applications Tailored projects (turn-key), with deadlines, cost and methodology agreed- Mobile and Desktop Applications upfrontEnterprise Applications & Time & Means Model (TM) for theInformation Integration outsourcing projects executed usually inAsset management, continuous costumers premisesintegration, tests and code quality Quoted Time and Means (QTM) forTechnology Consulting, Software the outsourcing projects executedQuality Assurance and Training usually in Linkare premises Facing Innovation Together
  5. 5. ServicesPortals, Web sites and Web applications Linkare has acquired considerable experience developing portals, Web sites and rich web applications, namely for: - Higher education institutions; - Public administration, national, regional and local; - Educational and e-learning projects; - Information projects, based on news publication; - Museums; - Electoral campaigns; - Industry and services. Linkare is experienced with eXo Platform, GateIn (JBossPortal), Liferay and WebCenter, among others Portal frameworks, Web Content Management solutions and web frameworks and tools, such as JSF with AJAX (RichFaces, PrimeFaces, ICEfaces), Adobe Flash, Struts, JBoss Seam, ADF,… Facing Innovation Together
  6. 6. ServicesMobile and Desktop ApplicationsLinkare has a comprehensive experience implementing RIA (Rich Internet Applications) onJava technologies, namely Java Swing and Java Web Start, under a client/server architecturebased on the Java Enterprise Application (JEE) specification, as well as the development ofmobile applications: Html 5 + CSS 3 and native applications for Android and BlackBerry.This client/server architecture offers the following advantages:- High availability and scalability: several instances of the application cluster are permanentlyavailable, warranting a 24/7 availability;- Reliability, coherence and consistency: using JTA (Java Transaction Architecture);- Performance in client/server communication: using RMI/IIOP;- Integration with external systems: using webservices, RMI/IIOP and RMI over HTTP;- Using asynchronous mechanisms based on JMS (Java Message Service);- Interoperability: OS (Java Virtual Machine), DB ( JPA) or email system (JavaMail);- Usability: the client application is based on Java Swing-based interfaces;- Maintenance: the client is centrally distributed, via Java Web Start;- Offline access: allows the distribution of the database bundled with the client application,allowing operations in offline mode and posterior data synchronisation. Facing Innovation Together
  7. 7. ServicesEnterprise Applications & Information IntegrationRegarding systems integration, Linkare has considerable experience integratingheterogeneous systems, using SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and EAI (EnterpriseApplication Integration) architectures and the following technologies:- ESB (Enterprise Service Bus);- Webservices based in the JAX-WS (Java API For XML – WebServices);- Business EJB Components communicating via RMI/IIOP (Remote Method Invocation / InternetInterORB Protocol), that allows integration with clients in C, C++, VB, etc.;- JMX (Java Management Extensions), JCA (Java EE Connector Architecture) and JNI (JavaNative Interface);- JAAS (Java Authentication & Authorization Service) API which allows the usage of a set of pre-existing authentication stacks like Kerberos, LDAP, DB, password files, etc.;- CAS (Central Authentication Service) to provide Single Sign On;- PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), WS-Security and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer);- Identity Manager (Sun Microsystems, …).Linkare offers services whose purpose is the migration from one information system toanother one, independently of the source and destinys technologies. Facing Innovation Together
  8. 8. ServicesAsset management, continuous integration, tests and code quality Linkare believes a good asset management together with a good continuous integration system allows: - To increase the quality of produced software; - To adhere good practices in software development; - To reduce risk, effort, time and therefore costs with development and maintenance; - To increase the stakeholders trust in the project and its visibility. For these reasons, Linkare has invested in the acquisition of competences in customizing and integrating applications that support asset management and continuous integration systems, automated testing and software quality management, including among others the following applications: Oracle Repository & Registry, continuous integration (Hudson/Jenkins), software quality (SONAR), version control systems (SVN, CVS, Mercurial), build systems (Ant, Maven), non-conformance management (Bugzilla), service management (OTRS), collaborative tools such as Wikis (xWiki) and monitoring systems (Hyperic, Nagios, Oracle Enterprise Manager) ... Facing Innovation Together
  9. 9. ServicesTechnology Consulting, Software Quality Assurance and Training Our consulting and quality assurance services are handled by consultants with a broad experience and competence in Java technology, being able to: - Identify technical and functional requirements, analyse and systematize processes and architectures, design architectures and solutions, evaluate and select technologies, and establish budget studies to new projects; - Assist technical project teams, support them while adopting good development practices and introducing continuous integration tools, automated tests and managing code quality; - Facing Innovation Together: support the customer while adopting emerging solutions and technologies, both Open Source or proprietary, adapted to their needs; - Proof of concept (POC) creation such as: system migration to and from Open Source, product version migration, technology migration, ... Auditing Software Quality while defining requirements, architectures, methodologies and processes, on infrastructure and applications performance, on code review and code quality itself and continuous integration systems, including automated tests and systems monitoring. Design and implementation of specialized Training actions according to customer needs. Facing Innovation Together
  10. 10. Business Models Fixed Price (FP) for tailored projects These projects have a deadline, cost, deliverables and work methodology previously agreed between the costumer and Linkare. Generally executed in Linkare premises, the project management is made by Linkare. In tailored development projects, Linkare partners with the customer, in all stages of Development: - Conception: Developing the idea that justified the project, functional and technological requirements elicitation, goal definition and technological strategy aligned with the business strategy; - Planning: Choose a methodology and elaborate a analysis document, work plan and budgeting; - Development: Implement the project including tests, corrections and support to deployment of the developed systems; - Evolution & maintenance: To support, correcting and evolving, the developed systems throughout its life time. Facing Innovation Together
  11. 11. Business ModelsTime & Means (TM) and Quoted Time & Means (QTM) Outsourcing projects are generally managed by the customer and we do it according with two different models: - Time & Means: executed usually in costumers premises (i.e. on-site or intra-muros), the costumer specifies the workload (e.g. person-days) and its specific needs for requested profiles; - Quoted Time & Means: executed usually outside the customer premises (i.e. off-site or extra- muros), the costumer specifies the different tasks and sub-tasks to be executed and a total number of days for activities or profiles. Meeting the objectives of the 3rd generation Outsourcing, Linkare believes in creating value for its costumers: - Enhance business processes; - Cost savings, control and management; - Access to a larger talent pool of qualified and specialized human resources; - Introduce the best practices in your IT projects; - Reduce time to market in software development; - Focus on your core business. Facing Innovation Together
  12. 12. Team- The excellence of our tailored project development (turn-key), consulting and outsourcing servicesis guaranteed by a qualified and skilled team- Actually, Linkare has about 30 engineers (consultants, analysts and developers) with a greatavailability to work as a team, either internal or integrating external ones (partners/costumers) Facing Innovation Together
  13. 13. Selection and Recruitment Process Phase I: 1 Day Determine the ideal recruiting targetEffective and agile recruitment process Understanding the target’s decision criteria Knowing where our target “hangs out”for IT professionals: Phase II: 1/2 Week Posting Jobs for Sourcing “non-active”Period of 2/3 weeks for selection and Internal recruiting active Candidates prospectsrecruitment of new professionals; Phase III: 1 Week Job ApplicationOver 95% of our consultants have Maybe No Phone Screen Noconfirmed a total adequacy in their Yesexpected role and client satisfaction; Interview MaybeOn boarding monitoring: minimizes No Final Interview No Yessubstitutions and optimizes the Reference Checkingintegration process. No Client Selection Client No Process Yes Phase IV: 1 Week Offer No Yes Post- Offer Acceptance Phase V: Ongoing On-Boarding Monitoring Facing Innovation Together
  14. 14. HR MethodologyThe human resources methodology allows the consolidation of the alignment approach andconnections between the human resources plan and the companys strategic plan. Business Individual eCademy Requirement Requirement kpi kpi kpi Training / Selection and Mentoring/ Knowledge Recruitment Coaching Sharing Consulting / HR Acquisition and Outsourcing Certification of Projects Evaluation Competency Facing Innovation Together
  15. 15. References: Public Administration International & NationalUniversities Facing Innovation Together
  16. 16. References: Private SectorIT / ISTelco Facing Innovation Together
  17. 17. References: Private SectorIndustryEnergyOthers Facing Innovation Together
  18. 18. Facts and NumbersFounded: Member of:15th April, 2004Shareholders:4 IT professionals Partner of:Numbers:Team ~ 30 software engineersRevenue in 2010 ~ 1M€Brand & Domains:Brand: LinkareDomains:, .com, .eu PME Líder: Facing Innovation Together
  19. 19. Av. Duque dÁvila 231000-138 LisboaPortugalT: +351 213 590 623 Tailored projects (turn-key)F: +351 213 590 624Email: Outsourcing and Consulting