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Ket vocab-list


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KET Vocabulary List

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Ket vocab-list

  1. 1. VOCABULARY LISTKey English Test (KET)Key English Test for Schools (KETfS)Updated June 2009KET Vocabulary List© UCLES 2009
  2. 2. Introduction to the KET Vocabulary ListThe KET Vocabulary List gives teachers a guide to the vocabulary needed when preparing studentsfor the KET and KET for Schools examinations.Background to the ListThe KET Vocabulary List was originally developed by Cambridge ESOL in consultation with externalconsultants to guide item writers who produce materials for the KET examination. It includesvocabulary from the Council of Europe’s Waystage (1990) specification and other vocabulary whichhas been shown by corpus evidence to be high-frequency.The list covers vocabulary appropriate to this level of English and includes receptive vocabulary(words that the candidate is expected to understand but which is not the focus of a question), andproductive vocabulary (words that the candidate needs to know in order to answer a question).The list does not provide an exhaustive list of all words which appear on the KET and KET forSchools question papers and candidates should not confine their study of vocabulary to the listalone.How the List is UpdatedThe vocabulary of English changes over time, with words being added and other words falling intodisuse. In order to maintain its currency, the list is updated on an annual basis by the addition andremoval of words, using a corpus-based approach. Suggested additions to the wordlist are collatedand the frequency of these words is obtained by reference to established corpora (electronicdatabases). The corpora in question represent receptive and productive language in generalcontexts. The main corpora used for the validation of the KET Vocabulary List are: the Cambridge Learner Corpus (CLC) which includes over 20 million words of written learner English; the British National Corpus (BNC) which includes 100 million words of written and spoken native speaker data.Organisation of the List  Word setsSome categories of words a learner at this level might be expected to know are not included in thealphabetical list but are listed separately. Words formed with common affixes, some compounds andwords from some common word sets, e.g. days of the week are described below and in Appendix 1.Although some ‘grammar words’ (pronouns, modals, etc.) are included, the Language Specificationssection of the KET and KET for Schools Handbooks (available from shouldbe consulted for a more complete listing.  ExemplificationExample phrases and sentences showing how words might be used are given only where wordswith different meanings need to be constrained e.g. the use of bank is followed by ‘I changed mymoney in a bank’ i.e. is limited to the idea of a financial institution: candidates are not expected toknow other meanings, such as ‘a river bank’.  Prefixes and SuffixesA list of possible prefixes and suffixes is provided in Appendix 2, and these may be combined withthe vocabulary items in the list as appropriate. Words with an affix which is not included in theappendix are listed separately in the alphabetical list.
  3. 3.  Compound WordsCompound words are not included in the list where both individual words are present and themeaning of the compound is literal and transparent, e.g. coursebook, school children, shoppingcentre.  Multi-word VerbsAll multi-word (or phrasal) verbs that a KET or KET for Schools candidate might be expected toknow are included in the list. These verbs include ‘literal’ verbs (i.e. where the meaning istransparent) e.g. sit down, go out and ‘non-literal’ verbs e.g. look after, get up.  Topic ListsIn Appendix 3 words have been grouped together under common KET and/or KET for Schoolsthemes, such as ‘House and Home’, ‘Work and Jobs’ and ‘Food and Drink’.Unsuitable TopicsCambridge ESOL examinations must not contain anything that might offend or upset candidates,potentially affect their performance or distract them during the examination. A number of ‘sensitive’topics are considered unsuitable for use in KET and KET for Schools, for example, war and politics,and vocabulary relating to these is not included in the KET Vocabulary List.Personal VocabularyThe content of the KET Vocabulary List is general in nature and is unlikely to cover completely theproductive vocabulary that may be required by candidates. Candidates should know the specificlexis they will need to describe themselves and their lives, for example, work, hobbies, likes anddislikes.AbbreviationsAbbreviations used in the Vocabulary List are:abbrev abbreviation or acronymadj adjectiveadv adverbAm Eng American Englishart articleBr Eng British Englishconj conjunctiondet determinerexclam exclamationint interjectionn nounphr v phrasal verbpl pluralprep prepositionprep phr prepositional phrasepron pronounsing singularv verbSummary of Points to be noted  The list does not include every word that may appear on a KET or KET for Schools paper.  The list covers receptive and productive vocabulary.  The list is updated every year.
  4. 4. angry (adj) A animal (n) another (det & pron)a, an (art) answer (n & v)able (adj) any (det and pron)  be able to anybody (pron)about (adv & prep) anyone (pron)  What about a cold drink? anything (pron)  I have about £3. (adv) anyway (adv)  a book about animals (prep) anywhere (adv)above (prep) apartment (n)act (v) apple (n)accident (n) appointment (n)across (prep)  an appointment with the doctor  The bank’s across the road. area (n)  He walked across the bridge. arm (n)activity (n) (a)round (adv & prep)actor (n)  to travel around (adv)actually (adv)  to sit around the table (prep)add (v) arrive (v)address (n) art (n)adult (adj & n) article (n)advanced (adj)  an article about skiingadventure (n) artist (n)advertisement (n) as (prep)aeroplane (n)  as good asafraid (adj)  as soon as possibleafter (adv & prep)  the same asafternoon (n) ask (v)afterwards (adv) assistant (n)again (adv) as well (adv)against (prep) as well as (prep phr)  We watched England play against France. at (prep)age (n) at / @ (n)  I don’t know his age.  My email address is david@cambridgeesol.orgago (adv) at all (adv)agree (v)  It doesn’t matter at all.  Yes, I agree with you. aunt (n)  Don’t you agree, Sam? autumn (n)air (n) away (adv)  to travel by air  He’s gone away.airport (n)  It’s two miles away.all (det & pron)all right/alright (adv)almost (adv) Balone (adj & adv)already (adv) baby (n)also (adv) back (n, adv & adj)always (adv) bad (adj)a.m. (adv) bag (n)amazing (adj) ball (n)ambulance (n) banana (n)among (prep) band (n)and (conj) bank (n)
  5. 5.  I changed my money in the bank.  She borrowed a book from the library.barbecue (n) boss (n)baseball (n) both (pron & det)basketball (n) bottle (n)bath (n) bottom (n)bathroom (n)  at the bottom of the stairsbe (v) bowl (n)beach (n) box (n)bear (n) boy (n)beautiful (adj) brake (n & v)because (conj) bread (n)become (v) break (n & v)bed (n)  a break for lunch (n)bedroom (n)  Someone’s broken the window.(v)before (adv & prep) breakfast (n)begin (v) bridge (n)beginner (n) brilliant (adj)behind (adv & prep)  I thought the film was brilliant!believe (v) bring (v)belong (v) brother (n)below (prep) brown (adj)belt (n) build (v)between (prep) building (n)bicycle (n) burger (n)big (adj) burn (v)bike (n)  He has burnt his hand.bill (n) bus (n)  Can I have my bill, please? business (n)bird (n) businessman (n)birthday (n) businesswoman (n)biscuit (n) bus station (n)bit (n) bus stop (n)  Just a small bit of cake, please. busy (adj)black (adj) but (conj)blanket (n) butter (n)blond(e) (adj) buy (v)blouse (n) by (prep)blue (adj)board (n)  The teacher’s writing on the C (black/white)board.boat (n) cafe/café (n)body (n) cake (n)boil (v) call (v)book (n & v)  I’ll call (phone) again later this afternoon.bookshelf (n)  He’s called John.bookshop (n) camel (n)boot (n) camera (n)  football boots camp (n & v)bored (adj) campsite (n)boring (adj) can (n & v)born (adj) canal (n)  I was born in Manchester. car (n)borrow (v) card (n)
  6. 6.  birthday card  It’s not clear to me.  credit card clever (adj)career (n) click (v)careful (adj)  Click here to go to our website.  Be careful! climb (v)carpet (n) clock (n)carrot (n) close (v)carry (v) closed (adj)cartoon (n) close to (prep phr)cash (n & v) clothes (n pl)  I’d like to cash this cheque. (v) cloud (n)castle (n) cloudy (adj)cat (n) clown (n)catch (v) club (n)cathedral (n)  to join a clubCD (n) coach (n)CD player (n)  a coach tripcent (n)  a tennis coachcentre (n) coat (n)centimetre (n) coffee (n)century (n) cold (adj & n)certain (adj) colleague (n)  I’m certain (+ that clause) collect (v)certainly (not) (adv) college (n)chair (n) colour (n)change (v & n) comb (n)channel (n) come (v)chat (n) comfortable (adj)chatroom (n) company (n)cheap (adj)  What’s the name of your company?check (v) competition (n)cheers! (exclam) computer (n)cheese (n) concert (n)chemist (n) congratulations! (exclam)cheque (n) conversation (n)chicken (n) cook (n & v)child (n) cooker (n)chips (n pl) cool (adj)  egg and chips  That’s a cool bike!chocolate (n) corner (n)choose (v)  the corner of the streetchurch (n) correct (adj)cinema (n) cost (n & v)circus (n) costume (n)city (n)  I forgot my swimming costume.class (n)  The dancers wore colourful costumes.  a language class could (v)  a first-class ticket country (n)class member (n) countryside (n)classical (adj) course (n)classmate (n)  a university courseclassroom (n)  a main courseclean (adj & v)  of course (not)clear (adj) cousin (n)
  7. 7. cow (n) dinner (n)cream (n) dinosaur (n)credit card (n) diploma (n)cross (v) dirty (adj)  Don’t cross the road here! disco (n)crossing (n) discount (n)  Use the crossing to cross the street. dish (n)crossroads (n)  Chicken and chips is my favourite dish.crowd (n) do (v)crowded (adj) doctor (n)cry (v) dog (n)  The baby’s crying. dollar (n)cup (n) dolphin (n)cupboard (n) door (n)curtains (n) dot (n)customer (n)  dot comcut (v) double (adj)cycle (v)  a double room down (adv & prep) download (n & v) D  I downloaded the songs from the internet. (v)dad(dy) (n)  Can you get these as a download? (n)daily (adj & adv) downstairs (adv)dance (n & v) dragon (n)dancing (n) draw (v)danger (n) drawing (n)dangerous (adj) dream (n & v)dark (adj) dress (n & v)date (n) drink (n & v)  What’s the date today? drive (v)daughter (n) driving licence (n)day (n) drum (n)dead (adj) dry (adj & v)dear (adj) during (prep)  Dear Anne, DVD (n)decide (v) DVD player (n)degree (n)  The temperature’s 30 degrees today.delay (n & v) E  There will be a delay of two hours. (n)  The flight is delayed. (v) each (det & pron)dentist (n) ear (n)department (n) early (adj & adv)describe (v) earn (v)desk (n) east (n, adj & adv)diary (n) easy (adj)dictionary (n) eat (v)die (v) egg (n)difference (n) electric (adj)different (adj) electricity (n)difficult (adj) elephant (n)digital (adj) else (adv)dining room (n)  Anything else?
  8. 8. email (n & v) family (n)empty (adj & v) famous (adj)end (v & n) far (adv)engine (n)  How far is the next garage?engineer (n) farm (n)enjoy (v) fashion (n)enough (det & pron) fast (adj & adv)enter (v) fast food (n)  Are you going to enter the poster fat (adj) competition? father (n)  Please enter through the side door. favourite (adj)entrance (n) feel (v)envelope (n)  to feel welleuro (n) festival (n)even (adv) few (det & adj)evening (n) field (n)ever (adv) fill (v)every (det) fill in (phr v)everybody (pron)  to fill in a formeveryone (pron) film (n & v)everything (pron) find (v)everywhere (adv) fine (adj)examination/exam (n)  That’s fine!example (n)  I’m fine, thank you.  Look at the example first.  The weather is fine.  for example finish (v)excellent (adj) fire (n)except (prep) first (adv & adj)exercise (n & v)  First… then… (adv)excited (adj)  John came first. (adv)exciting (adj)  first name (adj)excuse (v) fish (n & v)  Excuse me! fit (adj)exhibition (n) flat (n)  art exhibition flight (n)exit (n) floor (n)expensive (adj)  The bedrooms are on the first floor.explain (v)  Don’t leave your clothes on the floor.explore (v) flower (n)  When I travel, I love exploring new cities. fly (n & v)explorer (n) fog (n)  This book’s about famous explorers. foggy (adj)extra (det & adj) follow (v) food (n) F foot (n)  my right foot football (n)face (n) for (prep)factory (n) foreign (adj)fan (n) forest (n)fail (v) forget (v)fair (adj) fork (n)  She has fair hair.  knife and forkfall (v) form (n)
  9. 9.  Fill in this form. grandmother (n)free (adj) grandpa (n)fresh (adj) grandparent (n)  fresh fruit grandson (n)fridge (n) grape (n)fried (adj) grass (n)friend (n) great (adj)friendly (adj) green (adj)from (prep) grey (adj)front (n) grill (v)  in the front of the train grilled (adj)  Stand in front of me. group (n)fruit (n) grow (v)fry (v) grow up (phr v)full (of) (adj) guest (n)fun (n) guest-house (n)funny (adj) guide (n)furniture (n) guidebook (n) guitar (n) guy (n) G  He’s a really nice (n)garage (n) Hgarden (n)gas (n) hair (n)  a gas cooker hairdresser (n)gate (n) hairdryer (n)get (v) half (n & pron)get fit (v) hall (n)get off (phr v) hallo/hello! (exclam)  to get off the bus hand (n)get on (phr v) happen (v)  to get on the bus happy (adj)get up (phr v) hard (adj & adv)  to get up in the morning  hard wood (adj)girl (n)  the homework was hard (adj)give (v)  to work hard (adv)glad (adj) hat (n)glass (n & adj) hate (v)glasses (n pl) have (v)go (v) have got (v)go out (phr v) have to (v)  Are you going out this evening? he (pron)golf (n) head (n)gold (n & adj)  My head hurts.good (adj) health (n)goodbye (exclam) healthy (adj)gram(me) (n) hear (v)grandchild (n) heart (n)grand(d)ad (n) heating (n)granddaughter (n)  Can you turn the heating on?grandfather (n) heavy (adj)grandma (n)  a heavy blanket
  10. 10. helicopter (n) instructions (n pl)help (v) instrument (n)her (det & pron) insurance (n)herself (pron)  car insurancehere (adv) interested (adj)hers (pron) interesting (adj)high (adj) international (adj)hill (n) internet (n)him (pron) into (prep)himself (pron) invite (v)hip hop (n) island (n)his (det & pron) it (pron)hit (v) its (det)hobby (n) itself (pron)hockey (n)holiday(s) (n)home (n & adv) Jhomework (n)hope (v) jacket (n)horse (n) jam (n)hospital (n)  fruit jamhot (adj) jeans (n pl)hotel (n) job (n)hour (n) join (v)house (n) journalist (n)how (adv) journey (n)hungry (adj) juice (n)hurry (v) jump (v)hurt (v) just (adv)husband (n)  I’ve just seen Tom.  Just a moment. I KI (pron)ice (n) keep (v)ice cream (n)  May I keep this?ice skating (n)  Keep right!idea (n) key (n)if (conj) keyboard (n)ill (adj)  I play the keyboard in a band.immediately (adv)  The keyboard for my computer is broken.important (adj) kilo(gram[me]) / kg (n)impossible (adj) kilometre / km (n)improve (v) kind (adj & n)in (adv & prep)include (v)  That’s very kind of you.indoor (adj)  What kind of book do you want?indoors (adv) king (n)information (n) kitchen (n)in front of (prep phr) kite (n)insect (n) knife (n)inside (adv & prep) know (v)instead (adv)instead of (prep phr)
  11. 11. long (adj) L look (v)  You look happy.lake (n)  Don’t look now!lamp (n) look after (phr v)language (n) look at (phr v)laptop (computer) (n) look for (phr v)large (adj) look out (phr v)last (adj & adv)  Look out – it’s going to fall!late (adj & adv) lorry (n)  The train is going to be late. lose (v)later (adv)  We lost the game.  I’ll see you later.  I’ve lost my passport.laugh (v) lot (n)learn (v)  a lot of homework.leather (n & adj) lots (n)leave (v) loud (adj)  The train leaves at 10 o’clock. love (n & v)  I left my bag in the cinema. lovely (adj)  There isn’t any milk left. low (adj)left (n, adj & adv) luck (n)  Go to the left. (n) lucky (adj)  left hand (adj) luggage (n)  Turn left. (adv) lunch (n)leg (n)lemon (n)lemonade (n) Mless (adj, det, pron & adv)lesson (n) machine (n)let (v) magazine (n)letter (n) make (v)level (n) make up (n)  language level man (n)library (n) manager (n)licence (n) many (det, adj & prom)  driving licence map (n)lie down (phr v) market (n)life (n) married (adj)lift (n) match (n)  Take the lift to the third floor.  football matchlight (n & adj) matter (v)like (v, prep & adv)  It doesn’t matter.  I’d like a drink. (v) maybe (adv)  It’s like an orange but bigger. (prep) me (pron)  What’s the weather like? (adv) meal (n)line (n) mean (v)  draw a line meat (n) mechanic (n)  the next line medicine (n)lion (n) meet (v)listen (v) meeting (n)litre (n) member (n)little (adj, det & pron)live (v)  a member of a clubliving room (n) menu (n)
  12. 12. message (n)metre (n) Nmiddle (n)  in the middle name (n)midnight (n) national (adj)mile (n) nationality (n)milk (n) nature (n)million (n) near (adv & prep)mind (v) nearly (adv)  Do you mind if I close the window? neck (n)  I don’t mind if… need (v)  Mind your head! neighbour (n)mine (pron) never (adv)mineral water (n) new (adj)minute (n) news (n)mirror (n) newsagent (n)Miss (n) newspaper (n)miss (v) next (adj & adv)mistake (n) next to (prep)mobile (phone) (n) nice (adj)modern (adj) night (n)moment (n) no (det & exclam)  Just a moment. nobody (pron)money (n) no one (pron)monkey (n) noisy (adj)month (n) noon (n)monthly (adj & adv) no one (pron)moon (n) none (pron)more (adj, det, pron & adv) normal (adj)morning (n) north (n, adj & adv)most (adj, det, pron & adv) nose (n)mother (n) not (adv)motorbike (n) note (n & v)motorway (n) nothing (pron)mountain (n) now (adv)mouse (n) nowhere (adv)mouth (n) number (n)move (v) nurse (n)MP3 player (n)Mr (n)Mrs (n) OMs (n)much (adj, det, pron & adv) occupation (n)mum(my) (n) oclock (adv)museum (n) of (prep)music (n) of course (not) (adv)musician (n) off (adv)must (v) office (n)my (det) often (adv)myself (pron) oil (n)  car oil  cooking oil OK/okay (exclam) old (adj)
  13. 13. omelette (n) past (prep)on (prep & adv) pasta (n)once (adv) path (n)  only once pay (v)one (pron, det & num) pen (n)onion (n) pence (n pl)online (adj & adv) pencil (n)only (adv & adj) pencil case (n)  I only wanted to help. pen-friend (n)  the only one penny (n)open (adj & v) people (n pl)opera (n) pepper (n)opposite (prep) per (prep)or (conj) perhaps (adv)orange (adj & n) person (n)order (n) pet (n)other (det) petrol (n)our (det) petrol station (n)ours (pron) pharmacy (n)ourselves (pron) phone (v & n)out (adv) photo(graph) (n)outdoor (adj) photography (n)outdoors (adv) piano (n)outside (prep & adv) picnic (n)over (prep & adv) picture (n)  over 60 people (adv) piece (n)  to travel all over the world (prep)  a piece of cakeown (adj) pillow (n)  They cook their own meals. pilot (n) pink (adj) pity (n) P  What a pity! pizza (n)pack (v) place (n)  pack a suitcase plan (n & v)page (n) plane (n)pain (n)  The plane was late.paint (v & n) plant (n)pair (n) plastic (n & adj)  a pair of shoes plate (n)paper (n & adj) platform (n)pardon (exclam)  Your train leaves from Platform 8.  Pardon? play (v & n)parent (n)  to play football (v)park (n & v)  to play the guitar (v)parrot (n)  a play at the theatre (n)part (n) playground (n)  the best part of the day pleasant (adj)party (n) please (v & exclam)pass (v)  I’m very pleased for you. (v)  You pass the station on the left.  Please be quiet!  to pass a driving test p.m. (adv)passenger (n) pocket (n)passport (n) point (v)
  14. 14. police (n) quiz (n)police car (n)police officer (n)police station (n) Rpool (n)  swimming pool race (n & v)poor (adj)  a running race (n)pop (n & adj)  She raced her brother to the bus stop. (v)  pop music racket (n)popular (adj)  Can I borrow your tennis racket?possible (adj) radio (n)post (v & n) railway (n)  to post a letter rain (n & v)  What’s in the post today? raincoat (n)postcard (n) rap (n)post office (n) rather (adv)poster (n)  rather oldpotato (n) read (v)pound (£) (n) ready (adj)practice (n)  When will it be ready?  football practice real (adj)practise (v) really (adv)  You must practise if you want to play well. receptionist (n)prefer (v) red (adj)present (n) reggae (n)  a birthday present remember (v)pretty (adj) rent (v)price (n) repair (v)prize (n) rest (n & v)problem (n)  to have a restprogramme (n)  ‘Try to rest’, the doctor said.  TV programme restaurant (n)project (n) return (n & v)  a school project  my return from holiday (n)pull (v)  He returned home late. (v)pupil (n)  She returned her library books. (v)purple (adj) rice (n)purse (n) rich (adj)push (v) ride (n & v)put (v) right (n, adj & adv)put on (phr v)  He swam to the right. (n)  your right hand (adj) Q  That’s the right answer. (adj)  Turn right here. (adv) river (n)quarter (n) road (n)  a quarter of an hour roast (v & adj)queen (n) rock (n)question (n)  rock concertquick (adj) roof (n)quiet (adj) room (n)quite (adv)  a double room  Are you quite sure? round (adj)  quite old roundabout (n)
  15. 15. run (v) sick (adj) side (n)  this side of the room S silver (n & adj) since (prep)sad (adj) sincerely (adv)safe (adj)  Yours sincerelysail (v) sing (v)sailing (n) single (adj)salad (n) sister (n)sale (n) sit (v)  for sale sit down (phr v)salt (n) sitting room (n)same (adj & pron) size (n)  at the same time (adj) skate (v)  Your watch is the same as mine. (pron) skateboard (n)sandwich (n) ski (v)save (v) skirt (n)  to save money sky (n)  to save time sleep (v)say (v) slice (n)school (n) slow (adj)screen (n) small (adj)scooter (n) smoke (v)sea (n) snack (n)seat (n) snow (n & v)second (n & adj) snowboard (n)secretary (n) snowboarding (n)see (v) so (conj & adv)sell (v)  So, I think it’s right. (conj)send (v)  He ate too much, so he felt ill. (conj)sentence (n)  He wanted to go but he didn’t say so. (adv)several (det & adj) soap (n)shall (v) sock (n)shampoo (v & n) sofa (n)she (pron) soft (adj)sheet (n) some (det & pron)  a bed sheet somebody (pron)shelf (n) someone (pron)ship (n) something (pron)shirt (n) sometimes (adv)shoe (n) somewhere (adv)shop (n & v) son (n)shop assistant (n) song (n)short (adj) soon (adv)  a short time sorry (adj)shorts (n pl)  I’m sorry I’m late.should (v)  Sorry, I don’t understand that.shout (v) sound (v)show (v & n)  That sounds nice.  Show me your photos. (v) soup (n)  a film show (n) south (n, adj & adv)shower (n) space (n)shut (v) speak (v)
  16. 16. special (adj) suppose (v)spell (v)  I suppose so.spend (v)  I suppose you’re right.spoon (n) sure (adj)sport (n)  I’m (not) sure.sports centre (n) surfboard (n)spring (n) surfing (n)  I hate winter but I love spring. surname (n)square (n & adj) surprise (n)stadium (n) surprised (adj)staff (n) sweater (n)stage (n) sweet (n & adj)stairs (n pl) swim (v)stamp (n)  Put a stamp on the envelope.stand (v) T  She was standing at the bus (n & v) table (n)start (v) table-tennis (n)station (n) take (v)stay (v)  I’ll take it to your room.steak (n)  It takes three hours.steal (v) take off (phr v)  Someone’s stolen my bag!  She took off her shoes.still (adv) talk (n & v)stomach (n) tall (adj)stop (n & v) taxi (n)store (n) tea (n)storm (n) teach (v)story (n) team (n)straight (adj) teenager (n)straight on (adv) telephone (n & v)strange (adj) television (n)  That’s a strange story! tell (v)street (n) temperature (n)strong (adj)  The temperature was below zero.student (n) tennis (n)studies (n pl) tent (n)study (v) term (n)subject (n) terrible (adj)  What’s your favourite subject at school? test (n)  the subject of a talk text (n & v)success (n) text book (n)such (det & adj) text message (n)suddenly (adv) than (prep & conj)sugar (n) thank (v)suit (n) the (det)  He was wearing a grey suit. theatre (n)suitcase (n) their (det)summer (n) theirs (pron)sun (n) them (pron)sunny (adj) themselves (pron)supermarket (n) then (adv)supper (n) there (adv)
  17. 17. these (det & pron)  Turn the gas off.they (pron) turn on (phr v)thin (adj)  Turn the heating on.thing (n) twice (adv)think (v) type (n)thirsty (adj) tyre (n)this (det & pron)those (det & pron)through (prep) Uthrow (v)thunderstorm (n) umbrella (n)ticket (n) uncle (n)tidy (adj & v) under (prep)tidy up (v) underground (n & adj)tiger (n) understand (v)tights (n pl) uniform (n)till (prep) university (n)time (n) until (prep)tired (adj) up (prep & adv)to (prep) upstairs (adv)today (n & adv) us (pron)together (adv) use (v)toilet (n) useful (adj)tomato (n) usual (adj)tomorrow (n & adv)tonight (n & adv)too (adv) Vtooth (n)toothbrush (n) v / versus (prep)top (n)  Manchester United v Liverpool  the top of the page variety (n)total (adj & n) vegetable (n)tour (n & v) very (adv)tour guide (n) video (n)tourist (n) video recorder (n)tourist information centre (n) village (n)towel (n) violin (n)town (n) visit (v)toy (n) visitor (n)traffic (n) volleyball (n)traffic lights (n pl)train (n)trainers (n pl) Wtram (n)travel (v) wait (v)travel agent (n) waiter (n)tree (n) waitress (n)trip (n) wake up (phr v)trouble (n) walk (v)trousers (n pl) wall (n)try (v) wallet (n)try on (phr v) want (v)T-shirt (n) warm (adj)turn (v) wash (v)turn off (phr v)
  18. 18. wash up (phr v) windsurfing (n)watch (n & v) windy (adj)water (n) winter (n)way (n) wishes (n pl)  Do it this way.  Best wishes  one-way street with (prep)  Is this the quickest way home? without (prep)we (pron) woman (n)wear (v) wonderful (adj)weather (n) wood (n)website (n) wool (n)wedding (n) word (n)week (n) work (n & v)weekday (n) world (n)weekend (n) worry (v)weekly (adj & adv) would (v)welcome (v) write (v)  Welcome to London! write down (phr v)well (adv & adj) wrong (adj)west (n, adj & adv)wet (adj)whale (n) Ywhat (det & pron)wheel (n) year (n)when (adv) yellow (adj)where (adv) yes (exclam)which (det & pron) yesterday (n & adv)while (conj) yet (adv)white (adj)  Has he arrived yet?who (pron) you (pron)whole (adj & n) young (adj)  the whole world (adj) your (det)  the whole of July (n) yours (pron)whose (pron) yourself (pron)why (adv)wife (n)wild (adj) Z  wild animalswill (ll) (v) zero (n)win (v) zoo (n)wind (n)window (n)
  19. 19. Appendix 1Word setsIn addition to the words in the alphabetical list, KET and KET for Schools candidates are expected to know:Cardinal numbersone, two, three, etc. to one thousandOrdinal numbersfirst, second, third, fourth, etc. to thirty-firstDays of the weekMonday, Tuesday, etc.Months of the yearJanuary, February, etc.Seasons of the yearspring, summer, autumn, winterCountries, languages and nationalitiesEnglish-speaking countries and others, for example Brazil/Brazilian, Canada/Canadian,China/Chinese, France/French, Ireland/Irish, India/Indian, Italy/Italian, Spain/Spanish, etc.ContinentsAfrica, Australia, North America, South America, Asia, Antarctica, EuropeSchool subjectsgeography, history, mathematics, science, etc.Appendix 2AffixesThe words in the alphabetical list may be extended by the use of these affixes:-er with verbs and nouns to make nouns, e.g. driver, farmer, footballer, shopper, teacher, etc.-ing with verbs to make nouns (activities), e.g. fishing, parking, reading, sailing, shopping, etc.-ly with adjectives to form adverbs, e.g. carefully, quickly, slowly, usually, etc.un- with adjectives and adverbs to make negative forms, e.g. uncertain, unhappy, unhappily, uninteresting, etc.
  20. 20. Appendix 3Topic ListsAppliancescamera electric lamp radioCD (player) electricity laptop telephoneclock fridge lights televisioncomputer gas mobile (phone) TVcooker hairdryer MP3 player videoDVD (player) heating phone video recorderClothes and Accessoriesbag fashion shirt trousersbelt glasses shoes try on (v)blouse hat shorts T-shirtboots jacket skirt umbrellaclothes jeans suit uniformcoat pocket sweater walletcostume purse tights watchdress (n & v) raincoat trainers wear (v)Colourslight/dark brown orange redblack green pink whiteblue grey purple yellowCommunication and Technologyaddress computer information photographat / @ conversation internet photographyby post digital keyboard phonecall (v) dot laptop (computer) screencamera download (n & v) mobile (phone) talkCD (player) DVD (player) mouse text (n & v)chat email (n & v) MP3 player telephoneclick (v) envelope online website
  21. 21. Documents and Textsadvertisement diploma magazine postcardarticle email menu projectbill form message text (n & v)book insurance newspaper ticketcard letter notediary licence passportEducationadvanced diploma library studiesbeginner exam(ination) Mathematics study (v)board Geography note subjectbook History practice teachbookshelf homework practise teacherclass(room) information project termclever instructions pupil test (n)coach know read universitycollege language remembercourse learn schooldesk lesson Sciencedictionary level studentEntertainment and Mediaact drawing museum radioactor drum music read (v)adventure DVD (player) musician reggaeadvertisement exhibition news rock (concert)art festival newspaper screen (n)article film opera show (n)book fun paint (v) singcard go out painter singercartoon group photograph songCD (player) guitar photographer televisioncinema hip hop photography theatrecircus instrument piano ticketclassical (music) journalist picture watch (v)competition keyboard play (n) writerconcert laugh pop (music)dance (n & v) listen to practice (n)dancer look at practise (v)disco magazine programmedraw MP3 player project
  22. 22. Family and Friendsboy girl group Msbrother grandchild guest mum(my)child grand(d)ad guy neighbourcousin granddaughter husband parentdad(dy) grandfather love (n & v) pen-frienddaughter grandma married sisterfamily grandmother Miss surnamefather grandpa mother teenagerfriend grandparent Mr wifefriendly grandson MrsFood and Drinkapple coffee ice cream potatobanana cook (n & v) jam ricebarbecue cooker juice roast (v & adj)biscuit cream kitchen saladbit of cake cup knife saltboil cut (n) lemon sandwichbottle dinner lemonade slice (n)bowl dish (n) lunch snack (n)box drink main course soupbread eat meal steakbreak (n) egg meat sugarbreakfast fish menu sweet (n & adj)burger food milk teaburn fork mineral water thirstybutter fridge oil tomatocafe/café fried omelette vegetablecake fruit onion waitercan (n) fry orange waitresscarrot glass pasta wash upcheers! grape peppercheese grill (v) picnicchicken grilled piece of cakechips hungry pizzachocolate ice plate
  23. 23. Health, Medicine and Exerciseaccident danger head pharmacyambulance dangerous health problemappointment dead hear (v) rest (n & v)arm dentist heart runbaby die hospital sickback doctor hurt (v) soapbody ear ill stomachbreak (v) exercise insurance swimburn (v) face leg temperaturecheck (v) fall (v) lie down tiredchemist feel (v) medicine toothclean (adj & v) fit neck toothbrushcold (n) foot nose walkcomb (n) hair nurse well (adj)cut (v) hand painHobbies and Leisurebarbecue club hobby paint (n & v)beach collect (v) holidays parkbicycle computer join partybike dance (n & v) magazine photograph (n & v)book draw member picniccamera DVD (player) MP3 player quizcamp festival museum tentcampsite go out musicCD (player) guitar musicianHouse and Homeaddress computer furniture live (v)apartment cooker garage living roombath cupboard garden pillowbathroom curtains gas roofbed desk gate roombedroom dining room hall safe (adj)blanket door heating shelfbookshelf downstairs home showerbowl DVD (player) house sitting roombox entrance key sofacarpet flat kitchen stay (v)chair floor lamp toiletclock fridge light towel
  24. 24. Measurementscentimetre hour mile temperatureday kilo(gram[me]) / kg minute weekdegree Kilometre / km moment yeargram(me) litre quarterhalf metre secondPersonal Feelings, Opinions and Experiences (adjectives)able different interested rightafraid difficult interesting slowalone excellent kind smallamazing famous lovely sorryangry fast lucky softbad favourite married specialbeautiful fine modern strangebetter free nice strongbig friendly noisy surebored funny old sweetboring good pleasant tallbrilliant great poor terriblebusy happy pretty tiredcareful hard quick unhappycertain heavy quiet usefulclear high ready wellclever hungry real wrongcool important rich youngPlaces: Buildingsapartment department store house shopbank disco library sports centrebookshop entrance lift stadiumbuilding exit museum supermarketcafe/café factory newsagent swimming poolcastle flat office theatrecathedral garage police station universitychurch guest-house post officecinema hospital railway stationcollege hotel school
  25. 25. Places: Countrysidearea field mountain seabeach forest path skycampsite hill railway villagecanal island rainforest woodfarm lake riverPlaces: Town and Cityairport corner petrol station streetbridge crossing playground townbus station crossroads road undergroundbus stop market roundabout zoocar park motorway squarecity centre park stationServicesbank garage post office tourist information centrecafé hairdresser restaurant travel agentcinema hotel sports centredentist library swimming pooldoctor museum theatreShoppingadvertisement close (v) open (v & adj) shoppingassistant closed (adj) pay (for) spendbill cost (n & v) pence storebookshop credit card penny supermarketbuy (v) customer pound try oncash (n & v) department store pricecent dollar rentchange (n & v) euro shopcheap expensive shop assistantcheque for sale shopper
  26. 26. Sportball game sailing teambaseball golf sea tennisbasketball hockey skate (v) tennis playerbeach luck skateboard (n) throw (v)bicycle member ski ticketbike play (v) skiing tiredboat player snowboard (n) trainerscatch (v) pool (n) snowboarding versus / vclimb (v) practice (n) sport(s) volleyballclub practise (v) sports centre walk (v)coach (n) prize stadium watch (v)competition race (n & v) surfboard win (v)cycle (v) racket surfboarding winnerenter (a competition) rest (n & v) swimfishing ride (n & v) swimmingfootball riding swimming costumefootballer run (v) table-tennisThe Natural Worldair grass outdoor treebeach grow plant watercountry hill river westcountryside hot sea wintereast ice sky woodexplore island south woolfield lake space worldfire moon springflower mountain starforest north summerTimeafternoon evening monthly todaya.m./p.m. half (past) morning tomorrowappointment holidays night tonightautumn hour noon weekbirthday January - December o’clock weekdaycentury meeting past weekendclock midnight quarter (past / to) weeklydaily minute second winterdate moment spring working hoursday Monday - Sunday summer yeardiary month time yesterday
  27. 27. Travel and Transport(aero)plane explore(er) park (v) straight onairport far passenger streetambulance flight passport suitcaseboat fly petrol taxibrake (n & v) garage petrol station ticketbridge helicopter pilot tour (n & v)bus journey plane tour guidebus station leave platform touristbus stop left police car tourist information centrecanal light problem trafficcar lorry railway traffic lightscoach luggage repair (v) tramcountry machine return (n & v) travelcrossing map ride travel agentcrossroads mechanic right trip (n)delay (n & v) mile road tyredelayed mirror roundabout underground (n)drive miss sailing visitdriver motorbike seat visitordriving licence motorway ship way (n)engine move station wheelengineer oil stop windowWeathercloud hot sun wetcloudy ice sunny windcold rain thunderstorm windyfog snow warmfoggy storm weather
  28. 28. Work and Jobsactor doctor letter shop assistantartist driver manager shopperboss earn mechanic singerbreak (n) email (n & v) meeting staffbusiness engineer message studentbusinessman explorer musician teacherbusinesswoman factory nurse tennis playerchemist farm occupation tour guidecleaner farmer office travel agentcoach (n) footballer painter uniformcompany guest pharmacy waitercomputer guide (n) photographer waitresscustomer hairdresser pilot workdentist instructions police officer workerdesk job queen working hoursdiary journalist receptionistdiploma king secretary