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Uplanet Inc


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Uplanet Inc is a full stack software engineering company, we deliver bespoke web, mobile and enterprise solutions to our clients. Among others, we work in chatbots development direction and can integrate services with Amazon voice assistant Alexa. One more important direction of our activities is Indoor Navigation technologies.

Head/Sales Office - Denver, CO, USA
Development centers - Bulgaria, Ukraine

Published in: Software
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Uplanet Inc

  1. 1. UPLANET About Us What we do +1(720)951-9470 Our Team UPlanet Inc. is a software development vendor. The development centers are located in Bulgaria (Plovdiv) and Ukraine (Zaporizhzhya), also there is our legal entity in Denver, CO, USA. Nowadays UPlanet team comprises more than 60 employees - web software engineers, mobile developers (Android & iOS), quality assurance specialists, graphic/UX/UI designer. Our team provides deep expertise in custom software development. UPlanet Inc. is a full-stack software development company. We develop web portals of any complexity, mobile apps for different platforms, enterprise software for small and medium businesses. Strong expertise in comprehensive enterprise solutions enable us to create and maintain CRM/ERP systems for automatization of business processes like delivery, reception and processing of orders, etc. eCommerce One more direction we have deep experience in is eCommerce. We create custom online stores using Shopify or other platforms as Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop. Speaking about Shopify, for today we've created and implemented several custom eStores, also we developed custom Shopify Apps for them and we're currently maintain these online shops successfully. Developers of UPlanet team are high-qualified and intelligent specialists with technical, finance, logistic and other backgrounds. They understand pains and gains of each client, just because they have worked in different spheres and are engineers mostly. Large and full experience allows them to perform the job quickly and efficiently, competently prepare technical requirements and allocate tasks inside the team. ” Quality Assurance An unconditional benefit of UPlanet Inc. is a strong Quality Assurance department with skilled specialists in this sphere. We also provide admin services and have two administrators working with Amazon Cloud Services. Web software engineers Mobile developers (Android & iOS) Quality assurance specialists Graphic/UX/UI designer QUALITY CONTROL QUALITY CONTROL
  2. 2. +1(720)951-9470 info@uplanet.bizUPLANET Models of cooperation with us Fixed price - it's a model for our customer, who has strict and detailed technical requirements. We do an estimation of the project based on technical requirements. The result of estimation is timeline with milestones and total in hours. After customer's confirmation we start working. Usual rates for development is about $25-$35 (depend on technology) per hour. One more benefit for our customer: we don't take any upfront payments. We divide a project into milestones, after completing one milestone we demonstrate it to our client and then charge a payment. After receiving a payment we proceed to the next milestone. In any cases we provide the results of our work first, then charge our client. Time & material - in this model the customer provides the tasks to our Team Lead in one of the systems for project management (Jira, Asana, Redmine etc). Developers tracks the time spent on the tasks solution. Usual rates for development is about $25-$35 (depend on technology) per hour. Billing period is two weeks at the start of cooperation, than one month. Outstaff (personnel leasing) - providing a dedicated developer for working on a full time basis. In this case the total cost is $4000 - $5600 per month (available discount up to 20%). Billing period is two weeks at the start of cooperation, than one month. We offer our clients to choose one of three available models of cooperation, they are: Nowadays our team intensively works in the field of chatbots. We develop chatbots for different platforms, such as Facebook, Telegram, Slack, Skype, Email, SMS. Also we have an experience in integrating apps with Amazon voice assistant Alexa. This is one of modern and promising technologies and we're glad that we can offer our customers to create their own chatbots. Chatbots 1. 2. 3. P.S. Another top-notch technology we’re ready perform nowadays is Indoor Navigation using iBeacons. We’ve developed a Platform that makes possible building a high-precision Indoor Navigation systems on its basis using a mobile application. Interactive Guide Navigator is a system that allows you to navigate inside premises, like GPS allows navigation outdoors. Indoor Navigation System can be successfully implemented in different facilities, such as airports, expo centers, shopping center, museums, warehouses, parking etc. To see more, please follow the link to see our portfolio and technologies we work with: Indoor Navigation ” To meet some guys from our team and learn more about some our completed projects (under NDA) please follow a few links: | Our-team | Complete-projects | Ussw-team | Mobile-team