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Softline E-commerce solutions for local markets


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Softline has experience dealing with online sales in various markets. We step in when there is a need to a fine-tuned local e-commerce solution.

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Softline E-commerce solutions for local markets

  1. 1. Softline e-commerce solutions Contacts Sergey Zverev, Director Business Development eCommerce solution Т +7 (495) 232 00 23 ext. 2565
  2. 2. Hi. We are Softline. We are preferred IT and Service provider for more then 60,000 companies all over the world. We are trusted by more then 3000 software and hardware vendors. We are 2800 minds driving a Billion Dollar revenue. Our compound annual growth rate in the last 10 years is 40%. We deliver IT. We manage and support IT. We design and build reliable IT systems. We go ahead and shape the future of IT with you. Check out our latest corporate video:
  3. 3. Softline Partnerships
  4. 4. Expanding footprints in the new Emerging markets 80 offices in EMEA Russia & CIS Asia Americas R$
  5. 5. 0 5000000 10000000 15000000 20000000 25000000 30000000 35000000 40000000 45000000 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Softline innovative e-commerce solutions • Since 2004, Softline is the Global ecommerce solutions pioneer • Gross Merchandise Volume of Softline merchants in 2014 GMV = $45,000,000 • More then 60 successful implementations • 67% YoY growth
  6. 6. Problem Solution Need to fix online ( sales volumes for Russia and CIS. Customization NOT AVAILABLE from current processor. • Redesign cart solution in the new style • Add 20+ payment options • Add abandoned order reminder • Add personal account for legal entities • Add Live support & sales representative Weakness of previous solution: 1. Inability to customize solution 2. Low cart conversion 3. Inability to handle B2B online orders In 2012 our solution has competed with Digital River and won in quality and sales. Sales on Digital River Sales on Allsoft Successful A/B testing *4.5 times
  7. 7. Avast: checkout process Legal entities support added to facilitate B2B processing Online sales support Online technical support 8-800 hotline number >20 payment methods available
  8. 8. Problem Solution Sales ( from online channel in Russia and CIS not meeting new vendor’s objectives. • Add local payment options • Add B2B customer care • Add new currencies for new markets • Add Live support & sales representative Weakness of previous solution: 1. Invoice not meeting local standards 2. Long time of response 3. T&Cs in English only In Emerging markets, Softline is 3 times more efficient then Cleverbridge. Sales on Cleverbridge Sales on Allsoft Cart improvement *3 times
  9. 9. Acronis solution prototype. Step 1. Product selection in the catalog New countries /locales added in the region selection
  10. 10. Step 2. Translation of the cart Local support Local hotline number Local payment options Added currencies for new markets Taxation according to the local laws
  11. 11. Step 3. Entering customer’s data Enabled for legal entities
  12. 12. Step 4. Order confirmation >20 payment methods available. Average Result: conversion - 66,8%
  13. 13. Problem Solution Sales ( from online channel in Russia and CIS not enough. • Introduced 2-step checkout process • Automatic recognition of doubling orders • Change of payment method ‘on the go’ • Integrate with reporting • 24/7 performance audit, 99,95% uptime Weakness of existing solution: 1. Not integrated with reporting 2. Low cart conversion 3. Frequent downtimes Outcome: Softline is more productive then any other processor, especially when compared in A/B or multivariate testing. Sales grew 6 times in 2 years. Order flow optimization
  14. 14. Kaspersky Lab - results • Softline is one of two partners servicing local orders in Russia & CIS. • Number of orders processed grew by 6 times Really! You manage it perfectly well! Sergey Pikkat- Ordynsky Head of Consumer Sales, Russia 495% Growth in 2 years
  15. 15. Problem Solution Clients ( in Russia and CIS need local legal/fiscal provisioning • Client selects Softline panel or Google Panel • Personal Account page w/payment info • Phone /e-mail support • PDF documents (invoices, agreements, acts) • Local payment currency (RUB) Weakness of existing solution: 1. Payment in EUR or USD only 2. No phone support 3. Local legal entity needed Outcome: More then 4,000 B2B customers decided to move to Softline billing panel. Google Apps store
  16. 16. Step 1. Google Apps management console Admin console: Subscriptions Banking details Company info Orders Go to Google panel Go to Softline panel Payment instructions Hotline number 8-800 E-mail support
  17. 17. Step 2. Google Apps catalogue Google Apps, Google Disc, Google Vault products selection Payment instructions Hotline number 8-800 E-mail support
  18. 18. Step 3. Google Apps. Personal account of a legal entity Orders history PDF downloads: Pro forma invoice VAT invoice Acceptance act
  19. 19. Problem Solution Online ( sales volumes for Russia and CIS below average • Revamp checkout look & feel • Add 20+ new payment options • Add personal account for legal entities • Add Live support & sales representative • Add marketing support Problem analysis : 1. Payment options do not account for market specifics 2. Local language support needed 3. Fiscal and legal requirements not met with current solution Allsoft provided complete site analysis and recommendations on the e-commerce performance to make it local and friendly. As a result, sales tripled in 3 years Local processing solution
  20. 20. Parallels - results • Marketing support • 57% YoY growth We are always assured of efficiency of Softline specialists’ work. Goodwill, readiness to implement plans in combination with personal approach and creative attitude make Softline a very effective partner. In a word – great job! Konstantin Anisimov, Head of Marketing 57% YoY growth Launch campaign – bundle with Paragon Subscribe to special offers from Parallels! Special terms for students Start your school year with Parallels!
  21. 21. Problem Solution Launch online ( sales for Russia and CIS • Total of 3500 development hours (customization, adaptation) • Ongoing marketing support: 100+ marketing actions performed • Free customer support (technical, sales) • Live chat, 8-800 hotline Problem analysis : Existing web-site does not generate enough revenue Results: • Allsoft is successfully managing RU, UA, KZ eStore on website since 2005 • 30% annual growth 10 years of successful cooperation
  22. 22. Other Softline e-commerce projects Showcase: vendor A • Digital River: $226К /quarter • A/B – test • Allsoft: $1,100K / quarter Showcase: vendor B • Cleverbridge: $40К /quarter • Allsoft: $150K / quarter Showcase: vendor C 495% Growth
  23. 23. E-commerce platform Currencies Processing currencies: 160, settlement currencies: 16 Payment methods 136 (credit cards, debit cards, wire transfer, COD, prepaid cards, mobile payments) Custom development Performing analytics, recommendations on the store customizations and improvement Product provisioning Keys generator/Key bank, automatic product provisioning Platform performance 24/7 support, uptime in February - 99,97%, performance guarantees are included into the contract Sales support Hot line, free (800) dedicated line 12 hours a day/7 days a week Taxes and payout Handling all of the local taxes and laws and currency conversion
  24. 24. Online consultant  Real-time chat sessions improve customer relationship  Sales support –8:00-20:00 local time, in local language.  Technical support  Toll-free number (800)  Awards: Online retail Russia 2013 “Most reliable e-shop”, Yandex “5 stars”  Service included in Allsoft e-commerce platform Increase conversion by 20-30%! Value customer relationships!
  25. 25. What makes us different 100% of our projects include custom development Less then 20% of online buyers in Emerging markets speak second language. Local payment methods add up to 100% to online sales volume
  26. 26. Contact: Sergey Zverev Business development director Softline e-commerce solution +7 (495) 232 00 23 ext. 2565| WE ARE TRUSTED WE HAVE LONG-TERM PARTNERSHIPS WE ARE RECOMMENDED