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Goods4Cast. Inventory Optimization Solution


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Goods4Cast. Inventory Optimization Solution

  1. 1. Inventory Optimization Solution
  2. 2. Для когоTarget AudienceRetailersAnnual revenue > $1 000 000Offline retail, e-commerce, multichannelAny business field (FMCG, CE, pharmacy, apparel, DIY, sports…)
  3. 3. Для когоProblems G4C solvesOverstockOut-of-stockGoods4Cast answers the questions:What? When? How much? Where?a company has to order from the suppliers.Exceedingman-hoursUncontrolledprocess
  4. 4. Для когоMarketWe focus on small and medium size retailersRussia and CIS - $2 200 000 000USA - $9 000 000 000World - $54 000 000 000Market value = Number of businesses * Estimated average annual fee for Goods4Cast access ($6 000)
  5. 5. Для когоSolution/AdvantagesCloud service for maintaining an optimalinventory level, based on demand forecast1. Forecasts2. Recommendations3. OrdersG4C AdvantagesAdvanced and powerful mathematical engineFocus on small and medium businessFull cloud solutionEasy scalingAffordable offer
  6. 6. G4C Benefit/ClientsThe benefit is 3-7% of revenue.
  7. 7. Для когоG4C TeamKonstantin Vorontsov, Scientific DirectorMIPT. PhD, more than 100 scientific papers on mathematics. Professor atMSU, MIPT, HSE, The Yandex school of data analysisAndrey Lisitsa, CEOMSU. 8 years experience in demand forecasting projects for retail marketSergey Kotik, CBDOMSU. Startups launch experience, 9 years experience in IT, more than 10scientific papers on economics and technicsYuri Chehovich, Board of DirectorsMIPT. PhD. CEO of Forecsys, CEO of AntiplagiatNick Mitushin, Advisory BoardMIPT. PhD. Investment Director of ABRT Venture Fund. CEO of RiseTechnology Venture, CEO of TFunnel
  8. 8. Для когоWe needInvestments. $1 000 000 for 25% shareSergey KotikGoods4CastE-mail: kotik@goods4cast.comMobile: +7-968-749-99-48Skype: Kot_serg9