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MA FDFgroup - about us

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Ma fd fgroup_presentation_eng_avg2013

  2. 2. WHAT DO WE DO? What for? Which? How many? Why? How? How Please name…? What else? Which option? When? Please specify. Which one? often? At what places? What of…? Wher e? Which of these? At which of these? The essence of our work is very easy to describe: We ask correct questions correctly
  3. 3. WHY US? You should work with us because: We are fast Any question you may have will be answered within a couple of hours. We are ready to implement even the most complex projects within a reasonable time. We are punctual You can be sure you will get your results on time. We love our clients A dedicated manager will be willing to report on your project’s status at any time of the day or night. We know our job In our 12 years of work, we have put together a unique database on Russian consumers for your benefit. We are flexible We will take on your project regardless of its size. We are not greedy You will love our prices and special discounts for regular customers. We are meticulous Your questionnaires will be translated by professionals, without any loss of meaning. We are can-do people We have 80 call center operators and 3,600 pollsters across Russia and the former Soviet republics at our disposal to tackle practically any objective you may have. You will enjoy working with us
  4. 4. RESEARCH AREAS Consumer Consumer motivation Consumer segmentation Consumers loyalty Customer satisfaction Purchase decision-making process Product Brand strength Brand popularity Brand image Package test Product test Price test Promotion Ad test (TV commercials, print boards) Consumers’ media preferences Ad campaign effect evaluation Manufacturer Market volume/ market share assessment Company’s image
  5. 5. INFORMATION-GATHERING METHODS Survey methods In-home interviews On-street interviews In-store interviews Telephone interviews (CATI) CAWI and CAPI interviews Panel research On-line – panel Diary-based surveys Hall-tests Observation Video observation Eye-tracker Shopper observation Pedestrian and transport traffic measurement Customer traffic measurement Mystery shopper Mystery shopper Mystery caller
  6. 6. RESOURCES Interviewers Over 200 interviewers in Moscow 7 staff supervisors Call-center 80 workplaces Programmed questionnaire Auto dialing Automated interview Recording (wav/mp3) Hall-tests 4 locations for holding hall-tests On-line panel 350,000 respondents All Russian cities with population +100,000
  7. 7. GEOGRAPHY OF OPERATIONS The geography of our operations covers Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan
  8. 8. CLIENTS
  9. 9. EMPLOYEES Sergey Gnedkov Agency Director Has worked in marketing research since 1998. Prior to 2002, worked for large research agencies and FMCG companies. In 2002, founded the FDFgroup Marketing Agency. Has personally implemented over 400 research projects. Has developed several research methods for product, ad and price tests. Currently head of the company; supervises its key projects. ESOMAR member since 2009. MIPT graduate. Tel.: +7 (495) 755-22-24 E-mail: Darya Kuznetsova Research Director Has worked in marketing research since 1999. Has two degrees (MIPT and SU HSE). In 1999-2007, held leading marketing positions at large Russian companies. Her work experience with clients allows Darya to find the best solutions when preparing research instruments, with due account for all tasks the client faces. She is head of the Analytical Department at FDFgroup. Her specialization is FMCG markets. Has wide research experience in the telecommunications market. Tel.: +7 (495) 940-48-36 E-mail:
  10. 10. EMPLOYEES Oksana Schegoleva Project Manager Has worked in research since 1999. Graduated from Moscow University of Science and Technology. Has wide work experience in data processing and analysis, from simple product tests to U&A research (cluster, factor, loyalty model building). Her specialization is Conjoint and web research. Supervises the most difficult and non-typical research at FDFgroup. Oksana Kovtun Project Manager Graduate of the Sociological Faculty at Ulyanovsk University. Received a master’s degree at the RAS Institute of Sociology. Has more than 10 years of experience in research work. Has worked at the FDFgroup Marketing Agency since its foundation in 2002. Developed methods for 4р Test research projects (marketing mix: product test, price test, package and ad test). Her area of responsibility includes work with key clients. Her specialization is research work connected with market capacity assessment and consumer segmentation. Yuliya Papilova Head of Field Department Has worked in marketing research since 1999 and at the agency since it was founded. Has personally conducted over 300 field surveys. Currently supervises all of the agency’s field research projects and its most complicated and non-standard field projects. Has experience in organizing and managing major projects (involving over 300 interviewers working simultaneously). Constantly develops and improves the standards of the agency’s field studies: develops field project control methods, incentive schemes for interviewers, etc. Mariya Shindyapina Deputy Head of Field Department Has worked in marketing research since 1999 and at the agency since it was founded. Supervises the company’s field projects and heads the quality control group. Supervises regional projects. Personally provides training for company’s contractors in regions. Has experience in organizing and managing major projects.
  11. 11. CONTACTS We will be glad to cooperate with you! Office 102, 3/11, Gostinichnaya street, Moscow Tel.: +7 (495) 755-2224 E-mail: